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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are sports writer for the Sun, Martin Lipton


and broadcaster and barrister Sophia Cannon.


She turned up looking like the snow Queen in a very beautiful quote.


Sadly she had to take it off. Nice to see you.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with


It leads with accusations that energy companies are ripping


off consumers by not passing on three billion pounds worth


of falls in the cost of gas and electricity.


The Independent says six alleged victims of child abuse - at the


hands, they claim, of the late Labour peer Lord Janner - are to


David Cameron is preparing to send out a document


to the public, ahead of a referendum on the UK's membership


of the European Union, outlining the case for staying in -


that's according to the Daily Telegraph,


who say it will infuriate Conservative eurosceptics.


The Metro highlights a report from the consumer group Which,


that says ?100 million of compensation claims for rail


The Mirror says the SAS will be called in to help guard the England,


Wales and Northern Ireland football teams ahead of the Euro 200016 in


France. And the daily Mail talks about


shortages to nurses putting patients at risk. Let's begin, where we all


guessed we would, with Europe. Here it is in the Teloni Cameron dossier


to make case for EU. He prepares document to send to families before


a poll. At some point, Sophia he has to tell us which way he wants us to


vote. A lot of people would guess that David Cameron would be pro the


EU, wouldn't he? The problem is, he is making a mockery of democracy,


surely. If the Prime Minister is siding with one side and not the


other, surely he is going to have an upper hand and that's the whole


issue. He is using the Government machinery to put his case forward.


Don't we expect him to lead? He is the leader of the country. He is


supposed to put the best interests of the country first? You would


think he would be partisan, the three wise men, Villiers and Iain


Duncan Smith, too and I think he also has Chris Grayling. They are


eurosceptics. They don't want to leave and they see it as a betrayal


that their Prime Minister is siding with one side before the purr darks


before the Government can't come in and assist, as it were, or shall we


say, put forward a view or position that isn't neutral. If the Cabinet


are talking about a rebellion. If you are in the Cabinet, you are


supposed to stick together, aren't you? This is where Cabinet


responsibility comes down. Where there is no effective Opposition, it


allows for civil war within the governing party. There is no doubt


that Cameron is instinctively pro European, for all the attempts


occasionally to take a eurosceptic position on issues, his heart is not


in T even now he is talking about the summits with EU leaders, he


talks about being sure to get a deal to sell to the British people. It'll


be echoing Harold Wilson in the '75 Reviellere, which even I was too


young to vote in, to urge the country to take the stance of


staying n will call outrage. We already know that Liam Fox was a


prominent eurosceptic, stood against Cameron for the leadership of the


Tory Party back in 2005. He has publicly said he will vote to come


out. You have Major saying it would be extraordinary for Cabinet members


to take an anti-EU policy. We have positioning Look Look we know with


the Tory Party debate on Europe, it becomes a rupture. Going back to 97.


There is a danger of going down the same path. How can anyone decide to


vote against coming out or staying in, until we know what the deal Is


it is horse and cart mrivenlingts this deal will be announced, it is


going to be pro EU before we have decided what the position is and


what we have put forward. It is crazy. Let's look at the Metro. Put


rail delay payments on the fast track. Millions are being denied


refunds. Why? What is going on? People don't claim, half the battle.


Can't be bothered. Too much aggravation. There are signs if you


are two hours or three hours' delayed you have a chance it claim


your money back, but so many hoops to go through and we now have Which?


Which? The consumers demanding a much more streamlined policy for


things to be simplified and better publicity because we are being


taken, literally Forestieri a ride Perhaps we need an app. Someone


needs to decide how you can put in the details and you can claim


instantly. We live in the north, when your train doesn't show up, you


are cold. You don't live in the north you travel up north. It is


only a few quid. But it all adds up. Said in Unison. Exposito - energy


rip-off. Outcry at ?3 billion that greedy firms, says the paper, are


refusing to slash bills by. Household prices have come down.


Plummeted. Simple economics would suggest that bills are supposed to


come down, too. It doesn't always though? Surely it is schoolgirl


economics, Martine. You and I know, if the wholesale price drops, the


retail price should dro. We have all signed up to this package that we


have all got direct debits and we have all actually fixed our gas


prices. Now look at us. We are fixed in, and in the hottest December we


can all remember, paying our direct dibts, when there is a lot of people


out there having to face that heat or eat deadline. That's the whole


issue. Surely if the wholesale price drops, the retail price should drop


almost instantaneously. Except, don't a lot of firms buy their gas


in advance, don't they? And they are having to forecast way ahead of what


they are going to need and buy it at possibly higher prices than the


prices now? Well, there is a little bit of advanced buying but we have


the situation where we have the oil prays going up to $150 a barrel and


petrol price goes through the roof and oil price goes down to ?2.50 and


they barely move. The energy companies in all the various forms


have a position where they can take advantage of the consumer and lo and


behold they do. have a position where they can take


advantage of the consumer and lo and behold they do.


Isn't the ditches with gas and electricity. The regulator is


supposed to look after them. Gas and electricity isn't subject to tax


levies by the Chancellor in the way petrol and diesel are. So you have a


huge amount of tax added on which you don't have for gas and


Bot bonchts again schoolgirl economics A supply issue. Six main


suppliers are holding and strangling the Government and market. We have


no choice, we can't go out elsewhere and ensure the gas pliers are all in


a competition. Borriello We have a regulator. The


regulator needs to pull their finger out and sort this situation out.


Especially when there are a lot of families at the moment who cannot


heat or eat. Let's look at the Independent. A


very happy-looking independent. I noticed he was Scottish. He can't be


Scottish when he has won. He is only Scottish when he loses. Scottish,


Britain. A worthy winner. He won, playing for Britain as Robert kindly


reminds me in my ear. The first win in the Davis Cup since 1936. It


wasn't quite a one-man team. He played doubles with his brother but


in terms of winning matches it pretty much was. An outstanding


triumph. He led to us victory in Belgium the other way, as he has


done all the way through. He has been absolutely brilliant. A


momentous achievement for British tennis. We have never had his like


before. He deserves T he got 80,000 more votes than second-placed Kevin


Sinfield and that was very much a Rugby League write-in vote followed


by Jess Ennis in third and everyone's favourite boxer, Tyson


Fury in fourth. Murray's winning margin was more of the votes of the


candidates. Some people take issue with the title, sports personality.


And even Andy Murray said a friend sent him a link to an article which


said "Andy Murray is duller than a wet weekend in Worthing", which he


said was a bit harsh on Murray. I didn't recognise him. He is smiling.


When he lost the Wimbledon final and the nation went with him and he won


at the Olympics and they were behind him. Two women behind that. His wife


and his mum. And his coach I forgot that, the triumphalism of three


women supporting Andrew and good for him but also good for that team


behind him tonight. We must talk about the Tyson Fury issue. He was


very close in the number of votes he got to Jessica Ennis Hill who was


third. It would have been quite a difficult


one for the BBC had Tyson Fury won this? I have a lead on this, I'm


sory. The whole issue, is a lot of people excuse his behaviour or his


comment because he is a northern, even said, white-working class lad,


done good but I know another working class man, John amery, he is gay. If


you remember he is a basketball player. That's the whole issue.


Sending out the message to society - what is right and proper. Can you


start Banning things? I don't want him banned. A lot of people z didn't


they? I thought it was wrong. I have always approved. The fact is,


whatever you think of Fury's views, which I find utterly reprehensible


in every bone of my body, he is also the world heavyweight boxing


champion which is a huge achievement, baeteding, as he z


Klitschko this giant who nominated the sport for ten years, effectively


in his back yard, it was a remarkable achievement. With


somebody with views who a lot of people found to be offensive,


irrespective of who they are, isn't there a problem in giving them an


award that sort of celebrates their personality, when a lot of people


find some of that aspect difficult to stomach? The thing about it, it


is called Sports Personality, as it always has been, actually it is


Sports Person of the Year. Their achievement. We have had odd winners


in the past, it is fair to say, and you would wonder how they wanted.


Personally, I didn't want fury to win, he didn't, he came fourth. That


will do. Back to today's Teloni - cheese turned into -- to the


Telegraph. Cheese turned into electricity. If


there's a will there's a whey. Generating electricity from cheese.


Sounds like a plot from a comic but that's what is happening in a new


power plant in the Alps, says David Chazan, formerly of this BBC parish.


It provides electricity that provides electricity and it is sold


to an electricity company EDF. It is going to be the way forward. We are


going to be seeing more and more uses of biofuel like this. A


micro-generation where people from villages and small towns, that their


generation comes locally into the home. We can't have the situation


now where we are piping power to our cities from miles away. And where


else but France could this be pioneered. That's the papers for


this hour. Mike and Sophia will be back again.


Everyone is feisty tonight. I quite like it. We will be back to look at


the front pages. Coming up next, it is Click.


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