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extra troops are deployed to flood hit areas with thousands -- about


more on stand-by. Islamic militants had been holding


out in the key city of Ramadi which has been taken by Iraqi forces.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With us are Michael Booker from the Daily Express and


financial analyst Louise Cooper. Seasons greetings to you both.


Louise and I look like baubles. Michael looks more sober but you


should see his shoes! The Guardian says filed flood defences cast doubt


on UK readiness for a new weather era and features pictures of elderly


people being rescued. There is a similar picture in the i.


David Cameron has put troops on alert. The mail includes an aerial


picture of flood damage and asks why the UK is donating to overseas flood


prevention schemes. The Daily Telegraph says Britain relies more


heavily on foreign doctors than any other EU nation and it includes a


picture of two young children helping out with the flood clean-up


in Hebden Bridge. The Daily Express says there will be


no letup in the bad weather. The Daily Mirror carries an aerial


photo of the flood damage in York and also says 500 prisoners,


including a murderer, have been released by mistake.


The Financial Times says the floods have already cost ?1.5 billion, but


it leads on a story about quantitive easing in the euro zone.


That will sap any festive spirit! We will leave Mario Draghi to his QE.


We will start with the i and a picture of one of the boat is being


used to rescue people in I assume it is York. There are thousands without


power. Many evacuated. I feel like we have seen flooding a lot in this


country in the last few years that these pictures seem to be beyond


anything we have seen. Extraordinary. There is not a lot of


news around but even so, every single paper has pretty much lead on


this story. They have all chosen different photographs but they are


really quite extraordinary. The Mirror has picture of York and


ruined homes. The i has this emotional picture with old people


being rescued by the army. The FT has chosen the same picture as the


Mirror. There are two young children in the mud after the floods. Quite


extraordinary images we are seeing. Awful to be flooded at any time. I


have never lived in a part of the country which has suffered in this


way but for it to happen at Christmas. To see these people, they


are being told the levels are still rising. There will be more storms


later on in the week, more rainfall on Tuesday or Wednesday. They have


no letup in all of this. Their houses are ruined. They hear the


government saying, we will look at reviewing flood defences and the


money for it. We had the Cobra committee meeting this morning. It


is all to show that the government care but at the end of the day,


there is not a lot practically that they can do. There are troops on


alert but what can they do? They cannot go in and clean your house


up. They cannot go and replace all the things which have been ruined in


your house. Troops cannot sort the insurance and this is what all these


people have to look forward to it in the New Year. Especially people with


businesses. You rely on a business to bring you an income. If you do


not have a business, you do not have an income. For businesses, it is


doubly worse. Not only have you lost a home that you have lost your


source of income to provide for your family. What we saw in Cumbria and


Lancashire before Christmas when they were flooded, it is the


incredible support we have seen for people turning out for a Java. As


soon as the water has gone down, I have been amazed how quickly people


do turn things around. I remember as a child, our house was flooded. In


the 70s our house was flooded. I was a child so I thought it was a big


adventure. Clearly it was not for my parents. It brought neighbours


together because everybody was in the same boat. Or were they? It is


all well and good and people showing their spirit, but we do not want


this every two weeks like it is in Cumbria and without any reaction


from the government to show they are doing something. But at the same


time, what can they practically do? Indeed. Let's move on to the Daily


Mirror. Floodgate fury. This shows how many of the buildings have been


ruined by this water. Tell us about this story. They had to raise the


Foss barrier because the pumps were going to be in danger and they would


be overwhelmed and not able to pump the water. They allowed certain


parts of the city to be flooded and others were not. It will not be


popular with anybody in that flooded area. If they feel it is for a


greater good, that is for them to argue, obviously. Depends where your


property is. The Thames flood barrier, the whole point of it is to


flood other bits of the country rather than central London, because


the economic impact of flooding in London would be so severe. It is


these cruel decisions that have to be made by somebody, where is


somewhere has to be flooded, where should it be? That is a very tough


decision to be made. We have seen pictures of York flooded before but


it is rare to see Leeds flooded. I have lived in Leeds. I don't


remember it ever happening. There seem to be huge areas in the centre


of Leeds which will be affected. As we go forward, this seems to be


something which is more prevalent everywhere. Headline on your paper,


store chaos to last until the New Year -- storm chaos. That can only


mean the water levels will go up and that will not be immediately as we


have been seeing, the water levels peak overnight and it comes up and


people will have this at least until the end of the week and then they


are cleaning up again. The times are going with this Met Office forecast


saying there are 70 mph gales, heavy rain set to fall on Cumbria where


communities have been flooded three times in less than a month, so


again, the Times as saying the same thing, clearly, the Met Office is


issuing these warnings. We will move on and talk about something other


than flooding. The FT, stores notch up ox and a bonanza. This is


extraordinary when you think of how many sales we had in the run-up to


Christmas. It has gone out of fashion, shopping in shops! Mr


Booker took his wife to the shops and bought a kettle and a test! If


you do it online, there is no fun. If you go out there and take your


good lady with you. Your good lady! And is glad that you did not call


her the Mrs. This is high Street shopping, not just any old online


shopping. We know Black Friday, online was phenomenal that high


streets were not great. Why would you want to go into a store and


battle over a telly with somebody else or a toaster or even a kettle


if you are a lucky lady! Clearly, this is the first year where Britons


have had money to spend. We have had inflation zero but average earnings


going up 2.5 to 3%. That is the first time in eight years this has


happened. This should have been the year retailers had a good time.


Unfortunately, two things happened. One was warm weather which


particularly hit the clothing retailers. We have had a number of


retailers saying this has not been a great autumn or winter for us. The


other thing is massive discounting. I get at least 50 offers in my inbox


every day, 30% off, 50% off, even before we got to Christmas day. On


Christmas Eve I was getting the same. The retailers have got


themselves into this discounting game and none of them have been able


to get out of it. How many will be spending on credit cards? A lot.


There seem to be a lot of foreign tourists. I think they said in


London 50% were foreign tourists. I was at the Science Museum today,


there were a lot of foreign tourists. All spending money, good


for the economy. The quest heats up for chocolate which does not melt


when the mercury rises. You prefer yours straight from the fridge. Or


the freezer, I am a bit weird. I am worried about your teeth. You like


it one? Not melting but I like it to be soft. This is a Zurich -based


chocolate ears who have started looking at heat resistant chocolate


-- chocolate ears. You would have quite a hot mouth.


This is a game changer. The big chocolate markets Europe and America


and they are trying to take chocolate to the emerging markets,


places which tend to be a lot hotter which do not have refrigeration or


air conditioning. Therefore, the chocolate melts in these hot


countries. What they are trying to do is develop heat resistant


chocolate in order to sell it to the rest of the world and make them fat


and teeth decay as well. Her shoes, the American chocolate company have


been doing this for years. They sold tropical chocolate bars to American


soldiers in the Second World War. That is American chocolate. Does not


the same as ours. If you have ever had a Hershey's kiss. I am not going


to comment. Other chocolate is available. Are the stock markets


opened tomorrow? The Daily Telegraph, moody Monday, the


Christmas come down. It is all over. The gifts are opened, the turkey has


gone. Not in my house! We have a lot of turkey left and goose as well.


Ours has gone. We were very hungry in our house. Everybody is starting


to get grumpy. The drive home, bank holiday jams tomorrow as well.


Everybody will be fed up, back to work. You start having a row with


your sister-in-law, that sort of thing. Is this autobiographical?


Criticising relations is the most common cause of what? The goodwill


cracking? I think so. The best thing is not to have anyone over. Sit on


your own. With your new toaster. Connect with other family members by


phone or e-mail. My brother is in York, he will not be able to get


out. Identity. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have had the best


Christmas -- I don't agree. You will not have a moody Monday. This is my


Friday night. I have got the week. We are being flippant, but if you


speak to charities about divorce or law years to deal with divorce or


charities which deal with suicide, this time of year is very stressful,


because we are all supposed to be enjoying ourselves, and for those


who are not or having difficult times, this can be difficult times


for some. The lawyers love the beginning of January because that is


when they get all the calls about divorce. A very depressing topic!


Along with the Jims! That is it for That Papers. We will be back with


more at 11:30pm with Michael and Louise. At 11 o'clock we will have


plenty more on the floods which have hit northern England. Coming up, it


is Click.


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