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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are James Rampton, features writer for the Independent.


And the academic and former government policy adviser,


Much fancier, James you could learn a thing or two! We can look at the


front pages. The Metro leads with the video


released by so-called Islamic State which shows the execution of five


individuals who they claim The Guardian newspaper has the same


story and also mentions an English-speaking boy in the video.


The Telegraph also covers the video by the terrorist group -


with an image of the militant pointing a gun towards the camera.


The BBC has decided not to show the image.


The Independent reports on criticism facing David Cameron for failing


to condemn the Saudi Arabian killings yesterday.


The i headlines plans by the Government to fast-track


The Express is warning of a pensions crisis that could last for 20 years


as employers struggle to meet their liabilities and stump


And in the Daily Mail... Quite a few papers feature the video said to


have been put online by IS. Difficult to independently


authenticated it. But here it is. In the Metro. We know the man


previously known as Jihadi John was killed a few weeks ago. It seems


somebody has stepped into his place. He was able to produce propaganda


videos and clearly Daesh has replace this person because videos do get


watched. This is about ten minutes long, five men are reported to have


been murdered. Potentially they are British, or British spies. The


person speaking is said to have an English accent, which is why we


stress it might be a new Jihadi John. And also there is a boy is


speaking with an English accent. Child soldiers are nothing new in


the world, but for terrorism it is perhaps something new, something new


for Daesh to be using. We do not know when it happened. People going


back to work tomorrow, perhaps reading newspapers for the first


time after the holidays, this will perhaps work in their favour. These


people are accused of spying for Britain. There is no proof they were


British, no proof they were spying. Difficult to authenticate. If that


man was killed because of intelligence coming into the group,


that might explain why people are being picked out as spies. Mrs


Thatcher talked about the oxygen of publicity, demanding IRA members


were voiced by actors. But this is a massive story with potentially a


connection to this country and a shocking angle of a child making


threats to kill nonbelievers. There was footage, not verified, of young


boys killing people who were detained. To use a boy with a


British accent to issue threats and to call David Cameron an imbecile, a


slave of the White House, is a threat to this country, and that is


why we have to pay attention and give it credence, even if it is not


verified. It is making an impact. In the Guardian newspaper also, there


is a picture. Very difficult to to know who is going to this part of


the world. How has this child got there, has he been taken by someone


else? If these people are British we need to verify that because the


Foreign Office news today. There is sophisticated voiced recognition


technology and advanced computer programmes to try to trace people,


but even so it took months to identify Mohammed Emwazi. And also


this is saying David Cameron has been condemned for silence on


killings. It is interesting. Paddy Ashdown has hit the nail on the


head. The clash between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam is


potentially as he says a greater threat to the west than anything IS


can pose. It is a huge issue, a massive issue exacerbated tonight by


Iran and Saudi cutting diplomatic relations. It means that the issue


will get stronger. And more potent in our lives. You know better than


us, having worked in government, what is going on diplomatically we


will not get to see? There is often a need for a public statement to be


made irrespective of what is going on behind closed doors. This is


nothing new. Tensions have been rising since Arab Spring. Bahrain's


Shia have been protesting every week on the streets. It will make more


sense now to say publicly who it is and in this case why it is Saudi


Arabia has done this. It will raise tensions in the world. That said,


with the politics of Saudi Arabia, Iran coming back into the fold...


This is more significant in the sense of there are British and


Allied troops in this part of the world and we need to pay attention


because we cannot see more tension rising. I want to move on. The


pledge to fast track building of new homes. This is in a bit... Nobody


says in a bid in normal life! We have been hearing about this for


years. Magical houses that will appear from nowhere. Brown field


sites. 30,000 affordable starter homes, putting aside ?1.2 billion


for this. It is coming out today where we are getting interested in


the news again that the Labour Party saying it is hiding the government's


failure in creating new homes. We know those of us in the south-east


the pressure on finding homes. I have three children and I am saying,


how will they afford to live in London? How am I going to make them


leave home? ! Or go to live somewhere more affordable because it


is pressurised and there has to be something done about it. Successive


governments have not tackled this. It is rich of the Labour Party to


say this when they have not. 30,000 new homes when we know we need a


quarter of a million new homes. It pales into whatever the reality is.


The line is they will be starter homes that are affordable. I do not


know who it is affordable for. A couple of stories in the Daily


Telegraph with Poland perhaps backing EU benefit curb in return


for Nato troops deal. The Polish Foreign Minister saying they might


be willing to throw David Cameron a lifeline in exchange for something.


In exchange for a Nato base in Poland. That is quite a compromise.


I am sure the Prime Minister will be happy but there will be opposition


from Germany and France. This is not just for the UK to say, that we can


agree that, other Nato powers have to have a say. Nato is a separate


organisation. It is bizarre. In this febrile atmosphere, is it wise to be


like this saying we will do that? It is not the most passive state, one


saying we are happy to see that on our doorstep. It is pie in the sky


to think the government can make this almost behind closed doors deal


and think no one else will, it. It is not behind closed doors. It is on


the front page! But without reference to other countries.


Downton Abbey has finished, which is on the other side and we should not


talk about that! The BBC has come out fighting with an adaptation of


war and peace. Have you read it? No. Now we do not need to. God bless


Andrew Davies, responsible for many adaptations, such as Brideshead


revisited. Wonderful adaptations. He has distilled a 1400 page novel into


six hours of TV. It stars somebody from Downton Abbey. Certain papers


complained the licence fee is a waste of money but if you watch the


six hours of this drama, and I have been on the set in Lithuania, seeing


an incredible re-creation of the Battle of Borodino, a key battle of


the Napoleonic wars. 50 horses, singing a Russian liturgy. If you do


not think about is worth the licence, you are barking up the


wrong tree. An extraordinary piece of work that justifies the licence


fee for me. Other TV channels are available, but we do not recommend


them! Going back to the Independents. Ben Stokes has come to


attention because, it says, Big Ben strikes. Hitting the fastest double


century in Tess history. An amazing achievement. A world record for a


double century and playing South Africa that cannot be an easy task.


We should hold onto him. Normally when they set records, they go to


India and join the IPL. He is a great British hero, a cliche, but he


had Apache run of form recently but today he exploded. South Africa the


number one Tess side. -- Test. He hit 11 sixes, a world record. And he


is English. Well done, Ben Stokes. We will talk about that later.


Further now, you will have a terrible cup of coffee in the


newsroom. We will see you at 11:30pm. Stay with us, at 11 we have


the latest on the breakdown on diplomatic relations between Iran


and Saudi Arabia.


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