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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are James Rampton, Features Writer for the Independent and


the academic and former government policy advisor, Zamilla Bunglawala.


The Times leads with the video released by so-called


Islamic State which shows the execution of five individuals


The Guardian headlines the same story, saying the jihadist


The paper also mentions an English-speaking boy who appeared


The Telegraph also covers the video - with an image of the militant


The BBC has decided not to show the image.


The Independent front page claims David Cameron is facing criticism


for failing to condemn the Saudi Arabian killings yesterday.


The i headlines plans by the government to fast-track


the building of thousands of new homes to alleviate


The Express warns of a pensions crisis, as employers


struggle to meet their liabilities and stump up the necessary cash.


And the Mail leads with news that soldiers who served


The paper is concerned they could face a witch-hunt.


Let us begin with the story that has been dominating the news bulletins.


This new video that is set to come from so-called Islamic State.


difficult for people to independently verify. We do not know


who is in it. But the hunt for this gunman is on. A British sounding man


and a very small child. That is the shocking element. A small boy, you


can clearly see his face, he says that they will kill the unbelievers.


That is a shocking development, that they are utilising small children.


We have had child soldiers quite frequently in some places. A couple


of weeks ago, so-called Islamic State used younger boys to kill


prisoners. A TUC five-year-old child to issue threats against Britain is


a chilling development. -- but to use. They are masters of propaganda.


They are very good at capturing our attention. We are talking about it


now. This is a huge story in with an obvious British connection. We have


to take it seriously. And the efforts to trace who this man and


who this boy is could take months. We know it is a long process. It is


important, because we need to know where British nationals on. --


National spa. Some of these militants come back into mainland


Europe. It is going to be very disturbing. Islamic State is very


good at using social media. Videos will be watched by young people. If


the objective is to appeal to young Europeans, this is going to be quite


effective. The purpose of these videos is to get people watching.


Through these people are is still important. It is not entirely clear.


The Guardian also talks about this story. There are so many elements of


this video which are chillingly reminiscent of those put out when


Muhamed Aussie was appearing in them. -- Emwazi. And they are


copying what he did. Accusing Britain of all kinds of serious


crimes. Calling David Cameron a slave of the White House. A detailed


knowledge of British politics. Talking about Tony Blair and Gordon


Brown. And the fact that soldiers are paid the minimum wage. He is


steeped in the knowledge of Britain. It is very chilling that


you can get somebody with that depth of knowledge issuing a direct


threat. We will get back to this story with the lack of criticism of


the killings in Saudi Arabia. There is so much going on in the Middle


East. It is a scary time. Looking at the other story in the Guardian.


Doctors row before strike deadline. There is the hope that they could


find some common ground. It is not going to be a strike, it is going to


be a series of strikes. It is important with the timing. The point


of the article is that this has been moved from number 10. The broader


point is we have 45,000 young doctors talking about issues and pay


conditions. They are an important part of making sure that the NHS


works and functions. For any of this to resolve, it will take months. We


need to look at how we deal with our professionals. Both sides


criticising each other, saying, we were prepared to talk. I would agree


with what was just said, it just shows how important the NHS is as a


political entity. I would say it is the greatest thing the country has


ever done. No government can suggest cutting it. You have to say all the


time that you are increasing funding and improving services. We love the


NHS. However difficult it is to run it, we feel a deep connection with


it. And if it appears to be breaking down because of government


intransigence, that is severe political damage. Soldiers furious,


ambulance chasers prosecuting the heroes of Iraq. This is the


investigation into a more full killing and treatment of Iraqi


civilians by British soldiers when we were fighting the war. This is


not right, this is a witch-hunt. People suggesting it is a waste of


money. People who fight for our country should be revered, so there


has to be balance in making sure this is the rule of law being


properly applied. The government set aside ?57 million on potential


claims. There is room for manoeuvre. That is important. We


should not forget the important job the armed services do for us. I


absolutely agree. This is what separates us from Islamic State.


Executing people with no trial or Jupiters of law. The great thing we


are promoting is the idea that people are entitled to a fair trial.


That is the same for soldiers and potential alleged victims of war


crimes. You must be seen to be doing the right thing legally. A pledge to


fast track building of new homes, a shift in policy. Small firms will


get the chance to develop sites. How much detail is there? It seems very


vague. I am not an expert on housing. I am an expert on cricket


instead. TV programmes. I think it seems a bit wishy-washy. Affordable


is one of those weasel words. They say they will create 40,000 new


homes with a ?1.2 billion fund. I will be interested to see where the


money is coming from. Have they been looking down the back of the sofa?


They have a lot of problems that are really battling to find. Good luck


to them. It is absolutely the case that it is a problem that needs


addressing. A lot of campaigners say at least it is a start. Which is a


fair point. But statistically we need to do 50,000 new houses every


year. -- 250,000. The Times. Offering to swap jobs. A reshuffle


in the Shadow Cabinet. This is very odd. Why would they do that? If it


happens, it would be very interesting. Andy Bunham holds the


post of Home Secretary. Since Jeremy Corbyn was the lack of, this is


about the speech supporting the invasion in Syria. -- elected.


Normally they would reshuffle anyway. But the article talks about


women not taking the job. Maybe they are just trying to hold on to a


senior position. This is an element of it. I am perplexed that Jeremy


Corbyn never asked him what his views were about foreign policy


before he was made Shadow Foreign Secretary. The picture for you was


Jeremy Corbyn's face when he gave the speech. The look of cold fury.


Has he never talked about foreign policy? It is extraordinary. A new


kind of politics. Another story from the Middle East. David Cameron


condemned for silence on Saudi killings. What is the British


government supposed to say. There are -- they are a huge strategic


partner. There was a huge... David Cameron is compromised in any way.


His instincts might be to protect Saudi Arabia, but it is not an easy


thing in the world of real politics. It is not always black and white.


Lord Ashdown says he believes that the confrontation that seems to be


growing between Sunni and Shia Muslims could pose a far greater


danger to the West than so-called Islamic State. That is really


interesting. We now have the diplomatic ramifications of this,


with Saudi Arabia breaking off ties with Iran. If we are a strong ally,


it is the responsibility of us to say something when mass killing is


happen. We need to say it is wrong. As a trusted partner, we are allowed


to say it is wrong. This is a story that is going to bubble. Tell us


about war and peace. It is starting tonight. You were in Lithuania. I


met the delightful Willie James. I will not say how delightful she is.


-- Lily. People complain about the BBC and said we cannot justify the


licensing, watch this and you will see why it is worthwhile. Lovely to


see you. Thank you very much. That is it from the papers. Coming up


next, it is Reporters.


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