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the latest from the lakeside and the BDO darts. That is coming up in


Sportsday, in 15 minutes, straight after the papers.


Welcome to the papers. With us we have Susie Boniface, otherwise known


as the Fleet Street Fox. And the energy times correspondent, Kiran


Stacey. The FT carries a story on the share price fall on the US stock


market and the problems facing Volkswagen. The Daily Express has a


Sudanese man who tried to enter the UK via the Channel Tunnel has been


granted asylum. The metro leads with claims the masked jihadi in the


latest Islamic State video was a former bouncy castle salesman. The


Daily Telegraph has details of the same man and says he fled to Syria


whilst he was on bail. The iMac devotes its front page to Jeremy


Corbyn's potentially controversial Cabinet reshuffle. The Guardian also


leads with that story saying Hilary Benn and Maria Eagle are likely to


be removed from their jobs. We will start with the daily to


grow. I have heard a number of suspects who are over there have


been fugitives from the law, effectively, from the UK. It seems


like it. We heard of jihadi John and Mohammed Emwazi. Now this man,


arrested in September 2014 alongside another man, who viewers may


remember used towards TV studios pretending to be a respected face of


mainstream Islamic thought. He was suspected of belonging to this band


and then escaped bail. We do not know how. We do not know if he had a


fake passport but he managed to leave the country, which as you say,


quite a few other magician nationals have managed to do and get out there


to fight for Syria. But this is all taking place against a background of


British inaction in Syria. There has not been a military strike against


Isis militants since Christmas Day. There is a lot of talk at the


moment, ministers saying this is coming out because Isis is on the


retreat. Well perhaps, but at least in Syria that is not necessarily


because of British action, there is not a lot of bombing going on. Part


of the reason, Susie, that they are suggested, not necessarily on the


back foot is because the Russians are bombing some of the more


moderate rebel groups who would be attacking them in the first place.


Yes and it goes to show how much of a complete mess the Syrian Civil War


and the middle east is at the moment. No matter who you bomb you


are helping someone you do not want to be helping. There is an


interesting stuff about this come at the bouncy castle jihadi. David


Cameron said today that although the video that has been released.


Despicable and shows the murder of five people, people should watch it.


He urged people to watch for the gander from Islamic State, which


seems quite bonkers. If you do watch it, Siddhartha Dhar, this man in the


video is saying David Cameron, you will lose this war, we will bring


sharia law to Britain. It has rings of Monty Python and the Black night.


Comical Ali in the fall of Baghdad saying we have beaten the infidels.


We have the SAS and RAF and air cover and Isis don't have any of


that stuff. But most people know all of this. They know they are


bloodthirsty, they are completely crazy and a threat on a number of


levels. It's as if they don't need convincing that these guys are


nutters. First of all this isn't really aimed at mainstream British


audience. They are in Arabic so aimed at a different audience. One


of the reasons ministers and security officials are saying this


is desperate propaganda is because it looks like it might be aimed at


people who could be splitting, people who are thinking is a bit


tough and maybe they should go home or defect to another group. That is


when these videos tend to be released, to restore morale within


the group, rather than trying to convince the likes of us, the


Western powers are failing. Staying with the Daily Telegraph. Hilary


Benn may be safer as reshuffle turns to farce, what is going on? It has


been a farce since the beginning. When Jeremy Corbyn appointed his


first cabinet it was a bit of a shambles. They had to put in Maria


Eagle because they did not have enough women. They said they had the


majority of women in the Cabinet for the first time, but many women could


not take part in it. That can be forgiven because he did not have a


lot of time. He was just made leader and was expecting it, perhaps. This


time we've had briefings with before Christmas there was going to be a


revenge reshuffle. We have been briefing all weekend that there


would be a reshuffle. The lobby journalists, who have access to all


parties, were sitting there outside Jeremy Corbyn's office today, Wei --


waiting patiently. Jeremy Corbyn said, I would like you not to be


outside my office. Move along, nothing to senior. Later on someone


came out with a cup of tea, so that was nice. And chocolate. Someone


brought in chocolate. There is some happy feeling after all. We had a


briefing saying Jeremy Corbyn's... People who do not agree with him or


have to go. Maria Eagle, pro Trident and Hilary Benn, who humiliated him


in the Syria debate. But it looks like it is not going according to


plan. We were told it would be first thing this morning and then seven


o'clock this evening. Now they say some announcement tomorrow. Hilary


Benn was in their first for an hour. It implies it is not going according


to plan. And some people are digging their heels in. And also a lot of


people are not around. This is the thing about doing a reshuffle before


the MPs have got back. He has not got hold of some of the people he


needs to get hold of. The front page of the i. It could be that maybe he


decided he is going to get rid of certain people, but others are


suggesting hang on a second, if you to that there will be split and I


will as well. The Guardian has an interesting take here. It says


Jeremy Corbyn's ideal solution involves moving Hilary Benn and


Maria Eagle to other senior posts but acknowledges this might not be


possible if it would risk a damaging split. Well, that is just an


astonishing thing to tell a journalist. I would like to do this,


but I might not be powerful enough to do it. It is one of the reasons


Labour MPs are tearing their hair out. It is not in doing this


reshuffle, they haven't got the competence in the senior leadership


to be able to carry it out with the gravitas he needs. We will have to


move on. Is he telling journalists or telling those people who paid ?3


to join the party? Never say you are powerless as leader, it is not a


good idea. The Guardian, tension grows as Saudi allies cut ties.


Serious impact for the wider world, if you think about it. Saudi Arabia


and Iran having an argument long way away, it doesn't matter... But these


are two opposing nations who would be having talks on the Syrian war,


which does affect us, as well as the Yemeni war. If they are now not able


to get round the table you are talking about more proxy wars in the


Middle East, more refugees you're talking about more crises for us to


deal with. We live in a global world and it will affect us. This boils


down to a 1300 year old argument about which male relatives of the


Prophet Muhammad gets to inherit the Crown. Some suggesting, Kiran, that


that is part of the issue here, but it is political as well. It is about


political influence in a region where they are both trying to get


one up on the other. The surprising thing here is this execution of a


Shia cleric, alongside 43 others. A very aggressive thing to do. People


are still tried to work out what this guy did. He was certainly a


radical cleric, someone who spoke up in favour of Saudi's Shia


minorities. They accused him of trying to undermine the state and of


terrorist offences. It is a way for Saudis to look repressed the sheer


minority and is awaiting to the West, you might be doing a nuclear


deal with Iran, but remember who the big fish are. A good way of


splitting the West and Iran as well. The Daily Express. Channel runner


given asylum. New migrant scandal. New migrant scandal, dreadful,


dreadful, dreadful. The fact that someone who has run here from Darfur


has been given asylum because we live in borderless Britain. If


someone has been running through the Channel Tunnel at the age of 40, I


might add, I think we should be signing him up for the Olympic team


as soon as we can. Never mind deporting him. What is interesting


is it doesn't mention why he has been given asylum, no mention of


Darfur or the possibility this guy might be trying to stay alive. It


turns out that people seeking asylum will take desperate measures to try


and arrive in place. It is not a massive shock. People hide under the


undercarriages of planes and on the job of trains. And a lot of them die


in the process. You will be back in one hour and we will look at some


more stories in the papers. Stay with us on BBC News, much more


coming up. Now it is time for Sportsday.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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