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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Daily Mirror columnist Susie Boniface,


otherwise known as "Fleet Street Fox", and the Financial Times'


Many of the front pages are already in.


The Metro leads with claims that the masked jihadi


in the latest Islamic State video is a former bouncy castle salesman.


The Telegraph also has details of the man suspected of being


It says he fled to Syria while he was on bail.


The i devotes its front page to Jeremy Corbyn's potentially


controversial Shadow Cabinet reshuffle, which will, according to


And the Guardian also leads with this story,


saying Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn and shadow defence


secretary Maria Eagle are likely to be removed from their jobs.


The Financial Times carries stories about the share price falls on world


stock markets, and the US lawsuit facing carmakers Volkswagen.


The Express says anti-immigration campaigners are furious


after a Sudanese man who tried to enter the UK via the Channel Tunnel


That story's on the front page of the Mail too, which says MPs


We will start with the latest propaganda video from Islamic state.


Suspect escaped to stereo while on UK bail. He was a British


businessman. He was a bouncy castle salesman, which does not sound very


sinister. I do not know if he was involved in the higher of bouncy


castles, which might be more common rather than buying them. But this


format bouncy castle salesman from his London from a Hindu family seems


to have converted after marrying a Muslim wife, or at the same time,


and was arrested on terror charges. He was involved in a group Remy


involving students involved in fundamentalist Islam -- mainly


involving. We don't know if there was a mistake allowing him to get


across the border. He has now been identified not by the security


services, I think, but people who have perhaps done their own research


and his own family. He is in that video shooting five men, which is


not amusing and very serious, but if you watch the video, as David


Cameron has asked people to do today, it has a ring of the Monty


Python about it. He is insisting we will defeat -- they will defeat us


in the war and David Cameron will lose. But Islamic State to have


their strengths and things we can do that we -- they can do that we


can't. But there is a world coalition forming against Islamic


state. But the British security service say they have foiled about


seven plots. And they do seem capable of at least inspiring people


to commit atrocities, certainly in France and Belgium, Tunisia as well.


There are questions about what is organised or inspired by some


extent. Sometimes people claim Isis is an inspiration, but these ports


are easy to follow. -- inspired by Islamic State. But the more


troubling things are what happened in Paris. Also people who have been


trained and come back and carry out sophisticated attacks. That is what


is worrying about British fighters, that they will come back from Syria


and have been trained. These will not just be people blundering around


that I easy for security services to pick up and stop there might be


trained in evading detection, which may have been the case in Paris.


There are a few 100 Britons over there. It has been relatively easy


to identify business, if he is that men. We have to hope we know who


these people are and can stop them coming back in. The suggestion is


that he escaped bail. He was arrested and fled the country. There


was a child in this video, which a lot of people find repugnant. He


spoke with a rigid accent as well. -- British. He has been identified


as well, and a leading men things it is his grandson. He is disgusted his


grandson is being used in propaganda. The whole thing is


gruesome and the Sun and unpleasant, but most of that video was in


Arabic. It was very much aimed at British as a nation because of the


hostages he was killing, any people he was addressing in these videos.


This seems to be addressed to some of the Islamic State's own followers


to remind them they can there is punishment if you don't toe the line


and do not have loyalty. The five people they shot in this video, it


is a callous point but we do not know who they were. They appear to


be people picked up in Raqqa whom it is like state may have had a dispute


with about any number of things, perhaps collection of taxes. --


Islamic State. But there are also operatives in Raqqa, activists and


people trying to send footage of what life is like that. Some of


these guys killed were running Internet cafes trying to give access


to the outside world. They could be providing information to the British


security services. They would be intimidated and now worried. That is


perhaps the point of the video. Hilary Benn may be safe. If you are


going to have a reshuffle, you want to get rid of a problem. You want to


do it quickly as well. Quickly, efficiently and ruthlessly. Many


people would point to Hilary Benn being the biggest problem Jeremy


Corbyn has as far as his shadow, is concerned, but it seems he is


staying. The biggest problem Jeremy Corbyn has his Jeremy Corbyn,


because it does not really matter if you agree with him not. Whether you


like him think is good his job or or not, but he does not have much


experience managing a big team, and if you are going to run a shadow


cabinet which is the executive officers who sometimes have to have


some disagreement but generally carry the line and run your policies


and present them to the public for you, they have to be on-site. He has


had a big bump in that they have not been part of his team. -- problem.


Hilary Benn has said he is not part of this, especially where the Syria


vote was concerned, Jeremy Corbyn's people have been saying they would


be a revenge shuffle. They said it would be today. They have had


journalists outside the offices in Parliament all day waiting for a


decision. We're now told it will be tomorrow afternoon. Jeremy Corbyn


has gone home to rearrange his bathroom cabinet tonight instead. We


get the point. There is no ruthless efficiency. Nobody expects the


Jeremy Corbyn inquisition because it is so bad. Putting your old


political hat on, there are suggestions there were things he


wanted to do, but he could not do them or if he did to them it would


cause friction, and therefore he has pulled back? That seems to be the


suggestion. In the Guardian, it says Jeremy Corbyn's ideals solution


involved moving Hilary Benn and Maria Eagle two other senior posts,


but it may risk of damaging split. The problem is not carrying out a


reshuffle. It is not even taking revenge. The point is that leaders


should love during a reshuffle. It is where they get the media


headlines want. They get to work ruthless and in charge. They get to


do it in their own time and can manage the whole of this story, and


it makes them look like a metre. For Jeremy Corbyn to botch not one but


two reshuffles, which happened because people were overheard


talking about it, which does go on, but to botch two, the problem is I


don't think necessarily the idea of doing a reshuffle or saying that


some people don't act me so I can't have them in top jobs, fair enough.


-- back of me. But she has handled it badly and now books week. He


books incompetent -- looks, and he now needs to look decisive. This


should be a time when he gets to do that. Can you imagine a time when a


reader decides to have a reshuffle and then revealing in advance via


your press adviser that you probably can't do it anyway? -- leader. David


Cameron, even Tim Farron would not do that. This did happen to David


Cameron once. He tried to remove Iain Duncan Smith, and he was told


in no uncertain terms, I am not moving. That was a real moment of


weakness from the Prime Minister. He realised it could create some


damage. But he did not tell everyone to days in advance, I will move in


Duncan Smith if I can, but if I can't, I might have to back down.


Sorry, guys. Let's move on to the Independent. Britain conspired to


ignore Saudi executions. A lot of analysis in the last few weeks and


months about written's relationship with Saudi Arabia, especially on


contracts and judicial tie-ins that they have -- Britain's. And


apparently written ignorant these executions even though they knew


about them. This is based on a paper from 2011 saying we would like to


stop or death penalties, and listed a number of nations involved such as


China, Iran and USA. We would like to start them having the death


penalty, which is fair enough. Best of luck, but it is only a piece of


paper where it is written down. There is no reason not to include


Saudi Arabia on that list. All of the others will tell you to get lost


anyway. So Saudi Arabia was not on the list? Correct. But the fact they


were left off, it was so unimportant, why bother ripping them


off? You may as well include them. -- leaving them off? But it is


because of those contracts we have but they were left off? The Foreign


Office are saying we have to make nice with Saudi Arabia. We don't


like them, they are not great, but if we don't have them in charge of


Saudi Arabia, there will be someone worse. We may as well be nice to


them. They can say, we should perhaps try to push on some rights,


we would like them to do them differently, but we have decided


that we don't want to push too hard. The Saudi Arabians know very well


how strong their position is. They are an important ally for us and the


US in the Middle East up against Iran. If we were not making friends


with them and they are not making friends with us, they know how


strong they are. To be fair to Jeremy Corbyn, his opening speech


referred specifically to Saudi Arabia. It is one point on which he


has been determined and successful. If you remember the story about the


Saudi Arabia was on Jerry Jeremy Corbyn highlighted that as an


issue. That tells us one thing. Jeremy Corbyn's home territory is


foreign affairs, and he is often on safer ground talking about foreign


affairs. Sometimes dodgy ground, but he feels on safer ground equals he


has got a lot about that. Maybe less so on domestic issues. But what he


was pointing out is that Britain has always had a difficult relationship


with Saudi Arabia. Also regarding what we have seen in


Saudi Arabia, ministers are agreeing. The commission is from


Volkswagon? I am very interested in this because I own a Volkswagon. In


America, they are receiving compensation. This is a story about


the US government suing Volkswagon for the fact that, because the


emissions were higher than expected, they have polluted the air. The


pollution authorities have said there will find them for each


vehicle affected -- they -- fine. This is not the car owners suing, it


is repercussions for the emissions. It is not for people like me who


would perhaps like some compensation for owning a Volkswagon. It will be


interesting to know whether the US government will pass the money on to


the drivers, or whether they will use the money for something that


will benefit everybody. I think it has been announced, or not announced


but it is out there, that British Volkswagon owners like yourself will


not get a penny. American Volkswagon owners will. They are willing to pay


compensation to American drivers, not to British drivers. Separate to


this lawsuit. That is apparently because there is a potential market


of many millions, and they want to keep up with that. They also want to


keep in with the US authorities. You don't want to get on the wrong side


of some of the US legal authorities. Exactly. Is that underpinning part


of this? You don't mess with the Americans. They have the


resources... The class action suits in America are very expensive


compared to a. Particularly on the government's side. They won't back


down. It is interesting that Volkswagon is currently in dispute


with the Americans over various things, including devices in SUV


's. This is possibly trying to get some more compensation out of them


for those things. Volkswagon has that aside I think 6.7 billion


euros. This could be tens of billions. Thank you for looking at


some of the stories with us. Stay with us, it's time for Sportsday.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - Clive Myrie presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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