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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment -


There is no safe level to drink alcohol, according to the first


Even a pint a day could increase your risk of cancer and men should


Over 25% of the population in Britain drink more than these


guidelines so we want people to know what level of risk they take.


A tourist hotel in Egypt has come under attack by armed men,


leaving three foreign holidaymakers injured.


A police officer in Philadelphia is repeatedly shot in his patrol car


by a man pledging allegiance to Islamic State.


The security firm G4S suspends seven members of staff at a young


offenders' centre in Kent after a BBC investigation uncovers


In Sportsday, all the reaction from the FA Cup third round opener as


Exeter went all out for a upset, taking the lead against the seven


time winners Liverpool. The Premier League side of any midst of an


injury crisis and only two first-team regular started. And a


light of Rugby Union scorers as well as the latest from the parts, that


is all in Sportsday, after the papers... -- the darts.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Caroline Frost, the Entertainment Editor


of the Huffington Post UK, and David Williamson,


the Political Editor of Media Wales and the Western Mail.


Many of the front pages are already in.


The Telegraph leads on what it calls the migrant backlash now afflicting


Europe following the sexual assaults in Germany on New Year's Eve.


The Guardian's top story is the sacking of the Cologne police


chief for the way officers dealt with those attacks.


The Independent says on its front page that British troops could face


prosecution in connection with as many as 55 deaths


The Daily Mail has a different headline on the same story -


the papers claims 280 British troops are being hounded in


The Times has an interview with former Shadow minister


Michael Dugher, who claims Ken Livingstone is pulling


the strings of the Labour leadership.


The Financial Times leads on plunging global stock markets,


which it says have suffered their worst start to the year in decades.


The Sun carries the story of a British mother who says she's


suing New York State police for ?30 million because they seized her baby


The version from the Daily Mail of the story, here as soldiers are sent


legal threats, 280 troops pounded in an Iraq war witchhunt. The Daily


Mail leaving us in no doubt about how they feel about this. This is


interesting, the same story on the Daily Mail and the independent but


very different language. The Daily Mail very much a personal attack on


his veteran soldiers, emphasising veteran, and length of service, and


they are getting letters through the door, many years after some have


come home, tired and adjusting to life and suddenly getting letters


being delivered on the doorstep by taxpayer funded detectives. It all


sounds like a knock on the door in the middle of the night. About these


historic allegations. The independent headline is rather


different, UK troops face prosecution over 55 Iraq deaths.


Claims referred to the military equivalent of the Crown Prosecution


Service. It says dozens of soldiers could be affected. If there has been


instances of abuse, they have to be investigated? One of the most


striking things about the war in Iraq was this was a war in which


things like the scandals became a major strategic disaster, which the


West is still paying for and there is this realisation that if you want


to be seen as a pantheon of human rights, you need to ensure that you


are not actually perpetrating human rights abuses. It also highlights


how we living in a world where we have a professional army that we are


expecting people to be accountable every single second and rightly so


and it is as if the professional soldier is not just a warrior who


are sent into places that people are terrified to go to, they actually


have to be able to not use violence in situations where, how anyone can


process this is extraordinary. We ask people to do extraordinary


things but in the theatre of war acceptable and the British Army


argues they have a very clear chain of command to stop abuses like this?


And we know that this in the past has been proven to be abused and


certainly the troops that went over, to serve


their country and sacrificed many lives, ruined families, that needs


to be put in lives, ruined families, that needs


say, there are these new, almost revised levels, of


accountable as the years gone by because Iraq has such a tortured


legacy and pounce on anything. The Financial


Times, markets suffer the worst start to the year in decades, China


shock waves spooking investors, the week long losses equalling more than


$3.3 trillion! I cannot even come to that makes for some depressing


reading for January. Apparently, the worst start to a year for two


decades and one of the many striking things in the last paragraph is that


apparently analysts think this is like a three act play that started


in 2007, the financial crisis in America and the Eurozone in 2010 and


this is the last one, but it is not just isolated there because if you


have emerging economies which we desperately hope will continue to


buy our services and make our goods cheaply, if they implode, we will


all be in a very strange lifeboat. It was not long ago that what


happened in China did not have relevance to us? Absolutely, we


would worry about America and very much about Europe and possibly South


America occasionally. Now, everybody, I say everybody but you


all eating, Christmas pudding blissfully agreed that this is going


on and were told today on the front pages that suddenly all these


trillions have been not of the value of the planet and my question is,


and what might those my mortgage go up? Until that happens, it all seems


rather abstract. George Osborne says it might be sooner rather than later


with the interest rates but that might be a readjustment depending on


what else happens in the world. Staying with the Financial Times,


inside pages, is that right? Be Cologne police chief quits? On the


bottom. After the sexual assaults and robberies against women on a


massive scale, it seems, in Cologne on New Year's Eve, it seemed


inevitable to onlookers that the police chief would resign but what


ramifications will be for Angela Merkel? This is worst nightmare, she


was the best post in Europe and they have proven to be among some of her


worst guests and at best, it is a pretty up gross abuse of hospitality


and she has staked a political currency on opening the doors of


Germany and being seen to be maternal, as she has been described,


and now, this absolute headache of these people attacking people and it


has been proven that a lot of them were asylum seekers so he had to go.


But at what point, I do not see myself Angela Merkel being toppled


but the pressure on her is to come up again with a solution.


Interesting to see how this incident has been jumped upon by everybody


who wants to put up the fortress walls. The Prime Minister of


Slovakia said the dream of multicultural Europe is dead. Which


seems like an exaggeration based on one incident but within Germany


itself you have this huge argument starting but it is interesting that


even the people concerned within the German politics, too many people


have come in. They propose to limit this and it is still so much more


than what the UK is taking in. Lots of big questions. One of your


papers, the Western mail, and army apologises as the inquest buys a


culture of unofficial punishment led to the Welsh soldiers... This is


heartbreaking, so money people in Wales, a higher proportion of people


joining the army per capita and for many people it does offer a


fantastic career but when you think of the parents of this young man?


--?. You are aware that your son or daughter is signing up for a higher


level of danger but you do not expect that to be in the training


process and it is this culture of unofficial punishment, which is


quite hell-raising, that this is going on comparatively recently.


Every story like this, I think of the US movies of the 1980s, where we


are told that you cannot handle the truth, and the idea that this is


happening on our own doorstep today, with that lack of accountability,


there is so much military news today, but I'm sure there are so


many soldiers reading the stories saying, none understand what goes on


and what we are required to do and how. And the few ugly lights are


being let on these events. Tonight, outside broadcasting house, there


was a big issue seller who was in Kandahar, he was a veteran, and this


question of afterwards, the care of veterans, which thankfully has been


cranked up the agenda but it has taken so long. And a lot of


charities doing a lot of that work for people when they have two


readjust. The Telegraph... A story that has broken the safety, the


doctors strike could tip the hospitals over the edge, the


conciliation service said that the talks were continuing but nothing


sufficient had been done to stop junior doctors striking on Tuesday.


What is the expectation according to this article? I just think that as a


say, it could tip hospitals over the edge, we have this sword dangling


overdoes for the past 18 months, it feels like, with trainee doctors


saying that they need more money and it will be putting pressure on


Accident and Emergency resources, delayed operations and all that, and


this is just another element and I think, all I can see on Facebook as


people supporting doctors because they feel they are getting, not the


help they need. There is that fear, if you go into hospital, you want to


Doctor to have had a good night's sleep. There is enormous sympathy


but also it is coming at a time just as the winter flu season is like to


be kicking in, and apparently... Cynical? There has been a doubling


of intensive care admissions in the past week. If you are going to do


something, this is one of the worst times to do it. It is also


interesting but in a way, throughout this government and the last one,


his big confrontations between ministers and doctors and I wonder


if in a way the NHS is one of the last great nationalised industries


in that sense, you have ministers directly involved in pay


negotiations. It used to be: steel. Here we are, heading for this


titanic stand-off. And it is in England. It will be interesting to


see what does happen on Tuesday because it is the junior doctors,


who else will go out in support? We're not sure. The Daily Mirror.


Something different. How to skip the Lotto, a genius has come up with a


farmer to help win tomorrow night 's draw. Doctor John Haig, says random,


less popular, higher numbers are the key and they should add up to 200.


Not giving anything else away? Apparently, do not choose the


previous weeks numbers. That is another cap. That would make quite a


lot of sense. Do not pick the numbers from last week! They are


just as likely to be the same as any other number? It is random! Picked


the same numbers. Why is he sharing this information? YFC not sorting


himself out? He is obviously very benevolent! -- why is he. This is


just a decoder, he knows other numbers! If we pick the same


numbers, and they did come up, we would be sharing about 50p each!


Apparently this is one of the numbers, so many people choose their


birthday or a date and that limit set between one and 31. Did you buy


a ticket? No. I am one of those people who was told I am all like to


be hit by a meteor than winning the lottery and when you see these


staggering life changing sums of money and people trying to submit an


online thing and it came up and are online and the application failed. I


would rather not have the money then almost have that money! You would


never do the lottery again! Very little point! Bad is it for the


newspapers for this hour. We will be back again at 11:30pm for another


look at the front pages. Coming up next, Sportsday.


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