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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - Martine Croxall presents a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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started. We will have the rugby union squares and the latest from


the darts. That is in 15 minutes after the papers -- rugby union


schools. -- scores. Hello, and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Caroline Frost,


the entertainment editor of the Huffington Post UK, and David


Williamson, the political editor of Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with: The Telegraph leads on what it calls


the migrant backlash now afflicting Europe following the sexual assaults


in Germany on New Year's Eve. The Guardian's top story is


the sacking of the Cologne police chief for the way


officers dealt with those attacks. The Independent says on its


front page that British troops could face prosecution


in connection with as many The Daily Mail has a different


headline on the same story - the papers claim 280 British troops


are being hounded in an Iraq War The Times has an interview


with former shadow minister Michel Dugher, who claims


Ken Livingstone is pulling the The Financial Times leads on


plunging global stock markets, which it says have suffered their


worst start to the year in decades. The Sun carries the story of a


British mother who says she's suing New York State police


for ?30 million because they seized We will begin with the Guardian and


how it is covering the attacks in Cologne. Sex attacks in Cologne cost


police chief job. Authorities say 18 asylum seekers were arrested. He has


been encouraged to take early retirement because of this to


restore public confidence. Yes, and it is a story that is mystifying.


The facts are beginning to emerge, and the Guardian have done a great


job of getting human stories. Someone had a firework in their


three-year-old's Prem. It seems to have been a night of terror. There


are so many and answered questions. The level of organisation, the level


of intent. And the political and police murkiness. I think this will


come out over months and months and we can expect lots of analysis over


how it is being reported. The suggestion is they were a


co-ordinator group. The media in Germany don't seem to be on stop of


-- on top of this story. There are reports that the media colluded in


keeping this secret. When I first heard this story, I felt he was


being right to be circumspect, because it is so awful to start


playing into everybody's fears about asylum seekers and how they may


behave when they get to foreign lands, but the more you hear about


the human cost, and women having to put a hand into a pram to protect a


baby from a firework, can you imagine if this went on in London or


intolerable behaviour. Any crime on any scale you would hope


properly investigated, but the problem is 18 asylum seekers out of


all of those thousands, tens of hundreds of thousands of people who


have come seeking a safer life here, it is too easy to jump to


conclusions quickly. Absolutely. In the back of people's memories are


things like the disaster in New Orleans, have their work initial


stories of crimes, and then wants people to into the reporting, flaws


were found. People are rightly cautious about jumping into this


again. But there needs to be some reporting. And a great deal of


investigating. Migrants' sex attacks backlash, on this newspaper.


Mounting anger over what has happened. Political tensions,


cultural, societal tensions. Angela Merkel is facing tension in her own


country from political opponents saying the way she has been treating


the whole migrant crisis up to this point, and now this has happened.


She is meanwhile trying to cover by calling for deportation, Swift


punishment. Then there is the question of bread to these people so


that punishments? Do you send them home to Syria? -- road to these


people. Anybody who has committed a crime is in no way I been their


cause. It plays into pre-existing fears and belief of opponents but


there is no such thing as a multicultural Europe. Some of the


leaders in the EU are saying that. A hungry -- a leader from Hungary


saying you need these borders. You have these contrasting opinions


between Angela Merkel and eastern European leaders like the Slovakian


Prime Minister saying the liberal dream is dead. And speculation that


these crimes could be repeated in Finland, in Helsinki. These gentle


places. Livingstone running the Labour leadership on the Times. This


is come from Michael Dugher, who lost his job in the reshuffle. He is


not happy, and his descriptions of a bunch of far left anti-war former


communists, who are apparently taking hold of the Labour Party.


There is a narrative which Jeremy Corbyn's foes are keen to cement at


this early stage, which is that Ken Livingstone is the puppet master and


his new tenants have taken on new positions and he is the power behind


the throne -- lieutenants. I imagine Jeremy Corbyn will have something to


say about this. They are different characters in terms of tone, but it


does feed into this narrative, which is that we have seen the hard left


take over from within, and Michael Dugher surely will also in the


coming months use his position on the backbenches to fire at every


opportunity. And we have the Labour Party's struggles, the strife within


the party on the front page. Not talking about the opposition.


Absolutely not. It has been the chiding crisis, whether Jeremy


Corbyn would apply the whip to his party members -- trident. This is a


surprising rebranding of canoeist on. He has been this firebrand on


the radio. -- Ken Livingstone. He has been a quiet person, staying out


of the limelight as long as he can control. But I am enjoying the


rebranding. I wonder if he is. 280 troops handed in Iraq while


witch-hunt, Fury as soldiers are sent a legal threat. We will not


look at in detail, but the Independent taking a different time


and saying at least 55 deaths need to be investigated -- different


time. It has been going on for a long time, this investigation into


abuses in Iraq. One day, we might have a whole newspaper without the


legacy of Iraqi being questioned and mulled over. There are different


perspectives. The Independent saying a factual account where they have


created a body investigation that have presented cases to their


version of the Crown has it in, and the mall going in on the defensive


saying this is unfair to veterans who have served their country -- the


Mail. It cost a lot of money, but that is justice. In Northern


Ireland, they have been historical enquiry teams. You look at the


events of bloody Sunday, and so many decades on, the enormous


repercussions. Britain does need to show it is accountable for its role


around the world. The difficulty is these troops have this hanging over


them and there is no and to it. It goes on and on. It must be a


situation where any soldier stepping off a plane knowing this might


happen down the line, it is probably different from World War Two when we


had nothing. Even in Vietnam, where we had groundbreaking journalism, it


was still a case of if there were reporters to see it. And now people


do have smart phones. We have seen amazing reporting coming out of


Syria. People brave enough to upload that they have shot themselves.


Let's look at the Guardian. Pollution limit broken in London. We


were supposed to be holding ourselves to account over this. My


reaction is gulp. I remember a speed camera in London where consistently


there were so many speed tickets eventually raise the limit of the


road. I just wonder at what point they decide this is not able to be


enforced. If these moments... Do they find every street? They said


Oxford Street hit its limit after two days. It seems to be untenable.


The monitoring station was broken. Just overloaded. At some point we


have to get a grip on this. We need to meet these targets, that only a


few weeks ago in Paris were set. There is a focus on carbon


emissions, but it was not that long ago we talked about this being


linked to diesel pollution. And now diesel is cheaper than it has been


for a long time. Either we wait for Google to give us a electric cars,


or we do something about diesel. Then you are interfering in a


political fight. Page eight of the debris now. Smaller portions or face


punishment. -- the Daily Mail. Suddenly a prospect of levies being


introduced for food and drinks. One thing you would not expect and eight


a Conservative government would be a nanny state. But the sugar is still


there and people are still getting bigger. The chief medical officer


has come out and they are cracking the whip. It is effectively like the


Mary Poppins a lot Mrs Doubtfire solution, he comes the nanny to save


the day. We have had a reaction with the alcohol advice as well. I do


have questions. How successful have the absolute price hikes on


cigarettes being in the last 10-15 years? ?10 for a packet of


cigarettes, have sales diminished, our people healthier? I want to know


it if there is a parallel I can draw on to see if this will succeed.


People ultimately like cake. It could just be that adding another


5p, I'm sure those levies Wolfie down to the consumer, but at what


point does it become prohibitive or an incentive to say I will eat my


greens. And there is portion size. How big is your plate? We have


become a nation that has huge plates. You look at wedding lists


and they want to eat things because there are tables. It off a side


plate. There you go. -- eat. If we go back to the Times, which I


inconveniently put away, the photo is of Alicia Vikander. We are


talking about BAFTA nominations. This is the actress who has been in


The Danish Girl with Eddie Redmayne, and a science-fiction


thriller Ex Machina. She is supposed to be a fantastic actress. She is a


supreme star of the future. She has only just begun and we are lucky to


have her. She's from that stable of Scandinavian and textiles. There was


all the talk of Eddie Redmayne's rate transformative powers, and then


of course now we are saying what is the title even referred to? It could


even referred to his wife. Allies are on Alicia Vikander, because she


is nominated twice. -- all eyes. Some of the big films like Star Wars


have not been recognised in the nominations you might have expected.


Especially, as Britain went so wild over the last James Bond, which was


seen as a critical and commercial fantasia. But Star Wars of course


almost takes pride. It was delighting audiences and dismaying


critics. I think James Cameron and Star Wars


are famous for that, but they don't need the awards in a way that these


other films do. People will flock to see them no matter what they wind or


don't wind. . -- wind or don't win. Hello and welcome to Sportsday,


I'm Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, from behind in tonight's opening


third round FA Cup tie, earning


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