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out of a tricky spot in Johannesburg. A crime spot in the


European Rugby Cup the Scot, all that in 15 minutes after the papers.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us.


Whether this is the senior features editor of the Financial Times and


the Westminster correspondence for the Sunday Post. Front pages, the


Times features a picture of British astronaut Tim Peake on his first


spacewalk. A story on red light districts to be set for sex workers


in cities including and Glasgow. The Daily Mail claims hundreds of


thousands of tonnes of recycling is just being burdened or dumped in


landfills. The Independent has an exclusive about deep cutbacks where


it is claimed there was a culture of bullying and sexual assault. The


daily Mirror bleeds that an interview with the Coronation Street


star William Roache who talked about the final moments he shared with his


co-star shortly before her death. The Telegraph has a story about


Easter holidays with the Archbishop of Canterbury claiming they should


fall on the same week every year. He says Anglican leaders will join


discussions with other church leaders about a move to a fixed


date. Let's begin and showing absolutely


no partiality, we begin with the Financial Times. Your turn next I'm!


George Osborne move aimed at swing voters. Pensions when in the papers


last night as well. Who was winning and losing? This time it is the


higher earners. It seems to be quite an audacious move by George Osborne


and it is an overhaul towards law are earners in the sense that he is


proposing a flat rate of tax relief on pensions, so the system at the


moment is that it is geared to your income, so you get the same rate of


pension relief as you do pay income tax, so higher earners get higher


tax relief and this proposal will level it down,, and it says there is


a proposal for 25%, or 33%, for everybody, which will favour the


lower earners. This is analysed as a political move and an attempt to


please lower income voters to move into that. I wonder how many people


will be convinced because the Conservatives have been accused of


not looking after lower earners. The Tories traditionally have looked


after pensioners and then all the pensioners vote and that is why they


keep winning elections, and they keep promising to look after


pensioners saw in that sense it is quite interesting that they are now


beginning to look at pensions as an aviator change things, but the key


aspect is it will save George Osborne billions of pounds a year


and that is why they are looking at pensions. He is looking to save


money wherever they can and it allows him to present himself, as a


sort of champion of the middle ground, this is his strategy to


reach out for the middle ground that has been abandoned by the Labour


Party. Red light zone is set for UK cities. London, Glasgow in


particular have asked for special zones for sex workers and it seems


to have had some success, this idea, this scheme, being trialled in


Leeds. It is a very interesting issue and I don't think the story


necessarily supports the headline which says it is set for UK cities


when it is campaign is asking for red light zones, but according to


this, there has been a pilot project in Leeds and sex workers are more


willing to report crimes, which is essentially the point of the thing.


There are a lot of crimes carried out against sex workers and we know


that much and they are usually unwilling to report that, how it


will affect them, so that sounds positive. Whether it will actually


happen, I am not sure there's a huge amount of evidence that it is. The


Home Office see essentially it is up to individual police forces. The


argument often from people who don't want to see any kind of prostitution


enabled, is that in doing this, are re-legitimising prostitution? Are we


saying that we live in a society where we are happy to have women


treated as sexual objects? I don't think that's the case. I think that


this is saying that women who work in prostitution deserve protection


under the law. And that actually, the wider community and the


taxpaying community will benefit all so, because they will occupy less


police time. They can work safely, crime goes down. You could see the


social benefits were increased significantly. So I think that the


idea of some kind of future where prostitution no longer exists is not


a realistic possibility, and in the meantime, let's try and make the


streets safer for the women who do this, and that is why it is a good


splash because it is an issue you can argue about, those two sites,


till the cows come home. We will move on. The Daily Mail, tonnes of


recycling burned or buried, what is going wrong? What is going wrong is


that the reality is that everybody puts all the recycling in together,


because you cannot separate out every tiny piece, except that


unfortunately the Daily Mail is a rather enjoying reporting the fact


that unless we meticulously do this, the whole thing is a waste of time


and everything has to go on to landfill so why do we bother really,


is the underlying message. But it is not everything, that is the only


thing. It is actually the poorest record, Manchester City Council,


turning away 18 bins for every 100 that are recycled. So 82, that was


quick! 82 are being recycled which is a good thing, which sounds quite


a good rates to me. The key figure is that the amount of recycling bins


or burned has doubled in the last few years. We don't know if that is


just because more is being recycled. There is a very good quote from the


environment spokesman called Peter box who sounds as if he is going to


come down extremely heavily on anyone who actually mixes things up.


It is the only thing they understand. We need effective


proportionate powers to take actions against households or businesses who


persistently and wilfully do this. Wilful bad recycling! When we were


growing up, nothing was recycled. Just in the last few years it has


increased a lot and is going up exponentially. Just be careful with


the tins of beans. We could do a lot. The Independent, Jeremy Corbyn


calls for ratio rules to end pay and equality. Recycling things from the


1970s. It doesn't mean it's a bad idea but it means he will never get


elected. He wants to ban senior executives from having vastly higher


wages than genuine employees. It is a trendy thing at the moment to work


out the ratio between the top person at the bottom person. What is plenty


about equality? The idea of the ratio is a trendy thing. I am not


saying it is a bad thing, just trendy, however the minute you start


saying I will start fiddling around with Private business, business will


say we're not interested in you and all the newspapers and Tory


politicians will suggest the man is out of touch and a of bad things


will fall upon his head. Is that really true? I thought some


countries, a certain proportion, the most junior employee had two early


certain proportion of what the person at the top there and? I think


it's actually maybe not as nuts as you make it sound and it is also


playing into the idea, which I think has gained traction, which is that


there is too much any quality in many companies, particularly in the


City of London. Between what the highest earners receive and the


bottom, the gap is too big and damagingly so. But also, Jeremy


Corbyn it is very easy to laugh, and often we do, we have to tell him


off, but his Labour Party membership is going up massively according to


Guardian research. Let's look at the picture in the Times of Tim Peake on


his first spacewalk. They had to call it a day after five hours


because water seeped into his colleague's helmet. Having thrown


myself out of our plane, I can't imagine what it would be like to


open a hatch and allow yourself to leave the International Space


Station. Watching him float, it looks as though they are tethered


very likely outside and he is upside down. Apparently they have time to


mentally adjust and go, I am floating in space! I feel slightly


ill actually. The great thing about Tim Peake as he is always smiling.


He loves being a spaceman and it is brilliant! Absolutely you should, do


you fancy it, going into space? I don't think so but there has been a


British woman in space before Tim Peake and I would like to hear it


for her. But good to have a bricked up there. And his helmet worked but


they had to work because the American helmet didn't. Could you


imagine if it was Tim Peake's helmet, we would have all the


stories tomorrow about Britain being rubbish! But it worked. But it was


all fine, just a precaution. Another picture, because it is TV. Inside


the vault, the Hatton Garden safety deposit police, were that incredible


and audacious heist took place last Easter. Early hour we were seeing


correspondence squeeze through the concrete block, and this is the mess


they left behind. They didn't even clear up after themselves, didn't


recycle anything! It is an amazing photograph. It was a key factor in


the little report I would like to share, which is that it reveals the


reason why the missing man, why he is called Basil. We don't know his


real name, do we? Why they call him Basil is due to his Basil Brush


style read here! And he is still being hunted, like the Fox. The


ghost vanished. With 10 million quid apparently, at least. But this is a


story, a crime, and people have lost a huge amount of money but it is


fascinating. You should not like it but you cannot help it! It is the


fact these old guys doing the final, it is like a film. I know it is a


cliche, but there will be a film about it almost certainly within a


short space of time. Most of them are caught. They will go down for


the very long time. Finally, Kate will run a newsroom from the palace.


She is having a stab at being a guest editor. Very exciting news.


She is going to be guest editing for the Huffington Post, with a focus on


child mental health, which obviously is a very important subject. The


only thought I had really was that I hope she doesn't apply the same


level of journalistic talent that her sister... Do you remember? It


was derided. A spoofed Twitter feed, I seem to recall. The appeal for the


Huffington Post is quite a coup for them. Far be it for me to knock my


Internet colleagues but it is a big publicity coup, that is what it is


about. Is it as simple as that? Is it because she is a princess? Any


magazine editor would kill to have Kate editing. But doesn't it make it


look like your job can be done by any so-and-so? That may be true, but


I am afraid... Shifting units. I have been told, that news presenting


is just reading the autocue and any five-year-old can do it, so there


you are. That is the papers for this hour, but Sue and James are back at


half past 11 with another look at the stories tomorrow.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday - I'm Hugh Woozencroft.


The main headlines then this evening.


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