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England out of a tricky spot against Johannesburg. -- against South


Africa in Johannesburg. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Sue Matthias,


senior news features editor at the Financial Times,


and James Millar, Westminster The Times shows a picture of British


astronaut Tim Peake on his first spacewalk,


where he's been fixing part The i reports on suggestions that


red light districts should be set up for sex workers in cities


including London and Glasgow. The Daily Mail claims that hundreds


of thousands of tons of recycling is The Independent has an exclusive


report on Deepcut Barracks, where it's claimed there was a culture


of bullying and sexual assaults. The Sun says motorists are paying


nearly 5p a litre too much for petrol, accusing companies


of profiteering instead of passing The Guardian reports that 600


British citizens have been caught trying to enter Syria to join


the so-called Islamic State and And the Telegraph leads


on discussions over 600 Britons caught trying to join


jihadis. 600 caught trying to join, so not necessarily those who managed


to get through. In the story, it says there are 800 already in


there. That makes a total of 1400 who have either tried to get in and


some have succeeded and some have not. We keep hearing about people


going there and trying to join ISIS and this is a good story because it


puts a number on it and it is quite a worrying number. And praise for


the Turkish. Yes. That is true. Philip Hammond says there is an


increase in the number of Britons apprehended in Turkey because of a


transformation in cooperation between the UK and Turkey. He is


trying to find some good news because actually, the news has been


pretty dismal. My impression from this article is that he is trying to


give the impression that Britain is actually winning the fight to some


extent. What is the criticism of Russia? The air strikes are not


where they are supposed to be? Yes. It is interesting that Philip


Hammond is over there and he is producing stories, big stories. He


says that the Russians are targeting civilians, bombing schools and


hospitals. And not only that, they returned 20 minutes later when the


rescue workers are there and bomb them again. That is in contravention


of all sorts of rules and conventions and it is a big claim to


make. Presumably he has the evidence to back it up. The Sun. Drivers


ripped off. Petrol chumps. It feels like we are being blamed for paying


too much. I think the idea is that they are taking us for chumps. And


the headline on the next page... Brent screwed. The oil price has hit


an all-time low and it is not being passed on to the consumer. People


are making money and we, the people at the end of the chain, are paying


the price. We don't have a choice. We cannot stop buying it. The one


thing missing from this story is the word tax because the vast majority


of the cost of a litre of petrol goes to the government. You could


take it up with them. Says what petrol should cost but who decides


what the acceptable level of profit should be? Possibly something for


Jeremy Corbyn to get into. Nationalise the lot of it and set a


price that we. -- that way. Recycling being burned or buried.


Because some of the recycling we put out is contaminated because people


do not separate it well enough. Instead of suggesting people should


separate their rubbish more carefully, the Daily Mail should


suggest that all recycling is rubbish. -- is suggesting. But the


vast majority is being recycled and the council with the poorest record,


which is Manchester City Council, only turns away 18 bins for every


100 four recycling, which I think is a good record. Is this spreading the


pain in the budget? Yes. This is another George Osborne intervention


into pensions and this time, it is on income tax relief. The proposal


is that he spreads that around a bit more equitably because the current


situation is the more money you make, the more pension tax relief


you get. The new proposal would level it down so that everyone gets


a flat rate. That seems to be quite a neat way of him pitching for what


he calls the common ground, moving into that area vacated by Jeremy


Corbyn. And it happens to save him billions of pounds as well. Red


lights on set for UK cities. -- is this a done deal? It does not seem


to be a done deal. It seems that Leeds has been trialling this with


some success, stopping violent attacks on women workers, and there


are proposals for that to be rolled out across the country. But as James


has pointed out earlier, we cannot tell from this report... I'm not


certain if it has actually reduced crime. Sex workers are more willing


to report crime but I'm not certain if we have figures on how successful


it has been. That is a good thing, however... I think it has led to a


reduction in attacks on sex workers and therefore the police... I'm not


sure it has actually worked like that. You and your need for accurate


statistics! You are ruining all about stories! It might catch on.


The Telegraph. Easter to fall in the same with every year. Christmas is


always on December 25. Why should not east of the fixed? Absolutely.


And it is a very big question. It seems the Archbishop of Canterbury


has had this thought and so has Pope Francis as well as the Coptic


Orthodox Church patriarch as well, so it looks like it may gather steam


and actually happen, which would be popular for the Archbishop, who is


not exactly covered in popularity this week. At present, Easter falls


on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal


equinox. It would be easier if it fell on the same week... But does it


matter? Yes, because it makes life easier. The tourism industry,


sporting fixtures, the government... But the vital sentence


in the entire story is that even just an admits that the first


attempt to do this was in the 10th century. -- even the Archbishop


admits. They have not got a good record of agreeing on things. There


is a first time for everything. One would hope so. It is extraordinary.


People who think we should have a more secular way of organising


things... I know that Easter is a religious holiday... But many


schools have the first few weeks in April, come what may. Bait set the


school holidays and Easter can just float around it. -- they set. I


think it would be welcomed by many people if it comes off. The other


papers have this story but they have not given it so much space. The


Express. Page three. A giant step for major Tim. It is no one's fault


but the images in the newspapers just do not do it justice. They


really don't. They are very blurry. They are in space! And I'm having


trouble identifying the object that I believe is called the sequential


shunt units. I wanted to say that. Is that the one circled in red? No,


that is Tim. Conduit spot a sequential shunt units if they


pictures were clear? -- could you. What is this one? That is the


international space station. Do you know what I'm staggered by? First,


how you would get your head straight to go out there. And then all of


that kit... 14 layers of different materials and those massive gloves,


how are you supposed to fix anything? It is like wearing oven


mitts. It is like just after Christmas when every toy has those


fiddly ties that you just cannot and do. You don't just walk into space


without any preparation. They did it well. They did not finish the entire


job but they achieved the main objective. They were out there four


hours and 43 minutes. He is on Twitter. You can ask him to take a


better picture. That is not what I'm saying. I'm going to watch it


tomorrow morning. Page seven of the Mirror. Friends reunion show. Mathew


Perry cannot be there. What kind of reunion show is that if one out of


six cast members will not be there? I used to like Friends. I never


watched it. You can. It is an everyday. I know about Rachel and


her hair. This is a reunion in it is a shame because the sixth of them


have hardly covered themselves in glory over the 11 years or so...


Some of them have done other things. But nothing as good as


Friends. It would be nice to have them all together. But he has a


theatre show in London at the moment. What has he been doing


between Friends and this theatre show? He has had quite a colourful


existence. It's on the internet. I'm not saying it here. And he also


wrote this play. That is what he has been doing. Wholesome writing. Does


not bode well? Give him a chance! Someone on Twitter has asked if they


don't bring me costly and a wagon wheel to keep me going? -- bring me


a brew. No, they don't. Coming up next,


it's time for Sportsday.


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