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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Joseph Harker, deputy opinion editor for the


Guardian, and Neil Midgley, who's media commentator at Forbes.com.


And he is great at pulling faces, according to a review on Twitter. --


a viewer. The Observer says David Cameron


is considering plans to allow thousands of unaccompanied


migrant children into Britain. The Sunday Express leads on the


story that the RAF has foiled a plan by so-called Islamic State to attack


London, Brighton, Bath and Ipswich. The gloves are off, says the


Sunday Telegraph, as Conservative infighting deepens over whether to


stay in the European Union. Buried by a blizzard -


the Independent on Sunday's cover photo shows rows of cars under snow


on the US east coast. And in the Sunday Times,


the story that a former British spy is to expose


what he says was MI5 knowledge What is happening with the Labour


Party is reminiscent of the 1980s, many people say, and this is another


story that adds to that. Why is Jeremy Corbyn proposing this and is


it recent? This might not be a new proposal. It might have been


something that he said while in the outer reaches of the Labour


backbenches, which is to say more than six months ago. They are


reporting this story as though he is in top-level negotiations right now


and that this is his number one priority. I somehow doubt that. But


it is true that many of the questions on The Andrew Marr Show


when he was there were about 1980s things. The reason is that those are


his opinions, by and large. He is very ideologically similar to the


leadership of the Labour Party in the 1980s on the issues that he


considers important. Those are the same issues. Eight may be


ideologically similar but that does not mean that his main focus now is


not on modern events. The Labour Party's sole focus for the last few


weeks has been unilateral nuclear disarmament, which is about as 1980s


as you can get. Not quite the same. We have army generals questioning


whether Trident should be renewed or not. That is not the issue. The


question is whether Jeremy Corbyn... Some say he wants to


dialogue with Argentina over the Falklands and the outgoing Argentine


ambassador to the UK said that Jeremy Corbyn is one of ours. A


greater electoral gifted one sentence to the Tories is hard to


imagine. -- gift in. The people of the Falklands have never expressed


an opinion of wanting to belong to Argentina. That is correct about the


history of the Falklands is that Britain invaded these islands,


populate it with its own people and then after that says that everybody


wants to be British. Who was there before them apart from the


penguins's the fact is that the islands are very close to


Argentina. Is a kind of empire throwback and it is very popular in


this country. Britons look very favourably on the umpire, obviously


ignoring some of the slavery... -- the British Empire. I'm going to


give Peter the final say. Let the descendants of the Spanish who


slaughtered Indigenous Americans give the land back and then we will


talk. MPs need help against violent public. Psychiatrists having to work


with the Home Office. It is very tough on a lot of MPs, it seems, and


I think that a lot of this is down to social media, where they get the


abuse. Threats online. Stella Creasy also had her constituency office


ticketed around the time of the vote for air strikes on Syria. And many


people say things online in the heat of the moment and it sounds awful


and you just don't know whether to take it seriously, when somebody is


threatening you. This is making a lot of MPs very nervous. Some talk


about being afraid to go out there from door, being treated for anxiety


and depression, marriages breaking down because of the pressure... I


think there are possibly two parallel issues, although they are


connected. One of them is that there are constituents who are either


threatening and he's making them feel afraid if we, whether that is


social media or elsewhere. But in the Labour Party, there is also a


nasty faction, again reminiscent of the 1980s and the far left,


which... You may laugh but they have threatened violence against MPs. I


think individuals have threatened MPs. Whether they are Labour Party


members or whatever is... But the key to it is that Jeremy Corbyn will


not fall for Richard Lee denounce those people. -- not completely


denounce those people, who are his ideological supporters. He does


denounce those people who are threatening his opponent in the


Labour Party. This is a huge organisation... The did a survey


this last week. It was of Labour Party constituencies. There has been


a massive increase in support for Jeremy Corbyn and a massive increase


in membership but they are more interested in campaigning on social


issues and things like that than trying to oust current MPs were


deemed to be right wing. We have quite a lot to get through. Britain


poised to open the door to thousands of migrant children. We have had the


very meagre and mean spirited pledge by David Cameron to take in 4000


migrants per year on hundreds of thousands of them are coming into


Europe at the moment. It is very much Britain not doing its fair


share to address this crisis. But there are 3000 unaccompanied


children who have been somehow separated from their families and it


is now feared they could be at risk of falling prey to child


traffickers, and so David Cameron it seems willing to step in at that


stage to help them. You have got to have the services in place here for


when they arrive... I think there was a high water mark in terms of


British public opinion about migrants and migrant children, in


particular, that photograph last summer of that poor little boy


washed up dead on the beach. Clearly if there is a humanitarian crisis


involving unaccompanied children... You would hope... It was Margaret


Thatcher who said surely it is not beyond the wit of man to fix that


sort of thing. There are not that many people involved. There is


probably opinion polling on this but I don't censor a great swell of


public opinion in this country now in favour of letting in more


refugees. I think it has subsided. And I wonder... Somebody has to take


care of these children, whether it is social services or someone else,


and I wonder how many bighearted British people are went off to


foster or adopt the parent was Syrian child if we let them in? --


off Syrian child. Probably quite a lot. Quickly, the main picture


here. New York in America's east coast buried in a blizzard. You can


barely tell that they are cars under all that snow. We also have live


pictures from Times Square tonight. This is the beauty of live


television, everybody. There is. Is looking pretty but it is lethal in


places. How many people? 17. It was only 13 an hour ago was clearly a


lethal storm in the US. And it seems that people are unfortunately going


out and travelling when they are best to stay at home. Schools told


to drop university snobbery. We should think of friendships and


skills as equivalent. So says the Education Secretary, which is quite


a strange turn around and that we have been trying to encourage young


people to go into universities of 20 years now, opening the system.


Increasing tuition fees because it is such a valuable thing to have a


degree, and now she is trying to turn the clock back. On the one


hand, if children are not suited to university, it is a good thing that


they are not laden down with massive debt are laws by these tuition


fees, but on the other hand... The Conservative Party are supposed to


be part of ambition and the idea that they just trying to dissuade


people from getting a great education at some of the great


institutions is quite strange. I think that as a practical matter we


need more young people to be taking on apprenticeships and things that


we need young people to be qualified to do, such as coding, planning,


being an electrician and holding trades. London is crying out for


skilled workers in all of those fields. And so I can understand why


the government would want to boost the idea of apprenticeships as a


concept but whether we like it or not, young people are bright or less


bright and the right of the child, the more suited they are likely to


be to go to university and get a good degree in a proper subject and


go on to make a lot of money for themselves and their country. You


need to have proper alternatives. Some schemes have been criticised as


not being robust enough or fit for purpose on the apprenticeship sided


thing. Government after government has to find some way of replicating


the German model where they do have robust apprenticeships in trades and


where that is seen as a valid and worthwhile and laudable thing for


young people to do. In this country, no matter what they degree is in or


where it comes from, we do tend to put that in terms of status above


those who did not go to university. And if there is a blurring of that


distinction, that would be all to the good. Let us finish with the


Times. Stinky teenagers losing sleep. There is a very good reason,


apparently, to insist that your teenager's bedroom is regularly


ventilated. Apparently, yes. Windows should be opened and the heating


turned down because the recirculation of germs and


everything else in the rooms of teenagers can cause insomnia and


have the effect of lowering their educational performance. In fact,


they are so concerned, according to this report, that they are wondering


whether teenagers need sleep education lesson, which is something


I never considered any of my kids needing. Most of them just want to


sleep forever. And the later start time for school, which I can imagine


going down very well. They have tried that in some places but then


they have to stay behind later. I like this story. It does give every


parent of a teenager, and I have three and I'm not going to see if


any of them marks Digi or not, but it does that make any of them are


stinky or not but it does give you an excuse to tell them to clean the


rooms. There is a good chemical reason. I'm going to cut that out


and take it home and show mine. He is not stinky but he does not like


to have us window open. Coming up next,


it's time for the Film Review. You should come back again together.


You have to pull faces and fight. It would not be good on the box office


if you just agreed.


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