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controversial comments. That is all coming up in sports day in the next


15 minutes straight after the papers. -- Papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the International Editor of the Economist Helen Joyce and


We start with a mirrored that leads with the convicted murderer has


admitted to the first-time of the killing of the schoolgirl. He says


he is also behind a string of other attacks. The Independent headlines


urges Cameron to halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The Financial Times


talks about Google and Apple fighting back after a row over the


amount of tax paid by the technology giant. The Telegraph leads on the


findings of a scientific review that is found that some antidepressants


can raise the risk of suicide. There is the picture of grandparents of


the severely disabled teenager who won the battle against the bedroom


tax. Britain's role in Yemen attacks are under scrutiny. The Daily Mail


says that David Cameron must not taking 3000 migrant children. And


the Times reports on the top investor or in Google calling on


them to pay more tax in the UK. Top investor turns on Google over


tax. This is the most interesting story we have seen yet. You see


these things that they are called in to decide how much they should pay.


Long-term, you would not. Zero after year it seems grossly -- year after


year it seems so grossly unfair. He wants to know what the company he is


investing in is going to pay and that is better to everybody in the


long run. But somebody in the company is coming out saying that


creative tax accounting, and there is nothing wrong with it in terms of


the law, I quickly added, means that shareholders get a lot more pack, --


a lot more cash in their pocket. They have an obligation to maximise


these kind of things. Absolutely what the shareholder is worried


about is that ?120 million worth of shares in Google's parent company.


He's worried about a backlash that people will be so upset that it will


be even worse for the shareholder. What strikes me about this is the


arbitrary nature as to what is happening at the moment. The focus


on these giants, but what about these other companies are getting


away with it. What we want is a framework for these corporate giant.


What we need is a framework... I was going to give you a framework. We


need Britain to buy into it. And the deal is agreed by the G20 nations in


Paris due to concerns about these companies and how they move them


from one country to another. If you only have one tried to deal with


this, the T20I'm now on board. And as he was saying about the


shareholder worried about a backlash, the European Commission is


looking into the monopoly on commission. If that was opened up


the board have alternatives and we could have a view on these attacks.


It is absolutely vital for capitalism to work. There has to be


an implicit contact between the consumers and the big corporate


giants were becoming eager in a globalised economy. That revelation


needs to include sensible agreements and good regulation if they are


under monopoly situations that undermine the consumer. I know


enough about the search engine market that there is potential. I


know that advertisers have to be on board with Google... You can't say


this monopoly just because consumers like it. Let us go to the inside


page of the Financial Times. Government makes tax law and Google


complies. This is about the guy who was the head of communications at


Google and he is coming out swinging saying that Google have not done


anything wrong but have followed the law. It is difficult for us to read


this with any information that we're bringing to it. Company SAP


confidentiality agreements and he is saying is that the 130 million that


they paid is the right amount and then to a paid. He is saying that


they made their profits elsewhere. That may be right, but there are


plenty of companies saying that they have, but they might rented out or


pay for it in a different spot and paid the money abroad. We can't tell


and we need transparency. We have the news of Facebook's profits for


the last three months of last year. ?1 billion. Guess how much tax they


paid last year and they did it legally, I have to add that point,


it is all legal and above board. Either sticking suspicion that is


?4000. I -- I have a sneaking. Are they paying a lot of money


elsewhere? I would love to know. On that letter that was written to the


Financial Times, they said they are American company and that is where


they create their intellect or property and where they have their


value, and they pay $3.3 billion in tax. We don't know whether that is


credible. It is the transparency that is the problem. This agreement


with the G20 means we might get a bit more transparency on that. Why


we must not take 3000 migrant children because it would encourage


new influxes. I fundamentally disagree and I want a caveat that


with the perspective that when it comes to decisions of this time it


is always vital to take into account the unintended consequences. When


the German chancellor said we're going to be ethical and open it did


lead to a big influx and hopeful people from a war-torn country,


risking their lives with unscrupulous brokers would get them


to these places. David Cameron has invested taxpayers money in the


refugee camps in that area is. That is a sensible policy. However, 3000


vulnerable children... No one does that alone. I also think we are not


spending enough in the camps. More than any other EU country. There are


literally millions of people in terrible conditions and the small


amount of money stops people getting ill but we could spend a lot more


money and stop people coming further on. These migrant children make the


think about the unaccompanied Jordan in the Second World -- unaccompanied


children in the Second World War. There may be the possibility with


parents saying... I know for a fact that that happens in Eritrea. A


country where conscription is the norm and it lasts for ever. The same


thing happens in Central America escaping from drug gangs and the


world's most oppressive governments. What we're seeing is the unintended


consequences and economic migrants in there as well because they can.


Nobody is sending their children unless they think they are going to


die. Let us go to the Telegraph. Depression drugs make suicide more


possible. Many people have been saying this for many years and we


now seem to have a study that is confirming this. And yet why do we


not know that earlier? Why did they not show this important piece of


data is. And the reason is a familiar story of pharmaceutical


companies covering up the negative consequences of the drug. They only


work in establishing important data is if they are conducted. The other


problem is that they want to publish them. If it undermines the


credibility of the drug, don't publish them, do a bit more and hope


you get the results that you won't. That is not science that is a lie.


Strong language and you have written a book on this kind of thing. On the


manipulation of not just to sticks but the way that big companies can


perhaps, ignore the lessons of the past, or the lessons of their own


research. The clinical try has been a huge blessing to the development


of the drug. The problem is when they are read. I write about the


human factors and how they are delivered and the humans do it and


also the errors that often take place around the world that are


concealed. Partly because people are worried about being blamed. They


just don't want this to happen again and again. It is terribly sad


because families have children who have died because of this. It is an


ethical scandal that this information has not come to light


until now. I suppose that this kind of research has got the University


of London behind it so its voracity is there. Government have to act on


this. We don't know who because there are two levels. Should we not


be prescribing these things and the second one is a much more systematic


thing about how we regulate drug trials more generally. Should all be


published and you have to publish the results. End this particular


bias. URA former sportsman -- you are a. I played table tennis. Table


tennis is a sport. Careful! Very funny because she claims that she


has more passports than Jason Bourne. But she is a British citizen


now. We have claimed her. The first time in three decades that we've had


a female... Grew up in Australia until the age of 14 to Hungary and


parents. I can see the link between the two. We sent a reporter to


interview her parents and the mother is a dentist and the father works in


a gym. They are very settled. Let us be clear that she is British. It is


a lovely story because it has come out of nowhere but shows how


confident with a sense of destiny that she seems to have is a powerful


thing. Apparently a lot of the work that has been done with her as being


psychologist over the last few months and that is what has changed


things around for her. You were talking to one of the most ignorant


people about sport. I have one thing to tell you about this. I totally


agree with claiming all of these sport people. We don't get many


people. When you do you grab them with two hands and you just hold


on. That is the end of your contribution. They could do better


revealing school reports on the rich and famous. You are one of the


smartest women that I know. Thank you. So your school report must have


been top grades all the way along. I did very bad in home economics. We


had criteria on effort. Dragging me towards... Know we never had ten is


too bad -- tends. Don't try to start this up. I left school with really


poor qualifications but I taught myself the top levels. I was so into


table tennis and the rest is history. Forget Churchill. As he


ever been on? Know he has not been in that chair. -- no.


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