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manager Louis van Gaal hits back at reports he is to leave the club


again. That's all in Sportsday in 15 minutes. First, it is the papers.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. Settle down! With me are the Social Affairs


Editor of the Guardian, Randeep Ramesh, and the Evening


Standard columnist, Rosamund Urwin. Welcome both.


It is Randeep's birthday today. Cake later. Let's start with the FT


and Europe. Cameron eyes compromise over migrant benefit curbs. What


compromise is this? It is an emergency brake in the system? Well,


Cameron because he wants the EU referendum earlier rather than


later, has decided to go with a half-baked deal according to the


Euro-sceptics whereby he would take away benefits from some workers, but


probably not enough to satisfy the right of his party. We have got


Bernard Jenkins up in arms saying you only need an emergency brake if


you have lost control. A famous Tory red flag. And I think that's going


to be his problem. It is convincing the right that he is going to do


enough to satisfy them and bring them on board. The idea is you would


stop having to pay welfare payments to migrants if you are your welfare


system was under exceptional strain which begs the question what does


exceptional strain cons institute? What we have been, what one of the


things that has come up repeatedly is when you look at European


migrants to Britain, and a UCL economist did that research in 2014


and they found actually EU migrants were, we benefited, the UK benefited


?20 billion from them coming here rather than them taking this, put


ago pressure on our benefit system. This is the other way around. It


looked as if David Cameron wasn't going to get any compromises at all.


He will argue, surely, it is quite significant. It is something to


bring back to the table. What has he achieved? Well, he got some


compromise, hasn't he? It was told he had to have if it was to be


regarded as reforms. It only affects 20% of those coming to Britain from


the EU. I know neither of you are convinced. Let's move on. The I, the


Zika virus spreading ex-employee civil. That has gone from naught to


very high. Mothers were reporting Zika a while ago and their doctors


weren't interested and suddenly it is headline news. Suddenly we are


hearing about it. My mother is a doctor and she has been going on


about it for months. I hear it first from her and suddenly it is on the


front pages months later. With one of the additional issues that Brazil


faces, but they are warning it will spread across the Americas and there


is only two parts of the Americas that don't have the mosquito which


are Canada and Chile, so we are talking a whole, enormous area, this


could spread across, but Brazil have got the Rio Olympics coming up


later. It could scare people, couldn't it? But, they're saying


they are trying to clear standing water, which is where, in urban


areas in particular where the particular mosquitos congregate, it


is an enormous job when you think of the size of the country of Brazil


and the number of poor urban dwellings. The other thing is the


vaccine is something, if they can ork out how this stuff works. There


is not a cause or link, they suspect there is and the number of babies


born with problems is 4,000. It is a small amount, but they are concerned


that should that spread, the spread with mosquitos, you can see tens of


thousands of babies affected. The Guardian, we like your front page


tonight. It is an excellent newspaper. Tonight it is. EU to step


in over Google tax deal row. George Osborne has been saying this ?130


million in back tax from Google is a success, but the EU might not agree?


Yeah, it is interesting. Because he hasn't been backed by David Cameron,


Number Ten refused to repeat his massive success or major success


claim and it is interesting that Europe has decided to take this on


because you will see the Government hit by the Public Accounts Committee


which will bring out the HMRC officials and ask them why they did


the deal and the European Commission which has already in a couple of


instances ruled on lawful state aid with a couple of countries. George


Osborne finds himself in a difficult position with our allies. That's


probably not where he wants to be given he wants to lead the Tory


Party. The EU is investigating other arrangements that other companies


have with other countries too? Yes, they have got a list here and you


mentioned Fiat and there is a settlement between Starbucks and the


Netherlands and one of the big things is we don't know enough


details what is going on. The conversations go on in rooms, we


never hear about what has been said between Government and the companies


involved and there is no transparency about it and then yes,


of course, they quote that effective tax rate that they believe Google


ended up with about 3%. What would everyone want them to pay? A lot of


people would say if they pay the full amount of Tory Party ration


tax, it isn't the right amount? If a big company has a tax rate of 3%,


they have sales of ?4.6 billion. They have ?1 billion in profit. We


don't know what's tax and what's not, do we? In the public's mind, ?1


billion worth of profit, a couple million a year, please, that's easy


maths for the ordinary Joe. We don't know the detail. Let us look at The


Telegraph, roads will not fall, this is an exclusive, the paper says,


cash crisis forces Orial College who to defy students who wanted the


controversial statue to topple. Donors said you are not having my


money if you make a decision like this. Money really talks in this


instance and the governing body of Oriel College has ruled it being


taken out. They were supposed to have a consul station on it and what


happened now is, well, what The Telegraph are saying is that they


claim, the people who were going to donate, lots of these donations from


wills and they are going to pull their dough nations and there is a


?100 million gift, that can't be that many people that could be, who


could be leaving that kind of sum in a will. A legacy to be in excess of


?100 million and that's a staggering sum and as a result of this row over


pulling down the statue, that could mean that that goes and that's why


they have ruled it out. A group of student activists who didn't like


the Cecil Rhodes figure being there, said it should be removed because he


exemptified an imperialist and a racist. It roplted a wider


discussion about free speech in -- prompted a wider discussion about


free speech? It is whether the public, I suppose, should be


colonized by people we don't particularly like. They talk about


the prospective we have now? Do we impose or morality on the past? My


feeling is, it depends what sort of organisation you want to be, a


forward facing organisation perhaps wouldn't do this, but Oriel might


like one foot in the past. The Express, Barbie gets a makeover


and she is adding extra curves to broaden appeal to girlsful they are


quite slinky. It is better. I did look up Barbie's proportions and


this picture does seem to show this. Her waist is smaller than her head


and she wouldn't have room for a full liver. She would only be able


to fit half a liver and wouldn't have a full set of intestines. She


wouldn't be a healthy woman and there is a claim she would have to


walk around on all fours because were legs are so slim. What I'm


holding out is for Ken. The thing that strikes me, no matter what


their skin colour, they have Caucasian features. I'm glad she is


catching up with reality, I suppose. Dad bod Ken, what would he look


like? Moobs, mightn't he? Yes. You're struggling with this story.


As somebody who works for the Guardian. I'm glad she is getting a


PC makeover. I remember it well from Toy Story 3. I can't say much about


Barbie's internal dimensions. She had 180 careers and she doing all


those careers whilst walking around on all fours. Barbie's body was


never designed to be realistic, she was designed for girls to easily


dress and undress. We have had a statement from Oriel College saying


they will not remove the statue or the plaque. You can see more on


their website. We will be back with the papers


again at 11.30pm. You'll both be back at 11.30pm


for another look at the stories


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