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in the final. Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal hits back at


reports he is to leave the club. Hello and welcome to our look


ahead to what the the papers With me are the Social Affairs


Editor of the Guardian, Randeep Ramesh, and the Evening


Standard columnist, Rosamund Urwin. The Prime Minister could be


about to strike a deal with fellow EU leaders over curbing benefits


for migrants, that's according to Zika explodes, and


the world wakes up to the threat, says tomorrow's i, featuring pest


controllers spraying poison to kill The Telegraph leads


on the story that Oxford University can't afford to pull


down its statue of colonialist Cecil Rhodes after donors threaten


to withdraw funding in protest. The Express warns of a Brussels


plan to slap tax on food - they say it could add more than ?200 a year


to the average family's bill. Meanwhile,


the Guardian says the EU is poised to investigate Google's tax deal


with the British authorities, after Labour and the SNP complained


about the tech giant's settlement. The Times despairs over the latest


global league tables for literacy and maths, teenagers in England


are bottom of the class compared And the Daily Mail says it's not


just Google who could get Corporations are in line


for what it calls "cosy Let's begin with the education story


in The Times. Teenagers bottom of international league table. I feel


like we used to see this a lot more, and it seems to have gone away


or improve. This rather suggests unfortunately that you are wrong.


What they are saying is that teenagers, in their late teens, are


the worst of 23 developed nations and are ranked 22nd out of 23 NU


Morrissey. It strikes me that when you look down the list, people that


you would hope in countries that are significantly below us in other


matters, would really hope to be above in this. Why are we getting it


so wrong? It must be very unpleasant for students to read things like


this. I think a few things are being conflated. We have a lump of people


who don't perform as well at the bottom of our education system, we


have known that for some time. When you talk about graduates, maybe some


should have gone to further education colleges rather than


university, so there is a bit of that as well. I tend to worry that


these things become a stick to beat young children with, telling them


they should be like South Korea or China, where rote learning and


things don't really suit the kind of culture that we bring our children


up with. I think people believe the British education system teaches


children to think creatively. The South Korean system is built up for


a different client base. And they don't have particularly happy


children. They work very hard and around mental health around that. I


think it would be interesting to see exactly what these tests in tail,


and see if they are the skills that people need. I think that literacy


skills tend to be quite poor, but people can be quite bright. I think


if you don't practice maths, the skills to fade. I tested that


recently with the Times tables test, and startled my guests five asking


them some questions. The Google tax does not tax Google, why not? George


Osborne made great play, with a new thing be diverted profit tax. It


stops corporations from pushing profits into low tax regimes and


avoiding tax over here. Google is one of the company that has been


caught in this, but the diverted profit tax doesn't seem to apply to


them. Therefore, the headline Google tax doesn't really work. Sorry, I


have a tickly throat. Where is this money being paid from then? They


have just done a deal in a room, rather than actually being HMRC


recovering that, they say officials have concluded that Google's


offshore arrangements are legitimate. It is sort of a goodwill


gesture, which is quite appalling for most of us. They think, that


sounds a reasonable amount for us to pay, we can do that. But there is no


guarantee that they will be paying that in the future, this would have


meant that you would expect a certain amount coming in every year.


There is a possibility that this point just apply to Google, but it


will be made with other corporations as well. Yes, this is looking more


broadly at a Treasury minister who has been flying around the world to


woo global corporations. It has essentially said, come here and they


will give you VIP treatment, HMRC well. I'm sure we would all love VIP


treatment from HMRC, and they feel that if countries are large enough


they will be provided with relationship managers to avoid


expensive litigation. So will we be getting no money out of them at


all? It is plain to the idea that we're ending over backwards to get


these people to turn up and not tax them like we would anyone else. I


think this favouring of big American corporations, like hammers on,


Starbucks, Google, it doesn't play well. -- Amazon. What about this


deal, what does this entail? This is David Cameron in a hurry to get


something out of the EU, such as putting a brake on paying EU


migrants in work benefits if there were exceptional conditions. I think


there will be a problem for the Tory Right who will think this isn't good


enough. Who will it be good enough for? I think that is a fair


question. I also think the Eurosceptics will remain


Eurosceptics whatever he came back with. It seems that even before the


debate had begun, if you are in the yes or no camp it didn't really


matter what was brought back. A lot of people seem to think they are


pro- or anti-. Yes, I think it is partly about getting someone in his


own cabinet to support him. He says he doesn't want people close to him


arguing that a Grexit is the way forward. The idea that there were


wavering voters in the cabinet, I don't know about that. He has to


come back with something, he can't come back with nothing. Let's look


at the Telegraph. Activists who wanted a plaque commemorating the


colonialists Cecil Rhodes, which some regard to be racist, to be


taken down. There has been some debate about whether he should


rightfully be there, even though he is a major benefactor to the


college. What appears to have won this is money. All of these donors


and presumably there are a lot of them leaving money in their wills,


some have threatened to withdraw their donations over this, and


because of it being a threat of the statue being removed. Apparently the


college fears that a proposed ?100 million gift would be in jeopardy


over this. It is money that has won this. I'm afraid I am on the side of


Mary Beard who thinks it was barking to raise history, because I don't


think it is the way to solve this. Far better to lampoon him, put silly


hats on, whatever, but I don't think by removing something you are


achieving anything. I have been having a look at the College


website, and it says it has been decided that the statue will remain


in place in the college will seek to provide a clear context as to why


the statue and plaque are there. There needs to be continuing


presence of these historical artefacts, but also to accept and


explain colonialism today. That is one way out of it. I am sympathetic


to the idea that we can't rub out history we disagree with, but I


think organisations that face the future in a certain way can decide


what the public space has in it. You could retire Cecil on the grounds


that he doesn't fit your ideas at the moment. There is an interesting


park outside of Budapest, and if you hop on a train you can go and see


all the Communist statues that were taken down. They explain what they


signify, and fortunately they have not thrown them all away. This is a


picture story, cloud over a continent. Zika virus has exploded.


This first came to people's attention not that long ago, but now


it is huge. I think it is an issue because of the correlation between


infection and the birth of children who suffer from abnormalities. Just


because you are in the tropics, the spread of mosquitoes is unstoppable.


You can't do anything about them, the conditions provide for them, so


it is very hard. This picture is from Nicaragua, so the threat is


spreading, and we are seeing them going around fumigating. It seems


kind of pointless echoes the mosquitoes will be back as soon as


the water is there. You are right, this is a problem that will affect


all countries in the Americas, they think that Chile and Canada might be


spared. It is rather frightening, particularly for pregnant women, it


must be terrifying if you are pregnant in Brazil at the moment.


What are you supposed to do? A lot of women were reporting Zika virus,


and doctors won't taking any notice and didn't recognise it as a


potential problem. Let us finish with the express. Barbie gets a PC


makeover. There she is in various forms. You can buy them now in three


different barytes. You can have a taller Barbie, a curvier Barbie, or


a petite one. I dread to think how small the petite one is, because the


regular one was very skinny. I think she's just shorter. They have the


great line that she has had 180 careers in her time. Her body has


never changed, and I did have a little Google earlier, and Barbies


in their current form, her waist is significantly smaller than her


head. Isn't yours? No, it really isn't. Did you have a Barbie? Didn't


make any difference to how felt about body image? I had an older


brother who had chopped up my sister's Barbies. So I never had any


goals. I think my mother gave up. I had still been in families instead,


which other rather unrealistic thing of animal heads on human -esque


bodies. They have a different kind of body dysmorphia. Yes, but in that


world all the animals are human in physique, except for the horses, who


are some kind of weird slaves because they are still fully horse.


They just use them to work, and it seems very unfair. It doesn't seem


fair on the horses. I think all children's toys don't bear very much


scrutiny. Action Man with his eyes...


Sportsday is next.


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