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to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are the Evening Standard columnist Mihir Bose


and Assistant Editor of The Times Anne Ashworth.


Mihir seems to have brought with him someone else's opinions(!)


Tomorrow's front pages starting with...


The Times leads on a payout made to eight Republicans


who had their convictions for being part of an IRA


The Sun leads on the case of Tareena Shakil,


the first British woman found guilty of being a member of IS.


The i leads on a theory that Alzheimer's may


have been transmitted between patients during particular


In the Telegraph, the Head of the Army warns that


"fabricated" legal claims made against the military


may cause soldiers to make mistakes during combat.


made by a senior immigration judge that many migrants in Calais


Hospitals are being told by regulators to get


rid of staff to rescue the NHS from financial crisis,


on comments by a World Health Organisation expert that the Zika


virus could travel across the Atlantic to Africa,


We will begin with the Zika virus story, an epidemic which may cross


the Atlantic, devastating poorer nations with vaccines still


potentially years away, this story has really taken off this week. It


is the black swan... When they talk about these things that suddenly


come out of nowhere, these crises, that nobody had been expecting and


nobody had been planning for, looks like this virus is turning to that,


because of the way in which we have seen... It has not been proven,


there are babies born with microcephaly in Latin America, but


it is linked to the Zika virus, and this story is telling us it could


cross the Atlantic, because the climate in parts of southern Europe


are actually good climate for the kind of mosquitoes which carried


this virus. Not all Mosque eaters, dirt and species in particular. It


is when it starts to threaten places like Europe and North America that


clinicians really begin to pay attention. One of those classic


things, like the Ebola virus, a short time ago, nobody had been


paying much attention, and suddenly it was in the headlines, top item in


the news, similar to the Zika virus, I hope I pronounce this correctly,


the survival of this particular mosquito, which sounds like an old


Egyptian goddess, but so far we thought that with mosquitoes and


malaria, we knew what was happening, and suddenly, for this to emerge out


of nowhere, it does make you feel a bit frightened. All of this talk of


all of us being aware of what diseases to combat and how to combat


it, you feel helpless. Clinicians are far away from getting a vaccine,


and also, this idea that you may go to a country and then decided to


come home and start a family and it might be a very unwise thing to do.


Not everybody even has symptoms when they are carrying it. In adult it is


minor. The symptoms of the Ebola virus can be a cough and a cold, it


is a bit like that. In this story, advising people that come back,


particularly Brazil, they should use condom is if their partner is likely


to become pregnant or are pregnant. You have to be bitten by the


mosquito carrying the virus rather than the Ebola virus which is


patient to patient. Google tax whistle-blower speaks out, H MRC is


not interested in stopping corporate tax avoidance. This is in the week


in which we are having to make sure our self-assessment tax returns are


in, and small tax bills to pay. This picture makes him look like a


character from war and peace! Slightly differently dressed, but,


there are two questions here, first of all, we have bad laws, Beasley,


allowing corporations to do this sort of they need to be looked at,


no point in saying that Google should be morally in the right,


corporations are not in the moral business, they will try to pay less


tax. The second thing, the Chancellor set out to claim, he made


a great success of it, getting Google to pay all this money, we do


not have the details of the settlement. To be convinced that


Google did the right thing, we need some details of why they are paying


this sort of money and not the much greater charge which the French are


levying on him -- levying on them. This is the week and won 1 million


people who are yet to file tax returns will have two get forms in


face penalties, I think people are angry. This a year in which Inland


Revenue will be able to clamp down because it has more information all


of us, drawn from all kinds of sources, to make sure our forms are


right. It seems to me that the scrutiny that is being applied to


individuals is not being applied to corporate. We hear from every


budget, that the goal of Revenue and Customs is to clamp down on tax


avoidance, this whistle-blower says that he is not persuaded of that.


That is probably out there in the country what a lot of people think.


It seems as if Google has made a donation rather than paying tax. We


could all decide to make a donation(!) ?150? That is not how it


works. Google is doing what it is entitled to do by law, we should


look at the law, we should change the law, to make sure the


corporations pay the proper tax. Until the law is changed, people


will be fed up. It is the fourth of the lawmakers. Now you are agreeing


more than I thought you would! Stop that! Student loan jihadis to to fly


to terror with tot. The 26-year-old from Birmingham who has been in


court this week, she has been sentenced, she is being sentenced on


Monday, a president, really, being set. What it says, particularly that


she took a student loan to go there. This raises the whole question, what


is happening the second or third generation children of immigrants,


why are they in effect being attracted by this is the body, why


would they think, why do she think that she could use a student loan to


get there? She must be very alienated from the country, that is


worrying thought. Why she registered at any UK academic institution? It


seems to me to be an clear, she seems to be able to not use the


money for fees merely to depart for Syria. This is interesting, about


what is a member of IS, she was not necessarily a sworn member, but she


went to join them. She seems to be a poor woman who felt lost and


disengaged from society and saw IS as a route to some kind of


fulfilment. It is interesting that a member of our society should feel


like that, so disenchanted, that they should think of going to an


organisation which will devastate them. Four months later, she


realised, she came back. Outrage at pay-out for IRA gang, tell us about


the pay-outs. Interesting story, the convictions were overturned because


at the time of the trial, various facts were not disclosed. That is


the role in this whole affair of an informant, an informant among the


IRA ranks. At the Court of Appeal, convictions were overturned because


it was not made clear that this man had a role in his double life, as it


were, and now, they are going to be getting some compensation. ?200,000


apiece, some will be able to get a second amount of compensation for


another trial, another series of convictions, and I think that this


will be yet another issue where people think, why is this happening?


The laws have been tightened since but a lot of people will say, how


did this come to this, particularly when people who were injured in IRA


attacks are yet to have any regrets? The point is, these trials took


place, in one case, 25 years ago, it is a long time ago. The law has been


tightened. But the law was defective, the law that has been


tightened means that if the crime has been committed it cannot be


reversed. The decision being reversed not on the fact that the


crime was committed, it was, but that not all of the information was


given to the defendants. It is how the troubles will haunt us for


decades, we think that they have moved into the past but they will be


there with us. Troops at risk from parasitic law firms... Head of army


and Defence Secretary joining forces to condemn claims against the


military, the suggestion here, that fabricated legal claims made against


the military could undermine Britain's ability to fight future


was, how did that make that leap? If you are going to bring these claims


against soldiers, the Ministry of Defence is going to spend a lot of


money trying to defend cases which are completely spurious, they are


saying, it will affect morale as well, soldiers fighting for Britain,


in what they believe to be a just war and a good moral cause. And the


possibility that some of the soldiers may bring action against


other military personnel for being sent into battle not properly


prepared. The war machine becomes not something done on the


battlefield, but done in the courts of law. There will be accusations of


a witchhunt against soldiers, but is it a witchhunt if it is an


examination of facts? Very murky waters, about what happens on the


field of battle. I think we need to recognise that if you are in the fog


of war, things are going to happen which may not necessarily be the


things that should have happened. And what we seem to have got into


this, lawyers are everywhere, whatever situation you have got,


lawyers are making loads of fees. Tax claims for Google, for pursuing


troops... I would like to know, as a taxpayer, where we are. At the


beginning of the Iraq war, we were talking about a morally certain war,


so far we have not even had the Chilcott enquiry properly. I feel


that I should mount a defence of lawyers... (!) hairdressers are the


most popular people, so I have read. If you have a legal issue, you need


professional advice, it is very expensive to get unprofessional


advise! But all lawyers are ambling chases! I don't believe that they


are(!) LAUGHTER This is the Maoist cult leader,


Aravindan Balakrishnan, and his daughter, Katie Morgan Davies, who


spent 30 years of her life held captive by her own father, she has


waived anonymity. May we all be as magnanimous as she has been, she


repeated the words here of Nelson Mandela, " I have my father". Nelson


Mandela said that if you leave written with hatred and anger and


bitterness, you are still in prison. She was imprisoned for three decades


by her own father. Extraordinary, that she has come out in public and


she has said that she is now going to be moving on from this. You have


got to admire her. This is a person who was diagnosed as being a


narcissist with a personality disorder, and he tells his daughter


that out there are other fascists... That she would combust if she left


the home, this is the power he exerted on this family, on his whole


cult. And still he has supporters! Still people say that he was right,


and he has been victimised, and things like that. As you say, the


daughter has really elevated herself to a totally different level in what


she is saying. I was on the bus with him quite often going to court in


the morning, he looked so mild and make, mild-mannered man. You could


barely work out that this man could have been guilty of such crimes. The


most evil person doing ordinary things, the banality of evil. What


we will be back at 11:30pm, that is all for the moment. Stay with us,


coming up next, sports day. Hello and welcome to Sportsday


with me, Ore Oduba.


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