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the test series against South Africa. And, Warren Gatland talks


about the chances over Ireland. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are political commentator


Miranda Green and Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent


for the Telegraph. The Metro has the Prime Minister


saying that the deal he's negotiated with the European Union offers


the best of both worlds. The Financial Times, tucked away


on the bottom left, says Boris Johnson is set to back David Cameron


to keep Britain in the EU, once he The Guardian says the PM's hard line


on UK self-rule has "wooed" the London Mayor to his campaign to


keep Britain in the European Union. The Telegraph reports on more anger,


this time within the ranks The Express says Mr Cameron's EU


draft deal is already falling apart, as polls suggest voters reject what


it calls his "sham reforms". The Times says there's been


a revolution in cancer care, The Independent writes


of what it calls the Great It says teachers are boosting


pupils' predicted grades to help And the Sun claims that Age UK is


running a scheme offering a special energy deal with Eon,


which is more expensive than The charity rejects the allegations,


and Eon says it always works to give What do we make of the front page of


the Daily Express? It is a poll that claims that the EU is already


falling apart. Today has been dominated by David Cameron's


relationship with his own party over Britain's relationship with the EU.


The Daily Express has chosen to go with the headline, the idea that


David Cameron has overpromised and underdeliver, particularly on


immigration. One of the greatest successes of Ukip is to ally the


relationship with the EU with people's fears about to watch


immigration to the UK. They are going on the idea that David Cameron


had promised to stop benefits for EU immigrants, and it turns out that to


do that we would need the agreement of the other states. They are


calling that a failure. This is quite fun, it is a poll of Daily


Express readers, so I'm not sure... I would suggest to you that the


result, which is 99% of them saying they would back an EU referendum,


and 93% said the UK should leave the EU. That is not what you tend to get


in the scientifically produced polls by the polling companies. Would you


suggest that the wide consensus reflected by the papers is that he


has overpromised and undelivered? David Cameron spent two hours being


grilled by his MPs about the deal, with a very pro- EU boss. He kind of


avoided all of this stuff until today. He has really copped it big


time. You could argue it is the first poll since the deal was done,


so it can only get better. I don't think I'm being unfair to say that


the outcome is looking in disarray at the moment. They have replaced


two of their key members, but there are some Eurosceptics who are crying


out for this Middle Road, a moderate road, Michael Gove and Boris


Johnson. Michael Gove, the Lord Chancellor is torn by his


convictions, isn't he? They have is really interesting story which is


all about what he has been saying privately to friends. Publicly, ten


Downing St has said with confidence that Michael Gove will back the PM.


Even though Michael Gove is known to be a lifelong eurosceptic, that he


will go along and at the deal. As you were rightly saying, the Grexit


is... It desperately needs a decent figurehead -- Brexit. Michael Gove


is a slightly swashbuckling figure, seen as an intellectual by the


people on the right. I think a lot of waverers might be convinced by


Michael Gove on that site. It is very important to try to bring him


over. Is it fair to say that there are two issues? Here's reformer, he


has got his teeth into penal reform. So Mackie has friends in the media.


He would be great. I think a lot of people are sick of these politicians


being torn about an issue, sometimes publicly attacked. Why can't they


just get out there and enact what they have been saying for years?


This is a once in a generation vote, these guys should put them to one


side. Eurosceptics will argue that they should get on with it. What


about Boris Johnson? They are saying he has been wooed by the PM's


promise over sovereignty. Michael Gove doesn't profess to be the next


leader after David Cameron, but we think George Osborne and Boris


Johnson and Theresa May all do. There has been a lot of discussion


about where they will line up. Yesterday, Theresa May was seen to


come onside behind David Cameron, and we know that George Osborne has


been trying to strong arm the people in the party to line up with him.


But where will Boris Johnson come down? This suggests that after the


long two-hour session in the Commons today, in which David Cameron got


eaten up by his own MPs, enduring a lot of criticism, a lot of the team


went to Boris Johnson with extra concessions, designed to keep Boris


Johnson on side. Are we talking about a bolt onto the draft deal


that we have seen or is this part of the existing text? No, it is outside


that. The idea is one where you have a separate Constitutional Court that


can weigh up what Europe is saying to this country. If Europe doesn't


do what we want, we can reject it. It is about the court system that is


not really part of the four baskets that David Cameron offered us. Human


rights law is a whole new area that David Cameron has promised to deal


with. Buries the issue that we gave the EU privacy so we can take it


away? It is very interesting, because Germany's Constitutional


Court, it does sit and is called upon to make this judgement calls


about whether Germany should go with EU rulings or not. We do have the


Supreme Court in the UK, so it is interesting, in that the story also


says that we are waiting for two weeks as David Cameron finalises his


renegotiation with the EU. It suck we will have two weeks finalising


negotiations with Boris Johnson as well -- it looks like. Meanwhile on


the front of the Daily Telegraph, here is a PM who doesn't have to be


a lack that again. -- doesn't have to be elected again. David Cameron


hasn't really helped himself. It is a two-hour session, questions from


all sides, and David Cameron is a brilliant Commons performer, but he


did say not to take a view because of what your constituents


association might say. So ignore the guys who helped you win your seat in


the last election, do what you want to do, that is, sort me out. We have


reported here a lot of anger from associations and MPs piling in. This


kind of arrogance as it is seen by the grassroots will come back and


bite him. BMPs are not supposed to be delegates from the Conservative


Party association. They should represent all the constituents, even


those who are not activists of the Conservative Party. Someone has


tweeted in the last few minutes saying, presumably in the next paper


review you will do the decent thing and hold up the front page of the


Daily Mail. Who will speak for England? Are they accusing David


Cameron of being Neville Chamberlain? They do say very


carefully in the final paragraph, far be it for us to suggest that the


EU is comparable to the Nazi regime in Germany, but the tone of the


front page, which is extraordinary, is basically saying that those in


the Conservative Party who are not sticking to their guns are


appeasers. The Conservative Party it says has been proselytising for the


EU in defiance of most of its rank-and-file members. That is


exactly right, on the money. You are defying our expectations and acting


for elites, not us. Disease can learn to trust in politicians as


well? Quite. -- does this come down to. This is a classic Fleet Street


read. I'm not sure how much Number Ten mine. I think they have got a


deal on migrants, a deal on sovereignty over the EU, a deal on


redtape. It is basically a deal, without David Cameron saying it is


one. I agree with the Daily Mail in that they do point out that the vote


that we will have, possibly in June, is about much more than these


four points that David Cameron has been talking about. I want to take


two stories really quickly, we are running out of time. Let's talk


about the Zika virus first. The Times saying it could spread to


Europe by summer. This is extraordinary, saying that the Zika


virus, while not in Europe yet, is carried by these mosquitoes which


live in southern Europe. If it found a way over here it would be a


threat. You gave me an impression of what they do. They can't really fly


across the Atlantic, can they? What about students transporting


themselves to the right universities? This is a good story.


For those who are worried about their offspring, and those who are


worried about fairness and whether the right people are getting into


British universities. This is pointing out that something that has


gone on for a long time, which is schools over inflating the predicted


grades of people about to do their A-levels. That results in the wrong


people getting places at university, and the predicted grades don't often


matched the once they end up with. But now that ongoing problem has


been made worse because the government lifted the cap on the


number of places, so universities are competing for applicants and


they are giving discounts. Say you are getting this ridiculous


situation where the schools over inflate the predictions, and then


when they don't come to pass and people get much worse grades, they


say don't worry, we will give you a discount, come in anyway. Mind you,


they were spot on. They need to move to a system where you get your place


after you have sat exams and got your results. Thank you very much.


We will be back with the Papers at the same time tomorrow. Up next,


Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday,


with me, Ore Oduba.


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