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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Wembley. And a golfer with a robotic swing who turned up and got a hole


in one. That, after the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Benedicte Paviot,


a correspondent from France 24 and Hugh Muir a columnist


for The Guardian. Good evening to you both. Let's have


a quick look at some of those newspapers before we have discussion


of the Syria crisis taking the lead in the Guardian. Russian air strikes


on civilians are pushing tented thousands of people to Turkey and


what it calls the new exodus. The Times says the campaign to leave the


European Union has surged to a record poll lead of nine point. It


says voters have rejected David Cameron's renegotiation. Metro


thinks wiki links Julian Assange is in the middle of the legal farce.


Child-abuse allegations are the focus in the telegraph's main


report. It says the former head of the Army, Lord Bramall, was forced


to live under the weight of false allegations for nearly a year


because of police failure. The independent accuses top city law


firms of running an extortion racket. It says bills of up to ?1100


an hour are denying people justice. The Financial Times leads with


losses for credit Suisse. It says it is its lowest point in nearly a


quarter of a century. The Mirror says the government cuts to social


care mean thousands of patients ready to be released from hospital.


Stay there because they have nowhere to go. The express also leads with


the European Union. Suggesting 92 of people want to leave the European


the Times. EU out campaign surges to the Times. EU out campaign surges to


record lead. Things seem to be going rather wrong for Mr Cameron? Yes, we


don't know the date yet of this referendum. Will it be in June or


not? We do know that the campaign to leave the European Union has been


handed its biggest lead in this poll. This you got served eight


finds that 45% of people will vote to leave the EU compared with 36%


who want to remain. The Times are who want to remain. The Times are


pointing out while 19% do not know or would not vote, if you exclude


the people who don't know, it means 56% want to leave, while 44% want to


remain. A 9-point lead for the leave campaign. That is very significant.


What's interesting is the biggest lead for the out of ten points was


last recorded in January, 2014. It seems the satisfaction of the Prime


Minister with the deal he has obtained isn't working. This is


before, let's remember, the formal campaign stages. We don't even know


if the deal will be agreed by the other EU members that that crunch


summit on the 18th and 19th of February. We are in the preamble


stage so I do think David Cameron will be very surprised by this. What


it does tell you is things are still very much in flux. Even this poll


found that the public back the individual measures that were part


of the draft agreement that David Cameron came back with. They don't


seem to like the package, but they don't mind the individual elements


of that package. What I find intriguing about this, it seems to


me reading the papers that are allegedly loyal to the


Conservatives, are among the most vicious critics of Mr Cameron. That


can't be helping his case. It was great extraordinary coverage, the


Daily Mail today with who will speak for England yelp of pain and all the


other headlines have been very critical. In a way, we don't know


when the polling work was done, but if it was impacted upon by that one


wouldn't be surprised. But I think the Prime Minister will think there


is a long way to go. There are some signs of complacency here. The Times


says Lord Rose thinks ultimately there will be a vote to remain


inside the EU higher substantial margin. Stuart Rose? Yes, and even


if he thinks that I don't know if it is wise to say at this stage.


Complacency not wanted on the voyage. The Telegraph, that


wonderful newspaper headline with the word here. Tory grassroots fewer


real. What is going on? Apart from Eurosceptic fury, who will never be


satisfied, always know their position before any campaign. This


is a reaction to David Cameron saying yesterday in Parliament the


fact that people, that backbench MPs should vote with their hearts. This


is particularly meant the Eurosceptic MPs, and not listen to


their constituency. It seems there is a real problem of Tory candidates


in the mail raw and local elections in May not having people to go out


campaign for them. Another problem here. This is over the Europe stance


of Mr Cameron and his answering of those questions yesterday. I think


it is another parliamentary dilemma. Do you vote for MPs to go to


Parliament and use their judgment or vote for them as delegates? I think


that was a point he was making. In a way he was clutching defeat from the


jaws of victory. He was quite commanding in outlining the details


of the deal. We know David Cameron has been in trouble with his


constituencies before, quite early in his leadership you try to impose


on a list of candidates on different constituencies. He met a lot of


resistance. It is not the first time he has upset them. They do not like


it. Europe is clearly a divisive issue. I think we can predict it


will not just be until the referendum. I do not think it will


draw a line under it after all, whatever the result. I think there


is a great worry. I was in Paris yesterday and with representatives


in real estate and land use, from 25 different countries, there is real


concern, you can feel it in the business community, not just in


France but across the EU and world, watching very carefully what is


happening in the United Kingdom. Especially with the negative from


pages and comments, as if written has made its mind up. I think you


just need to point out Goldman Sachs in the Daily Telegraph article are


warning that the pound could lose a fifth of its value if the UK decides


to leave the EU. I think there are a lot of implications and people need


to think very carefully. Before they cast their vote. A big investment


bank, there are reputation not very high. Economic predictions rarely


turn out to be accurate. Yes, who predicted the banking crisis? Many


people sailed Mutley all come down to predictions like that from big


companies like that, when the focus of the debate becomes about jobs and


about employment and about the economy. Upon that the decision will


turn. The people who don't know play a big role. The 19 or 20%. That is


who the remain on leave party need to convince. How many people will


vote? That will be critical. We don't have a lot of time, more time


at 11:30pm. Just quickly, the metro, fast as UN backs Julian Assange.


Most people will think, United Nations, what do they have to do


with Julian Assange banged up in the embassy? An application was made to


them to the effect that he had been detained arbitrarily. I don't think


the British government thought this application had had much of a


prayer. In fact, it is only leaked so far, no confirmation, but it


looks as if they are going to support Julian Assange's position,


that he has been arbitrarily detained. Hasn't he detained


himself? That is the Foreign Office's position, he chose to go


into the Ecuadorian Embassy, and that doesn't imply a detention in


any way. I think his argument is I was forced into this position, and


unfairly so. They seem to have accepted that. But it is not


binding. Not legally binding. Indeed not. I don't know if it will do him


much good, except in terms of PR. He has been making full use of it. Do


you think he will come out of the door to have the cuffs put on


Godsmark it has cost ?10 million. The fact of the matter is, the


timing of his tweet was rather interesting. The UN official report


is due to come out tomorrow. It is not legally binding. It is somewhat


of a PR coup, but only minutes before we had about the leak, Julian


Assange, from the Ecuadorian empathy were saying, I will come out, if it


turns against me, the UN decision... But now he is expecting his passport


back and wants to be able to fly to Ecuador. The British government's


position is very clear. They are bound with the European Arrest


Warrant to detain him, if he comes out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, where


he cannot be got at. If he does, then yes, he will be arrested. That


is the British position and the Swedes are not backing down.


Whatever the Swedish is for that, I don't know! We will have another go


at 11:30pm. For the moment, thank you both. We will be back at 11:30pm


to look at the stories making tomorrow morning's from pages.


Coming up next, time for Sportsday.


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