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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


We are not sure that people in southern England can watch this


because of Storm Imogen affecting people's satellite dishes.


With me are the broadcaster, Alice Arnold and


The FT reports that the US is urging China to punish


North Korea after it launched a long-range missile without warning.


The Independent says David Cameron is poised to turn his back


on the Conservatives tough policy on prisons


by admitting the stance has been a "scandalous failure" for years.


The Daily Mail's take on that same story is summed up


in its scathing headline: "Lock up prisoners just for weekend".


The Express claims the former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis


has warned that the Prime Minister's deal on EU reform won't


The Guardian says the EU is preparing new legislation to make


global firms more transparent over their tax dealings.


The Metro alleges that a so-called Islamic State fanatic made his way


to Syria on a convoy organised by former MP George Galloway.


In a statement tonight he insisted he didn't know Alexanda Kotey.


The Times suggests that agency medics are using


the junior doctors dispute to demand higher rates of pay for shifts.


And finally, the Mirror says a father who lost


his daughter in the 7/7 terror attacks says he was upset that


a bus was blown up as part of a film stunt near the Houses of Parliament


I feel breathless after that with a lot to get through. We start with


the Telegraph. Grexit brings the jungle to Kent -- Brexit. We would


have thought that a Brexit would mean people would not come to


Britain but David Cameron is trying to warn that if we are not in the EU


we won't have border guards in France as they are now to catch


people before coming on the back of lorries and on trains. And therefore


they would get to Britain and set up camps because they wouldn't have


anywhere to go. The other argument would be that if we were not in the


EU then these people perhaps would not be bothered about coming in the


first place because they would not get the advantages of being in the


European country so I don't quite know what he is saying. People might


want to come here because they will claim asylum anyway, irrespective of


whether we are in the EU. Britain is an attractive country. There is the


subtext - the PM has realised the tide is going in favour of exit from


the EU community and he is pressing the buttons on the people, things


they will be scared off. If you leave the European community you


will get more migrants. It is a Daily Mail kind of approach. I think


it is a fatuous argument but it is a worrying sign that perhaps they fear


the country will vote to leave the European Community. We have a way to


go. We don't even know when the vote will be. He is playing the security


issue, rather than economic. Interesting that he is playing that


card. It would be more rational to say that the economic links are so


strong that extricating ourselves would cause problems. Some


businesses don't think so. They say we carry on as we are. I think it is


much more complex. If we leave the EU, you will get more migrants.


Let's look at the Times. Bank builds $98 billion Brexit warchest to save


the pound. The markets don't like uncertainty. I think this is a more


coherent argument, that those who want to stay in the EU can put


forward. There is always the Law of unintended consequences, when


something comes along that was unexpected, whether for the good or


the bad -- law. They built up this war chest. They have built lots of


dollars to save the pound. The idea is to buy pounds with dollars if the


pound is threatened. NHS locums exploit crisis to get higher rates


of pay. Yes. Supply and demand. This is because locums, who are not


staff, are working in different areas. If they can get a job


somewhere else that pays them more, that's where they go, and they are


leaving hospitals in trouble because they are not working in that


hospital. The answer would be to have more stable staff that you are


using, and fewer locums and agency staff. If you have staff committed


to you then you would not have a problem. Modern business - let's cut


cost. We are doing great! Look at the bottom line. Oh, we need a


freelancer. It happens all of the time. The illusion of management and


cuts. It doesn't work. The NHS would be better getting a better body of


staff and so you don't need freelancers. This is not private


business but the NHS. Whether it is the BBC or the NHS, the same things


happen. The illusion of management and savings, when it does not bring


the any savings. No, you dare not, not in here! Londoners identified as


part of ISIS hostage cell with a picture of one of the men, Alexanda


Kotey, from west London, believed to have been an important recruiter,


encouraging others to go to Serie A. Several papers have this story --


Syria. They have identified another kind of gain, with Emwazi, this man


was called Alexanda Kotey, he went over some years ago and they have


pictures identifying him as coming from west London -- another kind of


gang. It is not set in stone. Some people do not say this is confirmed.


There is another member of the gang who has been confirmed. It is just


identifying that this group of four went over and have now joined ISIS.


They seem to have gone for a different reason, not to fight


necessarily but to help with the aid effort. The focus of the story,


George Galloway, who arranged it. We are focusing on how they got there,


not how they got their mentally and intellectually. We need to look at


how to stop these young Muslim kids who have become disenfranchised


about of tune with society that they want to go and fight for ISIS. --


and out of tune. I think that the government would disagree with you.


I don't think they are even beginning to get to the problem of


the problem. It is quite hidden. Radicalisation is a difficult


problem to spot. We've been through as similar thing before. We can look


at Northern Ireland. The communities in Northern Ireland were


radicalised. The population with the least criminal convictions became a


terrorist situation. Yes, we do have the data and knowledge of. The


exclusive in the Guardian regarding Google and tax. -- knowledge. Tax


avoidance by global firms. The idea is that you reach a certain level of


profits and they look into it. What's interesting is that one of


the leading initiatives is from Joel -- Jean-Claude Juncker, who created


this tax haven for these companies in Luxembourg. I think the


realisation has come that the political pressure of seeing these


huge companies getting away with paying no tax and making huge


profits is massive across the European community. It is


interesting, because a lot of the companies they want to target were a


-- originally based in America. They say it is unfair picking on their


companies, which distribute the profits across the world, and then


they would have to be publicly declared in the whole of Europe and


pay tax in Europe. The United States is not happy because they say they


are being unfairly targeted. I want to go back to that story on Alexanda


Kotey, travelling on an aid convoy to Syria, organised by George


Galloway. We have had a statement from him, his statement said he had


never heard of Alexanda Kotey until his name appeared in the press. The


aid convoy predates the formation of Islamic State. There were 120


vehicles and 500 people part of this convoy and neither he, George Ore


have any recollection of this guy. His name was not known to George


until now and it is possible that he could have been on the trip but he


just does not know his name -- George or I. It predates Isla next


eight. Moving on to the Mail and the Independent. -- Islamic State. Soft


justice fears as David Cameron plans to free offenders from Monday to


Friday. But treat prisoners as assets, says the Independent, not


liabilities, as David Cameron says we have to see prison reform, which


is not always what we hear from the Conservatives. This is the first


time a conservative Prime Minister has taught on prison reform in 20


years. Clearly, the prison system isn't working. The Daily Mail is a


brilliant paper. It knows its audience so well. It knows out to


press the buttons easily. The prison system is not working. It is costing


money. People who are going to jail go back in. There is no


rehabilitation for many people. It is becoming a growing, a bigger and


bigger business and we need to stop it. The Daily Mail knows the


leadership won't agree with this. The Daily Mail will make it sound as


if these violent criminals will be let out on the street, which is not


at all what is being said. We have a massive overcrowding problem. And


because of that, they cannot do the work they might do, which is to


rehabilitate and train prisoners so that they can have a job when they


get out of prison and can set their lives back on the right path. That


is good for everybody. Scottish Daily Mail. This is different from


the rest of the country. NHS shares our details every day. Fears over


privacy and cyber crime. Who is it sharing our details with?


Presumably, other agencies within the NHS. I didn't really see the


problem with this story when I looked at it. I always find it


difficult to get excited about identity theft cyber crime stories.


If it happened to us we would think differently probably. How often does


it happen? I think it happens a lot. We are led to believe. So we are


told. I have seen no statistics to prove it. I think it is a modern


myth that has come a long which can be dragged up at any time. And


saying, they are sharing our details! What are they going to do?


Someone goes to the doctor and says, yes, I have his bad knee. They


can be fined lots of money. They don't want them to share the


information with taxmen, airports and solicitors. There would be


issues with insurance policies if the information was known. The Daily


Mail, Aronica, tasteless, thoughtless, the exploding bus as


part of a film set was frightening for people caught up in terra


attacks -- moronic. I live in that area. It is obvious. Someone said


they live in that area. It is obvious. Someone said they lives out


for them. -- they lived out there and it was not obvious for them. --


terror attacks. Becky said it would have shaken her because she was not


aware that it was... It is difficult to warn everybody. I saw that


picture and I thought, golly, I haven't seen that in the news today.


That is the aim of the Daily Mirror, to make everyone think it was real.


Very convincing. It has been very lively tonight on Twitter. Thank you


for your comments. Thank you Alex and Tony. That is it for the papers.


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