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Sorry we kept you, thank you for bearing with us.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are the broadcaster Alice Arnold and sports


The FT reports that the US is urging China to punish North Korea after it


launched a long-range missile without warning.


The Independent says David Cameron is poised


to turn his back on the Conservatives' tough policy


on prisons by admitting the stance has been a "scandalous


The Express claims the former Shadow Home Secretary


David Davis has warned that the Prime Minister's deal on EU


reform won't stop a fresh surge of migrants.


The Guardian says the EU is preparing new legislation


to make global firms more transparent over their tax dealings.


The Metro alleges that a so-called Islamic State fanatic


made his way to Syria on a convoy organised by former MP George


In a statement tonight, he insisted he didn't know Alexanda


The Times suggests that agency medics


are using the junior doctors dispute to demand higher rates


And finally, the Mirror says a father


who lost his daughter in the 7/7 terror attacks says he was upset


that a bus was blown up as part of a film stunt near the Houses


of Parliament - echoing the real atrocity.


That's a lot to get through. The FT. What's been happening in North Korea


with this rocket test. The US is trying to punish John Yapp for


rocket tests, it says. They will take this carefully. The last thing


China wants is to destabilise North Korea, and have thousands of


migrants coming over the border into China. They want to tread very, very


carefully on this. It seems that China is not quite so supportive of


what North Korea is doing as it might have been some years ago. No,


they are worried about it, but not keen to take action. Whereas the US


and South Korea have begun formal talks about deploying an advanced


defence system which is called the terminal high-altitude defence


platform. The word terminal is very worrying! Missiles to counteract the


missiles and they will fight each other in the air without bombing


others on the ground. That is what they want to put into place. We need


to move on quickly because we have a lot to get through. We'll be back


with a longer version later. Ban high denomination notes to cut


crimes as a bank chief. How will that help? Criminals use these big


notes, you know when you watch the films and they open the briefcase


and there are all these big notes, they are all ?100 notes, or $100


notes and if they banned those, the bike would have to be bigger because


the money would be in five is! So if they banned the big denominations it


would be harder for criminals to launder money. I would prefer it if


it was less easy to send the money to the British Virgin Islands and


move it around the world and basically launder it. It's a good


story, and papers over the cracks, literally, but the amount of money,


that he will see changed in cash is low compared to the amount that is


moved around the world to avoid taxes. And done so and electronic


leave. The Guardian. London is identified as -- Londoners


identified as part of an Isis hostage cell. There are some


nicknamed after the Beatles, the Fab four because they were four of them


involved in the executions. It's not a surprise they are from London.


Young Muslims in Britain are being made militant by what is going on


over there. Supposedly they are going on a mission to help people


because it often starts, radicalisation, with the urge to


help the people who are suffering and then it can be perverted easily


by what you hear on the ground and you see the actuality and the


violence of it. Another story to do with this same man in the metro,


Daesh killer, it is suggested that this picture was on an aid convoy


organised by George Galloway. The same story, there seems to have been


some identification that has taken place, not confirmed by everyone,


confirmed by the metro and the Guardian. This gang of four that you


are talking about possibly went out. George Galloway says he doesn't know


the name and has never heard of it. Yes, we have the statement from a


spokesman for Mr Galloway saying that he had never heard of this


manner until his name was in press reports this weekend. The statement


says the aid convoy predates the formation of Islamic State and there


were 120 vehicles and hundreds of people on them. He says that even


though he was on the convoy he has no recollection of this man. He says


that Mr Galloway did not know the name of this man, it was possible he


could have been on that trip, George doesn't know his name. I can see the


value of the news bringing Galloway into it, it is politicising it. If


you are a young Muslim it would make you even angrier. What has it got to


do with George Galloway! Demonised. Seven years ago. The story in the


Guardian, more sensibly, says that this group had all possibly attended


the same mosque, the musk says that so many people attended and that


they don't know if these people did. The Independent says, treat


prisoners as assets and not liabilities, says the Prime


Minister. This sounds quite progressive. David Cameron says the


prison system has been a scandalous failure for years. Not the kind of


thing you would expect from the Conservatives. It's interesting. He


hasn't talked about the prison system the 20 years. And everything


you are reading about what he says, one would have expected it to have


been said by a Labour Prime Minister, not a Tory one. He's


talking about more community service, there are problems with


that, been a magistrate, I know this, but tagging people instead of


getting prisoners in prison and more rehabilitation and less punishment.


Budget ideological or something else? Cameron is more socially


liberal than many people credit for. I'm not saying it is nice, I'm


saying he is socially liberal! We need to decide what exactly


prisoners are for, punishment or rehabilitation. Make a decision and


work down that path. They could be both. A deprivation of liberty and


the chance rehabilitation. It says that prisoners can't do the


rehabilitation because the prisons are overcrowded. If they have to be


locked up 23 hours a day they don't have time to send them on courses


and make them productive citizens when they leave. The repeat


offenders figures show it isn't working and he knows that and he


will try to move in that direction. The daily Mirror, the headline says


tasteless, thoughtless, Marana, about the huge explosion of a bus on


Lambeth Bridge very close to the Houses of Parliament. This sparked


panic, causing trauma for survivors and relatives of those who died on


the July seven attacks. I live in that area, and I pass this kind of


thing all the time, when they were filming the James Bond movies they


closed the bridges and they were doing these things all the time. It


is quite clear that it is not a terrorist incident. There were signs


everywhere. Food fans with the extras are queueing up, roadblocks.


-- food fans. When you see the picture on its own it does look


terrible and you could imagine that would scare people. In reality, when


you are coming down there, it blocks the traffic and annoys you but it is


clear that it's a film. It is conceivable that if you heard the


bang it would be terrifying to anyone. When I saw that picture I


thought, golly, I missed that today. My next thought was, that is some


Phil Mustard, that picture looks amazing. If anyone in the vicinity


doesn't know that that is a movie, I would be shocked. That's the daily


Mirror, we'll be back with more front pages if we can find any more,


we did well there! To comment on the headlines, please send us a tweet.


Stay with us. At 11 o'clock, the UK joins the condemnation of North


Korea's launching a long-range missile. A second look at the papers


with Alice and Tony at 11:30pm. Now the


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