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fans walk out again in protest at ticket prices. And, which two Europe


teams have sacked their managers? Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are broadcasters


Petrie Hosken and David Davies. In the Daily Telegraph, sources


at the French interior ministry cast doubt on David Cameron's


warning that the Jungle migrant camp could move from Calais to Britain


if the UK votes to leave the EU. The Metro leads on the


Prime Minister's proposals to let former prisoners keep


their criminal records private when The Daily Express has a warning


from a senior doctor who says migrants are putting pressure


on the health service. "Quit the EU to save the NHS" is the


paper's message. There's alarm over skin cancer


in the I, with new guidance from the health watchdog that there


is no such thing as a safe tan. Storm Imogen's trail of havoc is the


splash in the Star, with a picture HSBC is to abandon plans to move


its headquarters to Hong Kong and stay in London,


according to the Financial Times. But the Times says the Chancellor's


financial fix could be even worse, they say he's short of as much


as ?3 billion pounds And the Daily Mirror reports


an unlikely opponent to Conservative spending cuts,


they say David Cameron's mother has joined a fight to save threatened


children's centres. We start with the Times. The


possibility of petrol price rises? Chancellor Osborne's much wanted


economic plans are under threat. Guess what? Oil prices, higher ones,


could prove the solution. This is my pet subject. I think it is


absolutely scandalous that we are in a situation, this article


illustrates it perfectly, even today the average price for a litre of


petrol in comparison with the US and France. Even France. 86p in Spain,


96 in Germany. Just before Christmas, petrol was going to be


under ?1 a litre. Since then, at the price has come down, in terms of the


cost of petrol on the markets. But what has happened to petrol in the


West Midlands is that it has gone up. Now, will someone explain that


to me, will someone explain why it is when I go on the motorways, it is


14p more expensive than when I am in my local area? You're a captive


audience. If that's what it costs, that's what it costs. You don't


expect to go into a store, the same store, and find things at different


prices. The shocking thing is the cost of the fuel, ?1 to parents. 73%


of that is already a tax of some sort of. There will be a ?3 billion


hole in the budget, people are not paying their taxes as quickly as


they should according to the ISS -- two pence. Treasury advisers believe


that an inflation linked change would allow them to raise fuel taxes


and still argue they had frozen it in real terms, as they did not raise


the duty. I hate politicians, they say one thing and then find a way of


worming out of it. I think that's a bit slippery. Freezing in real terms


is an interesting concept. Will politicians from somewhere be honest


about what is going on, and will be oil companies stand up and defend


themselves in a proper way? Most people find this beyond


comprehension. They just throw their hands up and say, well, it


happened. We are used to paying more than 102 per litre. You're aware


that we paying significantly less than we were, the Chancellor would


think, I could not start up a bit. -- nudge that up a bit. This is with


reference to what he said about Calais, and leaving the EU. We have


seen a lot of infighting, especially with the Tories. His own people are


accusing him of scaremongering. What he is scaremongering about is that


if we leave the EU, what would happen is that everything will


breakdown between us and friends and there will be refugee camps setting


up in vast numbers in Kent. It could be, he says. However, the deal that


was made between Britain and France in 2003 is separate from the EU.


While I accept that we would have to rely on friends sticking to their


word, I think this is something that all politicians right now have to be


very clear on. We can't have any more fudging, no more nonsense. I


want to know why we should stay and why we should go in real terms. I


have not had anybody tell me how good it will be if we stay. I am


just not hearing what I need to hear. This doesn't help. You want


positive news? I want the truth. Have you noticed you're in the


middle of the campaigning season? It may not have had its official start,


but... This is where the future of the country is going to depend on


this referendum. Nobody knows the consequences, whatever happens,


because the accept people who have campaigned their whole lives,


there's whole raft of people whose whole political philosophy has been


based on getting Britain out. If Britain votes to stay in, what are


they going to do? If we stay in, I want to know what the benefits are.


Surely the problem with this campaign will be that we will get a


lot of conjecture on both sides. It will be very hard to nail down the


elements. What's wrong with the truth? It is simple. The pros and


cons are not simple. We are not that stupid, we are being treated like we


are. I am sure somebody could lay it out for us. Ask the Scots how


difficult it is. They will tell you all the calculations were proved to


be untrue. David Cameron's mother. The Daily Mirror is not renowned for


their love of David Cameron. The Prime Minister's relatives, they


have a tendency to get, the relatives get the Prime Minister 's


into some difficult situations. Tony Blair had a father-in-law who caused


him some problems. Here we have Mrs Cameron senior, who has visited


Oxfordshire and signed a petition saying, dozens of children's centres


that will be shut by Tory run council should not have to close.


She has confirmed, it is believed she signed the petition while


visiting the county. She is speaking at a cottage in Berkshire. She said


her name is on the petition, but she didn't want to discuss it. When you


sign one of those petitions in your local supermarket or wherever, it


appears that people can look through that list. I think that's a little


bit unkind. There would be people who have signed Mickey Mouse, I


doubt they've gone to Disneyland. If you're going to sign a petition, I


don't know how public it should be made. It's about the numbers of


people who sign it, that is what is supposed to make the difference. I


don't take kindly to the fact that they have exposed her. Mrs Cameron


senior is not her name in public life. The she has got a bit of form.


When she was asked about David Cameron's support for gay marriage


in 2013, she reportedly replied, I know, but David just won't be told.


Talking about storms. Extraordinary! An amazing image. Although lots of


other pictures have got the big waves, you can see on this image how


big they really are. If you look to the left, where the lighthouse


is... I loved port of call. It's Cornwall, a beautiful part of the


world. You can see how unbelievable this storm is. It really puts it in


stark realisation how big the storm is. It's in the south of Wales.


There is also a reference to Cornwall, the tragic elements to


this storm. We are talking about people who have been injured or, in


this case, one worker is feared to have been swept away. My wife has


recently accused me of becoming a weatherboard, because I'm so fed up


with the weather in this country. We with the weather in this country. We


are seeing too clearly these incidences, awful incidences. A wall


collapsed in my local area. -- collapsed in my local area. --


weather bore. People used to go abroad in December and January, and


we said it was silly. Now I am one of them. Staying with David and the


front of The u. Skin cancer, the suggestion being that everybody


should get a checkup? This to me is the nanny state gone bonkers. -- the


i. We know that there are risks of spending too much time in Sunshine.


We have been told that everybody should have a one-on-one


consultation with health professionals. And 65 million of


us? Haven't they got enough on their plate at the moment? I am honestly


expecting someone to come out and tell me not to stick knitting


needles in my eyes. We know about the heat, the weather, what to wear


and not. We all know that Sun can cause skin cancer if you don't take


care and cover-up. I think that the health professionals have better


things to do. I will tell you what NICEi are saying. Different


demographics. You need tailored advice because we are all slightly


different -- NICE. Adults need between six and eight teaspoonfuls


of suncream per application and should always aim for an SPF of at


least 50. I don't hold a teaspoon when I put my suncream on. The


$200,000 Oscars gift? We always hear about these. I've had a few gifts in


my time. About 20 quid covers it usually. ?140,000. A vampire breast


lift, apparently all the rage in LA. You inject your own blood back into


your breasts, apparently. They've got other things in here such as a


walking holiday in Japan, renting and Audi for a year, free of charge.


everybody get one? Only the everybody get one? Only the


nominees. The nominees will get one so they don't walk out empty-handed


if they don't win. A couple of years ago, the gift bags were not so good.


You got what was called in individual plate. A portion plate


for people who are dieting. Goody bags have never really been my thing


since I started going to be the -- going to Fifa congresses.


Coming up next, it's time for Sportsday.


The headlines tonight: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wants fans to


stay put, not walk out, as the row over ticket prices


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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