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We'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment.


At least ten people have been killed and more than a hundred are injured


in a head-on collision between two trains in southern Germany.


The accident happened on a stretch of single-track in southern Bavaria.


An independent commission says the practice of sending mental


health patients in England long distances for essential


It's recommended the practice be banned within 18 months.


Junior doctors in England will stage a second strike tomorrow


after last-minute talks with the government failed to reach


an agreement, in a dispute over contracts.


Age UK and the energy company E.ON suspend their deal after the charity


is accused of promoting expensive tariffs.


In the sport, how South Africa kept the one-day series alive with a


seven wicket victory against England in Centurion. And an FA Cup replay


at Upton Park, 0-0 at Anfield ten days ago but this match between West


Ham and Liverpool has been completely different. We show you


who will face Blackburn Rovers in the last 16. And we will hear from


Gary Neville who is hanging onto his job Valencia. And in Rob union, we


reflect on the retirement of Paul O'Connell, a giant of rugby union


who want about every trophy going, he has admitted defeat after an


horrendous hamstring injury. That is in the next 15 minutes, after the


papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are political analyst


and journalist Mina Al Oraibi, and Rob Merrick, the Westminster


correspondent for Tomorrow's front pages,


starting with... The Guardian shows a picture


of the two trains that collided The I leads with junior doctors


in England holding their second strike tomorrow, after last-minute


talks failed to reach an agreement. The FT reports Germany's


biggest bank, Deutsche, is considering buying back


several billion euros of its debt amid market fears about


financial companies. The Metro says there are fears


of a new banking crisis as the FTSE-100 slumped


to its lowest level for three years on what it describes


as 'black' Shrove Tuesday. The Daily Mail says trade led behind


export in Britain for the UK, meaning a boost to the life


campaign. According to The Express,


Britain is now on snow alert after storm Imogen, expecting


temperatures of minus 10 degrees The Guardian and that image of the


train crash in Germany. Yes, this is an aerial shot of the trains


colliding. On a single track. The reports have been horrific, ten


people confirmed dead and dozens injured, one still missing until


recently. A strong picture and it is the Guardian's way of noting it


without having more news from the day. It is still unclear if this was


human error or a technical fault. Still needing investigation. It is


an arresting image. It is just the picture on the front page. You read


the details and it sounds so depressingly familiar. About our


country. This two trains travelling on a single line and they failed to


stop even though there was an automatic braking system that should


have stopped them when they went through and it did not, and it just


takes you back to our horror crashes in the days of a privatised


Railtrack. We have not had those recently and the associated with the


past and not what you expect in Germany. The other Guardian story,


counsel at the Prime Minister accused of buying MPs. Most people


will not supposed to see Council cuts because it happens the after


year, libraries get closed. So why is it back on the front page?


Instead of it being Labour MPs protesting, it was Conservative MPs


because they have finally reached the Tory shire after hitting Labour


MPs hardest. So it threatens to be uncomfortable for the government and


ministers said there was no more money the councils but they found


more money for councils. ?300 million over two years and it is


overwhelmingly going to Conservative areas. Astonishing figures. The


poorest areas getting nothing. Hampshire getting 19 million, the


two richest parts of the country. As the accusation is the money is


handed out to buy off Conservative MPs who will stone Dasher will stage


a revolt. It is a glib analysis but you are confident? I went through


the figures. -- a Labour analysis. One Tory rebels said he would like


to give him a big wet kiss so that revolt is over. It was not expected,


the hundred million pounds has emerged. It seems councils will have


reading room. Still cuts will happen, every year we expect that,


but this is the promise of the Tories. The election was about cuts.


1% of the total public spending. What has been interesting about the


story in the Guardian also is that David Cameron's mother and anti-have


been unhappy with these cuts and we do not know if they will be happy


with how Oxfordshire spends the money. Nearly 3%, according to


Labour analysis, is to go to Tory run councils. David Cameron's mother


on the middle -- on the Mirallas night. -- the mirror. Now a


reference to the junior doctors and tomorrow when they will walk out and


a suggestion more might follow. It is still not clear. It is not clear


whether they get that from. They say if the NHS contract was imposed, if


that happens and there is no agreement between the government and


the BMA and they impose this contract, 90% could potentially


quit. That is not clear, is that a poll or how people feel? We will see


what comes out on the second strike this year. At the same time, I think


people generally still support the junior doctors. The latest polling


says two of three people support these doctors. In their position.


There has been no shift at all, apparently. They nearly sorted this


out. They came close to a deal, it seems. The story this morning was


that they were close and the Health Secretary the toad what was said to


be a cost neutral deal which would have required junior doctors to work


on a Saturday -- be towed. But the Saturday would still have been


described as a special day and not a normal working day and that was a


red line Jeremy Hunt would not cross because he wants to do the same


thing with nurses down the line. I think the government is losing the


public relations battle. But it seemed it became a row over doctors


protecting overtime and doctors would lose but now the public seems


to be behind the doctors. What does not help the PR battle is a letter


today in a paper in which a constituent of the Health Secretary


said he requested a meeting at his surgery on a Saturday and word came


back Jeremy Hunt only works on a Friday! Finance, starting with the


Metro, we applaud the headline. Headline makes the story. It is very


tempting on pancake day. The value of shares wiped off the day was less


than the battering yesterday. I do not think... Most times shares go


down, it gets reported and it does not when they go back up, so most of


the time it bounces back except the one time it does not. In the


financial Times, even mentioned and we highlighted at ten o'clock,


Deutsche has had a terrible time in share price terms. It has. So today,


it lost 4% of its share value but since the start of the year, it is


40%. This is about Deutsche and also a report on credits list, who also


suffered. So jumps in the market. This continues to be with China's


growth slowing and oil prices dropping and uncertainty. The


financial Times says the Finance Minister of Germany and Chief


Executive of Deutsche today said the bank is solid, no need to worry. But


the fact they want to have a buy-back means they are uncertain


about the next couple of months. The story, I had to see it twice to


understand. I do not know if the bank is in deep trouble in which


case it interests everybody, not all if it is saying it will buy-back


debt because shares are going down in which case it is just a story


full of team leaders. And you have the Chief Executive insisting it is


rock-solid, which were soon as you perhaps. The Daily Express and the


weather. And the possibility of snow in the next couple of days.


Apparently, this could happen this weekend and could drop to -10


degrees Celsius. An arctic blast. You have to make this an interesting


story. A sharp twist in the jet stream, it could almost be a novel!


Hopefully, it will not be disastrous. We still have people


dealing with the fallout of the last storm we have just had. Up to 15,000


homes without electricity. It was quite serious for those affected. We


will see if we have snow. I have a sledge in my garage that we have not


used for the last three winters so please let there be snow! I will


believe it when I see it. Thank you very much, on that note.


You'll both be back at half past eleven for another look


at the stories making the news tomorrow.


At 11pm, we'll have more on the serious rail accident


in Germany which has killed ten people and injured over a hundred.


But coming up next, it's time for Sportsday.


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