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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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from Sunderland and we will tell you who is in and out ahead of another


Six Nations weekend. First, here is The Papers.


Welcome to the look ahead of what the papers will bring us tomorrow.


With us, broadcaster Penny Smith and the economics editor for the Daily


Telegraph Liam Halligan. And the front pages...


The Guardian says junior doctors will fight on in their dispute


with the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, despite the imposition


The Metro has a helpful suggestion for Google executive


Matt Brittin - who told a parliamentary committee he didn't


know how much he earned - perhaps he should try 'googling' it.


The Financial Times leads with what it describes as 'turmoil'


The migrant crisis is on the front page of the Times -


it says Turkey has warned it will open the gates and let millions


And the Telegraph warns David Cameron that he could risk


a Tory split if he ignores party members over Europe.


We will start with The Guardian, doctors bowing to fight on after


Jeremy Hunt imposes the new contract. Saturday will be a core


part of working hours for NHS medics. An imposition of a contract


is never a good thing for the employer or employee, a sign that


things have broken down. Certainly not, Jeremy Hunt will impose


conditions from August, making Saturday into quarter hours. From


his point of view the move to a seven-day NHS was in the


Conservative manifesto. From the point of view of many doctors,


particularly 45,000 junior doctors in England, where this will apply,


it is horrific, an imposition, it's not fair. Two months of


negotiations, two strikes, operations cancelled, the next move


now for doctors to carry on, really, will be an all out strike,


potentially, which was hit emergency care, then I think the political


geometry of this would change. I think the public support would


definitely follow way, I think, if you are talking about people going


in for emergency surgery. Still a lot of sun Jilly -- sympathy for


junior doctors. I think so, and people saying, hold on, you have


this might fabric and our stretching it further without putting anything


in there. If he imposed this in five years, when you had the doctors


coming through, you could understand it, but now, with what you have at


the moment, to stretch it more... But this has been in the pipeline


for years already. These changes. It has, and it was well flagged up in


the last Parliament. A very bold and visible manifesto pledge. And then


as far as the Health Secretary is concerned, the won the election and


have the mandate to do this. If there was an like straight, I am not


saying the British Medical Association is saying that. But how


about the Hippocratic oath to do no harm? It would be very difficult and


you might see more people leaving the NHS here and going elsewhere.


Other parts of the UK, Australia's game, Canada's game. And all those


university degree wasted. And it turns out I'm state was right,


gravitational waves exist. -- and it turns out Albert Einstein was right.


I don't understand this. I love this story! I forgot to bring in the


Daily Telegraph, which explains. It is a huge vacuum tube, you imagine


Heath Robinson wielding this. And it was switched on at just the right


time, there never was this cherub noise. And whopping great black


holes, and the amount of energy when those crash together, more than


others stars put together, and waves coming towards us. This must be how


it feels when I talk about economics! LAUGHTER What's going on?


According to this, the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in


space-time, a la landmark in physics and birth of a new field in


astronomy. But it is! Highly exciting! Difficult to prove wrong,


so they must be right. The same so they must be right. The same


signal was detected in instruments, in space, proving you have this real


gravitational wave. Like the final collision and the dark final murder,


like me eating pudding! We will continue area of expertise in a


moment, Leon. And we turn to the Metro, about the boss of Google,


Mark Brittin, asked four Times how much he earned. And he failed to


give an answer. But no one in Britain likes to answer high much is


errand. But he could have predicted this would be asked? People do not


like to answer high much the -- how much they earn. It is all to do with


share options, bonuses, which may be difficult. You might have to do some


sums. He said he will provide some details, not really saying he


wouldn't. And the chairperson of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, a


little bit of grandstanding by her, you are living on a different planet


to most. Maybe just doing her job? I am beginning to lose my patience


with you. Let's go back to the proper thing with this, which is...


Change the law that you want people to pay more tax. They paid not .5%


of tax. -- 0.5%. Not enough, not as much as everybody else. And a little


thought to the Financial Times, not wanting we do think that Penney


hopped the shore! I am like an enormous black call radiating


energy! Fear into global markets. Liam, take it away! We have seen in


January some of the worst swings financial markets for many many


years. It seems to be going on into February. We are in danger of what


analysts call negative feedback loop, so the markets get body


thinking there is an economic downturn coming, then the downturn


itself is caused by the fact that is so much market volatility. And it is


partly about confidence. And another word beginning with C, credibility.


Credibility or central banks, for many years, particularly the western


world, it has printed lots of money and bumped liquidity into markets.


About Quantitative Easing? Yes, people relying on the fact that


central banks can always pump markets up, make them recover as and


when they want to, but now that faith is starting to slip, you've


got good if the year-end stocks fell 63% in a single day, billions of


pounds. Yes, we are now officially in our bear market, not the ones


that eat honey and live in the words. But they are 20% from their


previous peaks. We are back to gravitational waves. Pretty serious


stuff, Sweden with increasingly negative interest rates, commercial


banks being charged to keep money. And moving on to the Times. Turkey


threatens Europe with the millions of migrants. They have 3 billion


euros to help with the migrant issue and seem to get some praise for how


they have housed a lot of migrants coming from Syria. So far, and that


is the thing. Some talk about Turkey saying goodbye to migrants and


moving on to Europe. We do not have idiot written on our foreheads, he


said, but will be patient and don't think the buses and planes are not


there for nothing. Astonishing numbers, Turkey has taken in 3


million refugees, three times the size of Birmingham, many from Syria,


and what they are saying now is the UN says it spent so much, the


president of Turkey claims only half $1 billion has been spent tackling


this crisis of international money in Turkey. Turkey acting as a


buffer, he is saying, and unless you help us more than this and give us


what we want, we will open the gates. Shame on you, said the


president, to the UN. And the piece also said that Russia warns of a new


bottle or if Gulf states sending ground troops to -- once of the New


World order. That is if Gulf states sending ground troops to help in


Syria. More refugees fleeing from President Assad, crossing from


Turkey, into Greece, which is the European Union. And people smugglers


making a lot of money. Finally, the Daily Express, proved we are living


longer. What is this proof? A man of 75 can expect to live another ten


years. In other words, 98 is the new whatever! The new 45! LAUGHTER It is


not only lower infant mortality, better medicine, vaccinations. And


all those other things. And safety in the workplace. Health and safety!


And of all the people who come on, you two are the most difficult to


marshal. We will be back again at 11.30. You come to work when you


know we will be here. They usually lie to me and see it will be someone


else. And coming up


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