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ban them from their Olympics. Adam Johnson has been sacked by


Sunderland after pleading guilty to child sex offenders. And we will let


you know who is in and who is out from the weekend's Six Nations


clashes. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are the broadcaster Penny


Smith, and the Telegraph's economics Junior doctors are poised to leave


England to practise abroad rather than sign up to new contracts,


that's the Daily Mail's lead. The Guardian says junior doctors


will fight on in their dispute with the Health


Secretary Jeremy Hunt, despite the The Metro has a helpful suggestion


for Google executive Matt Brittin, who told a parliamentary committee


he didn't know how much he earned, The Financial Times leads with what


it describes as turmoil The migrant crisis is


on the front page of the Times. The paper says Turkey has warned


it will open the gates and let The Telegraph warns David Cameron


that he could risk a Tory split if he ignores party members over


Europe. And galaxies far, far away are


on the front of the Independent. It's the news that Einstein's


theory of gravitational waves Let's begin with the Guardian and


the Mail, and how they are reporting the decision by Jeremy Hunt to


oppose this new contract. Doctors vow to fight on, the BMA says all


options are still open, including further strikes a pillow the news is


that Jeremy Hunt has decided to impose a new contract on 45,000


junior doctors in England that will make Saturday part of their core


roster. This is a Tory manifesto. The doctors are calling it


horrific, we have seen two months of negotiation, to strikes, several


cancelled. Now, the doctors' union are talking about a further stroke,


an all-out strike, including emergency care. The Guardian reports


it quite sympathetically, as you would imagine. The Mail focuses on


the fact that it cost the NHS ?350,000 to train a junior doctor


and if they threaten to go elsewhere maybe they should pay some of that


money back. As you mentioned, they are saying that they don't know what


they are going to be doing next. But there are suggestions that there


could be an all-out strike. But that would also mean that there would no


doubt be a lessening of public support. That is something that I


think would definitely be something of a last resort. You do wonder. I


know they were saying it was a pledge, it was in the manifesto.


Nevertheless, if there is not enough stretch already then where is it


going to come from? How can you make... If there aren't enough


people in the first place you can't cover their shifts. If you talk


about the number of operations that have been cancelled, and each one of


those wobbly somebody who is in pain. 6000, they say. There are


doctors who have been on social media saying, look at all the


thousands who were cancelled last year because there weren't enough


people to in the first place. Eventually, the people who don't


want to work in the system will go elsewhere, and the new people coming


through will never have known any different and they will be prepared


to sign up to this it they want to be a doctor. I think that is what


ministers hope, but if he BMA feels it has no choice, that they have


been back into a corner, which many people think circumvents the


Hippocratic oath... Yes, eventually that is what happens, but that takes


time. In the meantime you have people using the NHS will find it


difficult. We have mentioned the Daily Mail. Doctors might not choose


to train here any more. They might go somewhere else. Yes, they could


go anywhere, they don't have to. Look at the Independent. One of


these beautiful pictures stories. . That looks like a brown plughole. In


a pretty way. Can we just say what it is? Two black holes are crashing


together and creating so much energy that it eclipses all the energy of


all the stars elsewhere. 1.5 billion light years away. It is like the


warp factor ten in the USS enterprise. These gravitational


waves were felt in America, where in the US they have these huge


great... They have these whopping great hoses with four kilometres of


it. They were able to hear this chirp, chirp, from deep space. Don't


you find this exciting? They are saying it is completely new and it


gives a whole new... 100 years ago Einstein was saying this. I just


don't really understand this story. I have read many versions of it and


I wonder if anybody writing about it in the papers actually understands


it. I think Penny has done an excellent job explaining it. There


is a bit here that I have been... These instruments confirm the effect


of real gravitational waves, rather than a local disturbance. I like the


idea that it is ripples in the fabric of space-time. That is when I


start to not really understand it. We don't really need to, but we can


say it is brilliant and understanding. I am not a tax


expert, says the tax chief. There was a hearing today of the Commons


Public Accounts Committee chaired by Meg Hillier, and there was some


beating up of the head of Google when he didn't know precisely what


he made, and Dame Lin Homer was also there, defending the ?130 million


tax deal with Google, saying she was confident that all the tax had been


paid. But she did say that she didn't sit on a lot of the


committees when the deals were struck. She said she wasn't a tax


expert. You don't have to be a tax expert to run a department, do you?


The person who runs a newspaper might not be an expert. You would


hope they would be a journalist. As you go further up the chain of


command you might be in the trenches less, so your knowledge would become


out of date, but if you are ahead running a school you would hope that


the headmaster or headmistress had a lot of experience of teaching and


had been a good teacher in their time. Why don't they just set the


tax level at 10%, and make everybody Payet? If everybody said 10%. All of


us? Everybody pay 10%. George Osborne was a big fan of flat taxes.


You have a bar that is set at a certain number of thousands per


year... There is a lot of economic literature that stands up that


theory. The flat tax brings in more revenue. Why are you denigrating the


BBC News channel? I'm not, I love it, that is why I am here. When you


think about Google having paid 0.5%, if it paid 10%, think about that.


Surely they are always going to try... If you say flat tax... If you


are not evading tax you are not necessarily breaking any laws. You


are not, demonstrably you are not breaking the law. In Google's


defence, shoot me down if you want, but if you are the CEO of a company


it is illegal obligation to minimise your tax bill for your shareholders.


The problem is that tax law is so complex, there are so many


loopholes, that companies will always do that. Is 10% level... I


just made that up. You think that is a flat rate to generate the same


amount of tax? Somewhere between 15 and 20%. With fewer allowances. But


want people still try to be below that? If you put tax on things like


land and things that can't be hidden offshore, it is easier to get a


higher level of compliance. If anyone wants to ring me up and talk


to me about it, I am available. I'm all over it. Space exploration, tax


returns... Turkey threatens Europe with millions of migrants, tensions


mount, we are not idiots, says Recep Tayyip Erdogan. You can criticise


him, the firebrand President of Turkey, but what is going on in


Turkey is really quite astonishing. It is now holding 3 million


refugees, 2.5 million from Syria, more fleeing President Assad in


Syria all the time. He's complaining that Turkey is being taken are


granted. They were supposed to get 3 billion euros, weren't they? We can


say goodbye to refugees on our soil, threatening to let them leave. What


more does he want? I think he wants money and geopolitical recognition.


Fast tracking into the EU? Public opinion in Turkey is quite split on


whether they want to be part of the EU. Consider how many people visa. 3


million refugees, including 2.5 million from Syria. That is a lot of


people, and people who will want to go back to Syria. He is really


picking his moment, because this upcoming summit is coming. A lot of


people will be frightened about whether we can still have the


Schengen agreement if all these people are coming into Turkey. VFT,


a day of turmoil as global markets are struck -- the Financial Times. I


know all about that yellow line, I did A-level economics. For a lot of


people this is about pensions. It is about their pension pots. Of course,


a lot of us have indirect holdings in stock markets through pensions


and insurance policies, but at the moment there is so much pressure,


with the first week in January being the worst opening of the year since


before the First World War. There is so much turmoil that the markets are


in danger of creating the economic slowdown that they are trying to...


Bears could wander in from the woods. It is now officially a bear


market. The FTSE is down 20% from its peak. That is the definition of


a bear market. What also happened today is the interest rates went


further into negative territory. Central banks are trying to force


commercial banks to take their money out of the central bank and lending


it out by penalising them to keeping them in the central bank. I think


Black holes are easier to understand. I think so too. With the


idea of our interest rates going up any time soon, that has gone? Yes,


that is worth saying. Mark Carney with his forward guidance, Janet


Yellen from the US central bank, they are saying they are going to


put interest rates up because they want to convey the idea that we are


in normal economic territory and interest rates can start getting


back to what we were used to. But the moment central bankers start


talking about putting up interest rates the markets have a tantrum.


Janet Yellen can now not put interest rates up. What would you


do? What ... I would not have printed money to the extent we have


and I would have started raising interest rates a long time ago. I


would bring in a flat tax rate, all sorted. Yes, it is all sorted. Tom,


what are you saying in my ear? You would have caused a depression. No!


This cartoon, your pension fund felt so dramatically that scientists were


able to detect gravitational waves. Peter hall says Penny Smith is...


The moon was very nice on the way in this morning. It is all over,


hallelujah. Coming up next, Sportsday.


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