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Not showing any favouritism at all. I will start with The Times. 1


million stolen bank cards for sale. Proper journalism at work!


Apparently 100,000 Britons on this site, you can buy their details.


They went in and they found all the details. What is particularly


surprising is, this is not on the dark web, it is only normal


internet. It looks like a kind of consumer website. So, it is an


interesting thing, around ?27 billion a year is lost on this kind


of online fraud. It is an increasing problem. It is bad!


It is staggering how easy it is to do. A fantastic piece of journalism


by the Times. They went to the site which has a help desk. It seems to


be legitimate and typed in the details and got her debit card


number and security code and expiry date, everything you need to make


the payments online. I think people sitting round the breakfast table on


Saturday morning will be staggered how easy it is. People think it will


never happen to them. Everyone thinks it will never happen to them


until it does and you have to be careful about your password. This


investigation says that loads of people use their mother's maiden


name. We know that as one of the key questions that you ask and so, those


details are conveniently on the site. I think the lesson to all of


us, is use complicated passwords, don't use things which are obvious


and don't use things which people can find on social media like your


birth date on the names of your kids or the name of your cat. I did a


really interesting thing about fraud we went on a hacker course to become


hackers and it was very, very easy to hack into other people's stuff by


looking at their Facebook accounts. It is incredible what people find


out about you online. Let's look at The Telegraph. Health watchdog will


troll social media for anythingtive comments about hospitals.


Is this really what they need to do? People don't know how good their


local Health Services are. They have started to bring in rating systems


online, but it is based on a couple of reviews. So I think, it is


well-intentioned to try and get other bits of information out there


from people's Facebook and other ways, but the question people wonder


is, is that going to give you a great accurate picture? Do people go


on Facebook and moan about their local NHS service? Ben, you're


wrong. At the moment, there are Ofsted-style ratings and inspections


where people go into hospitals and have a look at it. They are cutting


the number of inspections, they are bringing it down by 25% and instead,


they're going to go and trawl social media to see if people are moaning


about things. This is a disguise for the fact that actually, the quality


Care Commission are cutting back on inspections spectacularly and in the


wake of Morcambe Bay that's something we should be worried about


and the Facebook thing is a gimmick! She can be quite forthright, but we


encourage that. I will humbly put forward the idea that going to


different data sources and what people are saying outside the


official inspectorate whenever he does up their ties isn't a bad thing


even if it is not done properly. A 25% cut in the inspections is not


good. They have got to bridge that gap in some way. Facebook won't


help. Shall we look at the FT? Cameron dilutes sugar tax plan with


levy threat if food producers fail to act. We have been waiting forever


to have this obesity strategy published and whether or not there


will be a sugar tax of any sort? Jamie Oliver writing in the Sunday


Times last week which has been re-launched on Sunday, he wrote


about and he was on the BBC and Andrew Marr talking about how he was


going to go Ninja and he was furious that he thought that Cameron was


backing out of the sugar tax and what the FT is telling us tomorrow,


implies that's the case. He is going to make them, he says, Coca-Cola


will make a modest cut to the sugar content of their product. Oh well


done! Is there a better way to go, to go voluntarily and you take them


with you? The idea that Cameron is ditching the idea that he backed


previously is misleading because he was always against a sugar tax. He


said, "I am against taxation as a Tory." He said a month ago, I will


consider it, but he is always one for trying to use this as a way to


strong arm companies to do these measures. What you mean Ben is


Eleanor you are wrong. I think you're right that Cameron is trying


to wriggle out of this. We have got a massive obesity problem. One in


three children are obese. There is a massive problem with fizzy drinks


and sugary snackses a parent I really want something to be done


about this. They have done it with salt. They have reduced the amount


of salt in products, but a big stick saying if you don't do this in a


serious way, we will come after you. There is a tussle about whether the


Government should hammer advertisers for advertising during any time


before 9pm or not. The Culture Secretary is one side and the Health


Secretary is on another. It is worth watching that. I thought we hadn't


much time, but I think we're OK. Daily Mail, police, "We won't name


fugitives. Suspected killers and rapists are on the run." You guess


it is because of Human Rights? It sends alarm bells flashing in The


Daily Mail hall. It will infuriate families across the country if they


think their children, their relatives are at a threat from


people who the police are refusing to name. They do name and put out


the photos when dangerous people are on the loose, clearly some suspects


are named. This is to say they won't release the name of people because


of data protection, it is classic Daily Mail because Data Protection


Act send them into a frenzy. The police have sometimes used data


protection and maybe they have been wrong. They asked for freedom


information requests from 45 police forces asking who is on your wanted


list? This is rapist, murderers and 21 forces said they wouldn't release


the details on the grounds of data protection and the privacy grounds


in the Human Rights Act. People might not always like this, but even


criminals have Human Rights. Well, people are meant to be considered


innocent until proven guilty. But even when they are in prison, they


still have Human Rights? They do, Martine. I'm making the point,


people may not like it. It is your children who are possibly at risk.


Good Telegraph point! Lets look at the Independent. A sad


day. While we can. RIP. No more dead tree edition. Well, we can still


feature the front page even when you go online. Will you? Remorseless


Assad vows re-take Syria? There are so many different people at play. It


is impossible to see how they can get around the table. You have


western forces, Isil and Assad. If he is not and Russians, obviously,


if he is not playing ball with the peace process, it is impossible to


see how they can come to any kind of settlement and it is hours before


the rest of the guys were saying, "OK, we're ready to hold fire. He is


saying, I'll do whatever it takes: " At lunch time, they said the masses


of nations were saying, there was going to be a ceasefire and Assad


goes, "It makes no sense for us to give up any part of Syria. We want


the whole lot backment we will take a long time. We will incur a heavy


price." Anyone who thinks there is a solution in Syria any time soon is


barking up the wrong tree. But it seems that maybe the Americans said


to President Putin, you know, we'll resort to Plan B and things will get


tougher if you don't agree to the seization, there could be all things


going around behind the scenes? The fact that Assad said this, in


vehement terms, it doesn't look good for the ceasefire. He invited


journalists into the palace to brief them on this. They have got Islamic


State to deal with. Who weren't part of the plan. Staying with the


Independent while we have got you here. Calais refugees terrorised by


armed far-right militia. People being hand clufd and stripped naked.


These people couldn't be anymore vulnerable before these reports.


They have left their homes. Children, orphaned, you cannot


imagine anymore vulnerable people. It is horrific to see and it is


common. They have got ten different testimonies being reported. This


does seem like it is a proper problem. It is vague this report


about exactly who the far-right fa Englishias are. It says they are


being taken off and awful things are happening to them. It is


unsatisfying for me that they haven't got enough detail on who is


doing it. They seem to be a sitting target. If you think of the stoking


of the far-right going on in France and Europe, it is not too surprising


that the Calais Jungle has become a magnet for the vigilantes or people


who are anti-migrant and I think it is really sad. Poor people. It comes


on the back of the week that David Cameron warned this is what is going


to come to Britain if we go for Brexit, that was the front page of


the Telegraph on Monday. But we don't believe that for a second.


David Cameron is claiming it, whether we believe it or not. It is


widely discredited. But the PM is sticking to his line.


It is sad about the Independent. Let's talk about the Independent and


the I because we know that the Independent and the Independent on


Sunday going online. The I has a different fate ahead of it, I think.


The reports it will be sold and some people from the Independent will go


on supplying copy to it. The I sells 270,000 copies which is a lot. The


Independent, which is only 50 pence, the Independent, only sells between


30 and 50,000, that's why it is going online, but what I don't


understand is how they are going to keep up a full newspaper staff to


keep it online when they haven't got any online advertising and there is


a problem hitting many newspaper groups at the moment and the


Guardian said they had big losses and the big online experiment isn't


working. We had a pay war so we make money from our subscribers on our


pay wall, but no one has really cracked this. There is a massive


slump in advertising across the press is hitting everyone, but there


are different ways around this, and at News UK, we are investing heavily


in the newspapers. We are just about to re-launch a magazine. There is


money and investment going into the titles and that's the opposite.


Here on the I, it says free from party political bias and five years


young. How long that will continue on who decides to buy it? There are


two things that are going to be in the midst. It is free and impartial


compared to some of the papers, but it won't have the same impact online


as it will in newspapers around Westminster all the MPs read the


front pages and the second one is the staff, not all of them are going


to be able to stay Let's hope they find a way to stay. We will keep


looking at what you're doing on the Papers. We look at buzz feed. That's


it from the papers this hour. Ben survived! He will be back with


Eleanor at 11.30pm. You can cope with us, you can cope


with anything. Coming up next, it is Sportsday.


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