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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are the political commentator, Jo Phillips


and the Political Editor of the Sunday People,


Good evening to you both. Let's have a look at some of the front pages


before we discuss them in detail. According to the Sunday Times,


the boss of EasyJet has warned that cheap flights are at risk if the UK


leaves the European Union. Ahead of the EU referendum the Mail


on Sunday says a senior aide to Angela Merkel claims the UK 'can


not survive on its own'. 'Public faith in Cameron drops'


is the Independent on Sunday's headline, with a new poll claiming 6


out of 10 expect the PM not to secure good deal


in Brussels talks this week. The Telegraph claims the government


could soon fund new onshore wind So let's start with -- let's start


with the EU and we start with the Independent. The headlines, public


faith in Cameron has dropped and nearly half of voters say the UK


would have more control of its borders outside the EU. What do read


into that? I think we are not really surprised. Is that where we are at?


I am not surprised this is showing that David Cameron's personal


ratings have slumped because as yet he hasn't come back with the deal


and still has to get that. We won't know what that dealers until after


the referendum. We won't know how it will work or what will happen? We


will, the whole point about this week coming up is when he goes to


Brussels on Thursday, if all goes well, by Friday he will be saying to


us how the so-called emergency works on Mike and benefits, that should be


clear, he should have the whole thing ticked off and a few goes


really well he didn't come out on Friday afternoon, hold a press


conference and see referendum June 23, that if it goes well and the


confidence isn't clear. But they haven't asked people. It's an


interesting Paul because they haven't asked people, if you bought


it today or tomorrow would you call in or out which is what the question


will be referendum. I think this is mirroring exactly what happened in


the Scottish referendum, where if you remember, every single day,


there was somebody saying this is what will happen if you come out or


stay in, and that will carry on ad infinitum. Do you think that will


change when the referendum is announced, and then there will be an


in and out campaign with more messages coming across? Yes, and


they need to get their messages, as we shall see as we go through the


papers. But people are not galvanised about the whole issue and


there is one fascinating figure buried away Best Paul Wycherley


cheered by the Sunday Mirror which is why I got involved, but buried


away as a figure people were asked, do they think they are personally


better off in or out of Europe? 45% don't know why that sums up the real


problem that is going on the public. It is an ease that Eric wrote


happening that seems to be going way above everyone's heads and doesn't


impinge on their ordinary lives. -- esoteric. We have to go back to


basics and then maybe it will take off. You are saying these are


uninformed answers? They are answering questions like what they


think of the political parties, Tories up 14% over Labour. They are


answering things like do they have faith in Cameron to bring back a


deal. That is fine but they are also saying, what are the issues and we


want to get down to how it affects us, and frankly we do not know. You


have your British economy being better off, 36% saying it would be


better off if we left. The problem is that the debate has been so


dominated by the refugee and migrant crisis that it is very difficult to


get back to the economics. That will be the argument is, that actually in


the end, the state campaign will say it is far better for Britain's


business and jobs and prosperity and sustainability to stay in, but


unfortunately it is now getting sort of tied up and will carry on doing


so. And I suppose the problem for both camps is getting people to vote


for the good of the country or of the EU? Nobody ever votes for the


good of the country! They will vote for what works for them. So the


important thing, and many will illustrate this point, the point of


it is that people must know how it personally affects them, and at the


moment they don't, and the campaign is going at a higher level because


saying it is doing this to business or that to migration. They have to


narrow it down to the individual. We will get to the express any moment.


We will get to that in a moment. I want to do the Daily Mail. Germans,


you can't survive without us! They are not quoting Angela Merkel, but


describing a diplomat joke. There are three pages of this and as much


as I love Simon Walters... The political editor and fellow West Ham


supporter. I think this is the biggest load of twaddle I have read


in a paper and frankly it is based on two MPs, Bill Cash, the veteran


Eurosceptic MP, and a prominent German MP having a bat. This is


based on nothing other than an interview with Bill Cash who says


exactly what you'd expect him to say. This controversial MP is the


head of the nation's key Euro group. There is nothing in this story! This


is the pages on somebody's opinion. As stories call, it doesn't really


add up to a hill of beans. The is one that I find interesting which is


what the argument seems to be about, whether or not Britain would face


trade tariffss if we pulled out of Europe. Then you have something


which is an important issue, I don't think it would just happen because


we got out, but you can imagine a situation whereby another economic


crisis, the EU may well start putting up trade barriers and we


would be in trouble. Issue is like that are important but this is a


spat between two MPs, both of whom are not the most exciting on earth!


As one of our colleagues pointed out, let's just step back and


remember where they stood during the Second World War on Germany. This is


indicative of what we are going to see every single day in the weeks


running up to the referendum, because it will be skier stories and


it'll be pandering to the worst jingoism and xenophobic,


anti-German, anti-French staff. The paper as well, I don't know what


your papers will say but the Daily Mail and the express, you know where


they will start. The papers we do have have a serious responsibility


and it is not being carried out very well and tonight's papers. They


should be informing and it is really important that people know the


issues, the migration issue is fairly straightforward, stay in


Europe, and migrants will come into the country and leave Europe and we


can control our borders. The full referendum doesn't depend on what


the papers will say, they will watch television as well... It is


something the media and certainly the campaigns should think about. At


the moment they are talking about tiny little less use if everybody


knows the rest, and what you really need to do is go right back to


basics and say this is exactly how it works. And that is what you have


told your editor? You think we can get everybody to do balanced


reporting in the papers, on television... Don't expect balance


but I think it is important we try as best we can to explain exactly


what it means to you and me and ordered many people. We have massive


responsibility. One of the differences is the votes all code is


equal. If you are in a general election would only marginal


constituencies have high-value votes, here, everyone has the same


power with their vote. Let's go this place balanced piece on the front


page. The EU declaring war on drivers. It is probably true, why


would you say that is not responsible reporting? To be fair,


we have only got the first page so we cannot read the rest, but it is


just another skier story. This is what gets people won't up? I do


think historically, the pro-Europeans said, the European


Commission and those of us who think it is a good idea have been


incredibly bad at putting the argument because people will come


out with these urban myths about cucumbers having to be a certain


straightness, fishermen having to wear helmets and motorists having to


pay to drive into town centres because of EU guidelines. Actually,


they are EU guidelines we have signed up to about climate change


and global warming and it is about the contents of things, and I do


think this stuff, it just goes on to that sort of Little Britain


mentality. It is not sensible and it is not a good debate and as Nigel


said there is a responsibility and as so often happens it will fall to


broadcasters who always do a better job because of the much stricter


rules on impartiality. Let's move on to the Sunday Times and another EU


story and another warning. Brexit danger to UK tourists. The


Sunday Times would seem to want Britain in and they story is based


on a couple of tour operators and what they are saying is that you


will lose your cheap flights, I can't quite see how this works


through, and the other is that planes will not be as safe, we won't


be as well protected against terrorism and the argument seems to


be because we shared intelligence with Europe. This story is in the


same category as others from the other site, but the chances of


leading Europe and not sharing intelligence with European partners


just seems an absolute nonsense. We all have an interest in that


regardless of anything. So again we have come out with leaping on a


small debt and making a skier out of it. You call it a skier story but


when you lead on, the Times goes on to explain where this is coming from


and it is about airport charges and surcharges that EU member countries


don't have to pay as much on. It is going to possibly cost us more. It's


not going to cost very much but do we think it is hugely important? It


might be very important! It is important and that comes back to


what you were saying earlier that people will vote for what matters to


them. If it matters to you that you can get cheap flights and to you


that you think that in our lifetime... I'm very impartial! If


all three of us are now able to fly for the relatively reasonable amount


of money to places that were behind the Iron Curtain when we won a lot


younger. We have got months to talk about that, let's move on. Can I


just say that had within this is Michael Dobbs, couldn't possibly


comment, he has dismissed David Cameron's renegotiation as the most


that barely squeaks, let alone roars. Glad you got that end. Let's


move on to the Telegraph. This sounds fantastic if true, coming


soon, the ten minute home saliva test for cancer. You have to be


careful with cancer stories. This is certainly interesting and our paper


put it on the front page tonight because it is a fascinating story.


Broadly they seem to have developed a live test then America and it


means you don't have to go through the pain of biopsy. If the test


works and it will cost 1520 you can get it done in ten minutes and at


the moment it is for lung cancer but could be for other cancers as well.


Basically it detects the cancer DNA you might have. You have to do it


yourself at home? You can go to a dentist or a doctor and might even


be a will to get to the chemist. It could be quite scary to do it on


your own. This is about cancer spread. It is for monitoring cancer.


The actual test will see if you have got it without the need for a


biopsy. That is the important thing, biopsies are terribly painful. They


do hope and things to come it could be possible to detect multiple


cancers at the same time. Let's quickly get a noise reducing gadget


for bills. This is Saint Mary East Church in Ashwell where the bells


rang every quarter well as well is only our and complaints from some


villagers suspected to be newcomers, and I would imagine it is probably


true, the bells were stifled only on the hour, but now a gadget has been


introduced three years later, so the bells will carry on ringing but not


be quite so noisy. We had a more gadget on bells near where I left,


and then somebody bought a cockerel! It is quite noisy in the country! We


will do this again at 11:30pm but for now, stay with us, coming up,


the reporters.


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