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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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performances from English teams in the Europa League, and another bad


night for Louis van Gaal. Welcome to our chat about the papers. We have


had a lively last hour, let's see if we can do it again.


The Financial Times reports that the European Central Bank is


on course for more aggressive measures to boost flagging growth


David Cameron is pictured on the front of The Metro as he arrived


at the summit of European leaders, and promised to 'Battle for


Britain'. The Daily Telegraph leads with the news that 80


of our biggest companies are poised to vote for staying in Europe.


Whilst The Guardian warns that David Cameron has embarked on the


The Times reports that European leaders are joining together to add


a "last chance" clause into the renegotiation deal, ensuring that


Britain would never be allowed to reopen talks. Meanwhile,


The Daily Express insists that The Prime Minister can't win


his the argument with his counterparts in Brussels. And


finally The Mirror reveals that more than 600 prisoners could be


freed because the rule used to jail them for


Let's begin with the Times and the Guardian. It looks like the


journalists from these papers have been briefed by the same people.


Yes, both saying this is the last chance for Britain to negotiate a


credible deal. There will be no further renegotiation if on the day


of the referendum we vote for a Brexit. This was initially pushed


for by Belgium and France, and David Cameron is believed to go along with


it, because it will help turn the resolve of those who want to vote no


with the aim of getting a better deal the second time around. Whether


we go and vote again and again until we get it right. Typical Brussels.


As you have said, they have had the same briefing from somebody, to


serious newspapers. I wouldn't have thought there would be a better way


of winding up the Brits than four Belgian and a Frenchman to tell them


what is going to happen if you vote either way. If you are told by


Francois Hollande, this is what happens and you have to suck it up,


it will just push them the other way. It adds a lot of clarity. It is


not true, is it? It might be. Let's say Britain votes to come out,


45-55. Do you really believe that Brussels won't try to say, let's


have another referendum. It will. On previous form, you would think it


would happen again. But no country has left the EU like this, it hasn't


happened before, and if this is a real club and it is all about the


future of an ever closer union and handing the big issues of our time


coherently, and one member says this far and no more, on your way. That


is fine, but what there should be about is the 520 million people


living in peace, who got a chance to compete in Asia's century. It


shouldn't be about whether a French president gets his way. Or indeed a


British PM. For Brussels, with no democratic connection, with an


enormous end of elitism and no relationship down into the guts of


the populations of these countries, they are marching towards 1970.


Brussels is made up of Eurocrats, unelected officials, but they are


confident member states of the EU are Europeans who believe in a


project. They are not Europeans, are they? They actually support there


were a nationstate. But they are from Europe. The French believe in


it, slightly differently from how the Germans do, and differently from


how British people to. It was created by the French, for the


French, with the French, and Germany will pay correct. You are saying


nothing has changed? Nothing has changed. That is to take of the


broadsheets. Two of the tabloids, first of all the Daily Mail. What do


you think about is that what his face says to you? That is mid


expression, he has a strange face, he doesn't really have a mouth. I


agree. He has an unfortunate face. I am interested in what the words are.


Tory MPs reacted furiously to the BBC giving a ten minute platform for


scaremongering claims about the dangers of leaving the EU. This was


on the Today programme this morning on Radio 4. There was a ten minute


interview... Do they give anyone else ten minutes? That I can't tell


you. The fact that it happened on the same date. At 3am on a


Sunday... People like that Iran the BBC all the time. I find it


interesting, because looking at it the other way, we will see a lot of


scaremongering on both sides. I heard the other day that for some


reason Karen Brady is alleged to have said that if we left the EU we


couldn't bring premiership footballers in from Europe. And, we


won't get cheap flights. What a load of baloney! You are broadly somebody


who does not describe yourself as an ideological eurosceptic, but is that


something you are worried about? The campaign? Yes, I want to look for


reasons to stay in. I am not archaeologically eurosceptic, I just


don't see the added value of staying in. I believe it has to come to an


end because I can't see how my country can stay competitive by


hitching my wagon to their wagon train. I want to see a more balanced


argument. Present company excepted, when I look at the people lining up


to say we need to get out, they are the people who still say Tanganyika


instead of Tanzania, who think we are all going to the dogs, and who


20 years ago would have said that I am not a dish or English. It is not


all of them. It is not all of them, but I look at them and they have a


very long memory, and I think, what with a saying in the 80s or 90s?


You're blessedly do, Jeremy Corbyn... E is not my leader. He was


anti- Europe until he was elected. Is he one of those mispronouncing


Kenya as well? It is not about the technical side, but when I hear


about those people, a lot of them are not my kind of people. There are


quite a lot of people voting for the EU who are like that. All I want is


a proper, rational economic debate about how an unemployed kid in


Greece who is 23 years old today is going to compete in the Asian


century. We may have weeks, months, or who knows, more than a year of


that. I think there are a lot of people like me who do not


archaeologically want to come out, but they want a reason why we should


stay in, going past the gut that you talk about. Let's move away from


Europe into a big issue on the front of the mirror. This is quite a


strongly worded response to a decision by the Supreme Court that


joint enterprise, the law that meant you could be convicted of murder if


he won't actually the person who did it -- if you were not actually the


person who did it, has been misapplied for 30 years. We have


seen large numbers of young people, particularly young black people, in


prison under common purpose or joint enterprise. When we see these two


faces of Gary Dobson and David Norris, convicted of killing Stephen


Lawrence, it inflames people. It makes us think, people are going to


introduce a guideline that mean guys like this will get away with murder.


Actually, Clive Coleman said that these guys would not be saved by


this ruling, because they were deemed to have actively participated


in the murder of Stephen Lawrence. It is about people who may have been


on the fringes of an incident who didn't know that somebody could


reasonably be expected to kill somebody, but who then got hoovered


up in the attempt to call everybody guilty in a particular incident.


What I don't understand is, why will it be retrospective? If they are


saying this law should be interpreted in another way, and from


now on it will be, I get that. That is what law is, change the


application, change the implementation. But if you are going


to say, we have made our mind up that it has been wrongly interpreted


for 30 years... If I am Dunford driving at 40 mph in a 30 mph zone,


and then they put up the speed limit to 40 mph, they are not going to


tell me that I'm no longer wrong. -- done for. What they are saying is


that the law hasn't changed, but the interpretation has changed. So the


people convicted from 1984 onwards are subject to a miscarriage of


justice. Why were they? Because judges in 2016 say so? Yellow


because the bar was set too low. I don't get it, I get the change in


the law, but not when it was moved forward. What you don't like is the


effect of it. You are making a leap, you are saying that there was a


miscarriage of justice because somebody is interpreting something


differently now. The law hasn't changed. In your example, the law


had changed. That doesn't get you off the hook. I take that, so that


is the case, what about careless driving, which is a subjective


analysis? If you are done for careless because you are eating an


apple, and then suddenly they passed a law that say that that is no


longer careless driving, would they quashed my conviction? I am glad...


I think this is money for the lawyers. Let's move on to the front


page of the Telegraph. This is a big smiling photo of Pope Francis. I


think he is smiling because he is about to take off. He is doing an


impersonation of a fabulous helicopter. This is an interesting


point. The Pope has been heard on the flight home, briefing


journalists, speaking in Spanish, and he said that if Yugo


anti-immigration and away the Donald Trump has, it is not Christian do


so. If you go. He says it is not Christian. The quote says, a person


who thinks only about building walls, when they ought to be


building bridges... This is Donald Trump wanting to build a wall to


stop illegal emigration from Mexico. It is not Christian. In the


Telegraph they say he is not a Christian. That is an enormous


difference. I am pleased the Pope said this, because back in September


the US, Washington, Wall Street, Main Street, everybody turned out


for the Pope. He is a massive spiritual leader, even in the US.


There are plenty of Catholics there. It forced people to rethink


Christianity. All the GOP candidates are wrapping themselves in their


religion. Americans always do at campaign time. 1-storey left. Tesco


have announced that they are withdrawing croissants that are


crescent shaped. They will only have them straight. People will think I'm


about is what Brussels does! It has nothing to do with Brussels at. All


of these people struggling to put to put butter on their croissant. Some


people think it is more sophisticated to have a straight one


and a crescent shaped one. We know you belong to the Easington


intelligentsia, you have never been near a working population in your


life. You be doing this, ra ra ra, I can't put my data on this. Tomorrow,


we will be told we should be eating a hearty English breakfast. --


butter. Thank you to both of you, always a pleasure. We will be back


with more at the top of the hour. Now, Sportsday.


Louis van Gaal says United's loss to Danish side Midtjylland is


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