28/02/2016 The Papers


No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the author and journalist Matthew Green


Darren Lehmann says she is exquisite on Twitter. There you go.


Trinity Mirror launches New Day, kicking off its front page with


a report which highlights the plight of 40,000 infant carers.


The Financial Times carries claims from the British Retail Consortium


that one million jobs in retail will disappear by 2025.


The Daily Express states migrants will have received benefits to the


The Metro headlines comments from Eurosceptic cabinet minister


Iain Duncan Smith, who says David Cameron has a low opinion


of the British people for suggesting a Brexit would be a major gamble.


The Times focuses on the growing fury of Cabinet ministers who


support a Brexit being denied access to official EU documents.


The Daily Telegraph headlines a leaked report,


which suggests up to twenty-thousand people in need of emergency care


were denied immediate access to ambulances so that officials could


The Daily Mail leads with claims from a new book,


which suggests former prime minister Tony Blair decided to invade Iraq


The i headlines a report which says Chancellor George


Osbourne's Northern Ppowerhouse is seriously lacking.


-- Powerhouse. We start with something completely new. The New


Day is a new paper from the Trinity Mirror promising not to tell us what


to think but to be impartial. The front page has a story about stolen


childhood and 40,000 infant carers in this country. What of the look of


the papermasse I think it is openly. -- what of the look of the paper? It


is a new paper which is a good thing. If you ask if I am pleased if


it is a new paper, I am thrilled but I don't think it is laid out very


well. It has a strong story on the front page. We are always sorry to


hear about child carers. I am surprised because the paper says it


is there to be upbeat and optimistic and will provide a different


perspective. It has begun with this very important but depressing story.


We said before we can hardly believe it is only nine days since learning


the Independent would go online only and yet here we have a publisher


deciding there is an appetite for this. The idea of a business model


consisting of growing trees, chopping them down, turning them


into newsprint and printing something that happened yesterday


and distributing it to large numbers seems 20th century. It is great to


see such a bold move into the market. We can be more broadminded.


We are delighted for the readers. Let's hope there will be some. They


are giving away free copies. It will be 25p and then it will be 50p. They


have managed to get the Prime Minister to write on page 12 about


the story of the year, the Brexit campaign. He is setting out his


stall. How anti- Brexit e-cig? -- is he? It is familiar ground, talking


about how complicated and uncertain it will be if Britain leaves the EU,


raising questions about trade deals and the relationship with the EU, so


there are no surprises. Nonetheless it is a good start for the paper. I


am glad you were paying close enough attention or we could have had more


trouble. There is balance in the form of a teacher who is undecided.


She does not know whether to stay in or to leave. What are her concerns?


She does not understand the issues. I have really been surprised by the


Europe today because I thought most people would make their decisions on


an emotional basis. Just thinking their gut instinct is in or out,


which is how most of us make political decisions but I am struck


I how many people over the last ten days who say they want to hear the


argument. That is because it is so complicated that we have no idea


whether or not it is good or not. We don't know how trade deals work.


Shall we ignore that foreign? I think it was mine. I am terribly


sorry. I thought I had turned it off. If you are trying to call, she


is on telly, please wait. We are discussing serious matters. You may


never have me back. We will, of course. This is what makes the


papers what it is. It is live TV. Exactly. To finish that point, if


one side or the other can make it clear to all of us, in a language we


can understand... (CROSSTALK). The issue that will galvanise the


outvote. Immigration is easy to understand but... A lot of people


want to know what the future is for their family. It would mean ten


years of uncertainty, and we know how much markets hate uncertainty,


and the pound has already taken a hit, hasn't it? Why could it be so


complicated and a long process? This is a leaked government report


analysing what would happen if there is a vote for a Brexit and it is


going into the details of how complicated it would be to extricate


ourselves from this arrangement we've been part of for 40 years.


There is trade with the other countries in the EU, everything from


fishing rights, agricultural policy, security arrangements, and


we have to renegotiate another 50 trade deals with other countries


outside the EU that are covered in the EU trade deal, so it is an


absolute nightmare. There are plenty who think it is doable, that it is


just the paperwork, but it is about sovereignty, having control over as


in destiny. Those in favour of a Brexit like Boris Johnson has said


there could be up to a decade of uncertainty. They acknowledge it


will be complicated. The argument is in the long-term it is worth


extricating ourselves. It is something we can't really tell. We


have had a very complicated time trying to get the simple agreement


out of the EU about how we have different states at the moment.


Imagine having hundreds of thousands of negotiations with the EU and


other countries. It will take a very long time. The Times, rising fury of


ministers muzzled over Brexit. Demanding answers from the civil


services chief. Certain ministers are not being allowed access to EU


documents. Do we know what they are? I am not sure. It is a good story.


Eurosceptic ministers have been told they can't access briefings to do


with the referendum. Ministers like Iain Duncan Smith say what it means


is that they don't have free access to the papers affecting how the


departments operate. And the Times have been sensible, of course, there


is an impartial civil service meant to service the government, it cant


start writing anti- EU briefings because ministers want them --


can't. At the same time we have ministers who don't know what's


going on. You can't have two types of ministers. Couldn't we have


foreseen this coming? Well, it is very complicated. If the government


is supposed to be impartial but ministers equal, you can see it is


difficult. You don't want people to act against you using government


statistics. It is the internal feud dominating debate, rather than


whether it would be better to be in or out for Britain. We look at the


Independent. Northern poorhouse is the headline. Ten of the most


struggling towns and cities are in the north. The North really needs


the Powerhouse... Before that, it is unusual to see a newspaper printed


outside London on this programme. What do you mean? We should have


northern newspapers. Oh, dear. Don't start. It comes up again and again


and we hear it from all of the London press. We don't get papers


outside the capital. That is not quite true. The Sunday Post, the


Herald. Occasionally. The New Day, the northern paper. I suppose I am


making a facetious point, but... We do do the Western Mail occasionally.


To the story, it is a new report saying that ten of the UK's most


travelling cities are in the north, which is not much of a surprise.


There has been this northern powerhouse initiative launched by


George Osborne to devolve political power. The report is saying that it


is not delivering results. You say it would be OK if we had HS2? There


is no mention of it in these pages. It is saying that there are hasn't


been much of the strategy and it says that in deprived areas, telling


them to get on with it, is not working. UK Imams travel to Iraq. At


a time when leaders are under pressure to combat extremism, it is


an extreme initiative. It is completely new. Different from what


we have had from education in schools. It is sending Sunni Imams


to the front lines to learn from people living under ice is really


like to come at and say to the people who listen to them, you know


it is not going to paradise but having a nice time now. It is quite


perilous. It could be depending on where they visit. How close they go


to the ice is controlled areas. It goes to the core of the question


about how to combat radicalisation among Muslim youth in the UK. It is


great that Imams are doing this and it is important to have the message


broadcast through the mosques, the mainstream asks, but one of the fact


that have emerged of late is the influence of the Internet and this


culture of jihadi cool which so many young men seem to be hypnotised by.


That is very slick propaganda, through preachers in the Middle East


and other parts of the world broadcasting their worldview to them


and whether or not the message of these well-meaning imams will reach


of these young men is open to question. It has to be worth a try.


The FT, luxury flats lose foreign buyers. I never thought I would read


that. This is the closest we have come to a good new story apart from


the fact that there is a beautiful dress on the front of the Times


which lifted all of Azema experience. Especially Matthew's! --


all of our spirits. We were hoping that apparently the market is


falling in the luxury market even for flats in Battersea Power Station


which have got 24-hour butlers, it means perhaps developers will stop


marketing their flights abroad to the multimillionaires and build


flats at Londoners can live in. Is there an off money in affordable


flats? I can only afford a 12 hour service for my butler. I can't


afford that. Jean Cabut unaddressed. I think no one can. -- I can't


afford this Dolce and Gabbana dress. How much would it be worth? Into the


hundreds of thousands. It is the rolling for me, anyway, which is why


I won't be buying it. She said. Anyway. I don't know how happy


Matthew has been with the selection of papers tonight. We will try to do


better next time. Lovely to see you. Thank you. That is it for the papers


tonight. Thank you to Matthew


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