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Tuilagi's return to the training squad. And Gus Hideo has revealed


the secret behind Louis van Gaal's theatrical dive at the weekend --


Guus Hiddink. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the papers will be With me are Evening Standard


columnist Rosamund Urwin and Daily Record Political Editor,


Torcuil Crichton. We will get straight to it. Calais,


the War of the jungle. We know the authorities were trying to clear


part of that area where a lot of migrants and refugees have been


living for several years and it has turned into violence. Yes, an


amazing image on the front there, very powerful. The estimate is homes


of up to 200 people out of 300 -- 3500 have been demolished. There are


children there. What will this achieve? You imagine this will


either disperse people to other parts of Calais or two -- to the


other refugee encampment near Dunkirk. I'm not sure what they


believe this will achieve. But obviously they felt they have to


take action of some kind and it seems incredibly brutal to me. Is


this the French wanting to be seen to be doing something, when in fact


this is only going to, like a toothpaste tube, shift the issue


elsewhere? This is a symptom. The reason the picture is used,


Macedonia as well with 20,000 people trying to cross, the reason it has


used this, it is really the disintegration of Europe, of the


Schengen agreement which means we'll get a Harrier within a barrier in


Europe. -- a barrier within a barrier. We'll fear North South


split, and east west split and Brexit as well. How much can Europe


take the summer? There is a meeting of the Council of Europe next week.


There will be an attempt to hold back the tide which cannot be held


back. No one country cannot solve this problem. France cannot solve


the jungle, Greece and Macedonia cannot solve the problems. Only the


whole of Europe can do it and this crisis is happening when Europe is


under the most strain it has ever been. That takes us neatly to the


front page of the Guardian. Apparently, Boris Brexit, Boris


Johnson dismisses the Prime Minister's case as baloney. This


comes after Number Ten per tout that it might take up to ten years to


sort out all kinds of trading arrangements with the 27 trading


nations of the EU. This has been described as project fear and Mr


Johnson thinks it is baloney. It does seem that the remaining


campaign has battled to put across something positive about Europe.


What it does seem is, they are saying the EU is deeply flawed, but


it is the lesser of two evils here. That is not exactly a campaign that


gets people behind you. Is it deeply flawed? He has just done a new deal


so it is fabulous? Hardly! It is a very difficult battle for Cameron


when he has a very Eurosceptic party. Project fear, a term coined


during the Scottish referendum when the SNP presented what they called a


positive case for independence. It did not work. The Tories saw that


Project fear did work in the Scottish referendum, it scared


people with the unknown. They did the same in the May 2015 election


when they scared people with the idea of a minority Labour government


propped up by the SNP and now they are the brains behind the remain


camped and they say that fear of the unknown will win again. I painted a


picture couple of minutes ago of the European Union in the deepest crisis


it has ever faced and all we get is the psychodrama of the Tory family.


This is Boris saying Cameron is talking baloney. Boris and baloney


are two words which I think go beautifully together! But Rosamond,


Boris said he was not going to be the front and centre of the leave


campaign. But he is not capable of not being the front and centre, is


he? It is not in his nature. Here's a news magnet. The drama... And even


the Johnson family. We have had all of them come out in various camps.


All of them! It always ends up being about Boris in the end. Project fear


and project good news balancing the two. Now we will go to the


Telegraph. Cull of the Tory grassroots. What is this about? This


is looking at the Conservative associations and it is a proposal


that was the 90% of them axed and they would build super associations


in their place. The defence of this is it professionalise is them. It


reduces the power of Association chairman and makes them able to run


more targeted campaigns tackling Labour. But critics think this is a


bid to reduce their power to decide the next Tory leader. Because they


are very Eurosceptic, the idea being that whichever way the vote goes,


particularly if it goes remain, they want to weaken their power in order


the next Tory leader is not hugely Eurosceptic, possibly Boris. That is


the text of the story, the subtext is the flip side of Project fear,


this is the leave camp's version of fear. They say they will lose power


to a professionally spin doctored controlled Tory party if Cameron


gets his way. This is the outcome telling Tories don't trust Cameron


because he will do away with you. The other issues are mostly to do


the Tory party, they are to do with Cameron and ministers being denied


issues on Europe. There is a warning it will take ten years to


disentangle ourselves from Brussels and an emergency debate in the


Commons where Tory MPs expressed their concerns. Pretty Patel, one of


the cabinet ministers said it was possibly unconstitutional --


critique to tell. The Matt cartoon is good. He is always good. Nicola


Sturgeon is very worried about our scaremongering about being in the


EU. The slightly ludicrous situation she is in is she's hugely into one


union that has made her political career out of opposing a smaller


one. Nicola Sturgeon was in London today warning Cameron not to be


negative. It struck me there that that was quite interesting because


she, of all the politicians of Western Europe, has probably


benefited most from this global wave of anti-politics. She is


antiestablishment, anti-British government and here she is trying to


put a lid on that and saying Scots and the rest of Britain should vote


to stay. She treads a fine line. A tricky one for her. We will skip


over Amazon on the Financial Times and go to the Telegraph. This is the


NHS dabbling in urban planning and coming up with a way to make our


towns healthier. The Telegraph has put it as new streets will be built


like theme parks doing heritage children to venture outdoors. It is


also about helping those with dementia by redesigning roads so it


is easier to navigate. It is basically about putting health into


urban planning and social planning. These new towns will be dementia


friendly which means all the staff in the shops will know how to look


out for and care for people with an illness. You will use Skype to


contact your doctor, the nurse will come out to you instead of going to


hospital. These will be changes we will see in our lifetime. It is


about feeding it into the planning system. You think the public will go


for that? No! It proposes that around schools will be fast food


zones. Kids will dig a tunnel to a fast food store. Makes me think of


those women putting the chips through when Jamie Oliver brought in


healthy food. There will be great escapes from school playgrounds into


fast food stores. They will go over the wall to get to a burger bar! You


will be back in our's time. Many thanks. Much more coming up but now


it is time for Sportsday. Hello and welcome to Sportsday. I am




No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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