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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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more on by Yorkshire legend Geoff Boycott isn't being welcomed back by


the board. That's all in 50 minutes, after The Papers. -- 15.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Simon Watkins, City editor of the Mail on Sunday,


and the deputy editor of The New Day, Dawn Alford.


The i accuses big building developers of making money out


of the country's housing crisis by restricting the supply


The Telegraph says Tory MPs are calling on the Chancellor to cut


And to mark Super Tuesday, it also has a nice picture


of Hillary Clinton joking with Donald Trump at his wedding.


The Mirror warns that people may have to wait until they're 75


before they can retire, after the government launched


The Mail focusses on the same story, but it says white collar workers


might have to wait longer for their pensions than manual workers.


The Guardian leads with the claim by aid agencies


and charities that unless Europe tackles the growing refugee crisis


The FT leads with the claim by aid agencies


and charities that unless Europe tackles the growing refugee crisis,


The Express carries news of a new low-calorie liquid diet it says can


And The New Day focuses on the story of a young cystic fibrosis


sufferer whose releasing a single backed by celebrities to raise money


Starting with the Sun. Work until you are 81. Mirror says work until


you are 75. Is the Sun trying to get more readers by making us even more


scared? It is one of those things that happens in the newspapers. You


could pick any number, as long as it is above what the rate is going to


be in about 2028 or whatever. 67. Yes. It is all because the


government has said there needs to be reviewed. The implication is they


suspect they are not sustainable. Therefore there does leave room for


how high it might go and how quickly but the general feeling is it is


probably going to go higher than we previously thought. It is something


we have to get used to. This has been rumoured for some time. It went


up recently, as you mentioned. Another way to look at it is it is


really great news. We are going to hopefully live till 100, perhaps


longer. If we are going to do that then we have to work longer to


sustain the economy. Hold that thought. Someone on Twitter has just


sent me a tweet saying, can you lend your panel stopped -- try being a


manual labourer for an extra ten years? The Mail makes that point as


well. That white-collar workers may have to work longer because it isn't


as taxing, using your brain, that manual labour. I can understand the


reason why, but I don't know how they would judge that. Somebody


might well work in a manual job for 20-30 years and then work in it post


office and do something fairly sedentary. How they would judge at


what age you can retire... It is the kind of stuff that insurance


industries do all the time, estimating the life expectancy of


people in pension funds. To do it on a national scale is very difficult,


I think. But it is an idea that is raised. I suspect it will be looked


at. I'm sure if anything like it comes it will cause exactly the kind


of upset that the Twitter post has brought up. People aren't saving for


their retirement either. That's the other thing. The days of putting


money aside from the age of 80 and having a lovely retirement pot at 60


or 65 are probably long gone. Simply to pay the bills to buy food and


have the odd holiday people will have to keep working if that's


something they would like to do. I mentioned the front page of the


Mail. The fact is, the coalition government brought in a law saying


that the pension situation had to be reviewed every Parliament. This is


part of that review. Are we going to have these kinds of stories every


five years? It is entirely possible. There are obviously two elements to


this. One is the state of the finances of people in private


pensions. Whether there's enough there. That will inform this debate,


as will the news of the demographic expectations. Those things have


moved in recent years, in the opposite directions. We have less


money in pensions and life expectancy is going up. We are


probably in a permanent state of review. Moving on to the Times.


E-cigarette prices soaring. They are very much in the news. Every day


there is a new argument about whether they are safe or not. This


particular story in the Times today is about how they may normally cost


?23 and could now cost as much as ?53. The subtext here is that


Brussels is doing that. They won't even leave our e-cigarettes alone.


Clearly they are talking about whether or not they are doing a


great job and clearly they are. 95% of people are giving up with the


help of e-cigarettes, so they clearly are doing the job. Perhaps


the answer is to tax e-cigarettes, but to me it doesn't seem like the


best idea. To me it isn't entirely black and white. E-cigarettes


clearly are helpful, as many people give up smoking, but they aren't


harmless. They have nicotine in them. They are not harmless so it


isn't so clear cut. There's just not enough known at the moment. Not


enough studies. People don't know about the liquid is going into


them, how safe they will be. But it is nicotine and that the addictive


part. Maybe the answer is to tax them to the hill, or about all


nicotine altogether. For the next four months are we going to have to


look behind the headline of every single story? This could be to do


with the referendum. We aren't sure whether Times sit with this. But we


suspect we know what Rupert Murdoch thinks. This is a bit of EU bashing,


isn't it? I think it will come from both sides. I think every story that


has an EU angle on it is whether it demonstrates the evils all the


marvels of the EU. That will be the prison to which newspapers will look


at any story for months to come. Absolutely. Let's talk a little bit


about The New Day later. This is interesting. The front page of the


Telegraph. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton at the wedding of Donald


Trump and his wife. That was in 2005. They looked very happy and


jolly together. There's a lot of love in that room. Look at the white


teeth and how much love there is happening. So what went wrong? They


will be at each other's throats if they both win the nomination. One of


the things that left to my mind about this is Donald Trump has


portrayed himself to the American public as the outsider. Unconnected


with the power elites in Washington. Here he is 11 years ago with the


president of the United States. There can't be any politician that


claims they are on the outside. Do you think you might have some double


standards? My gosh! Super Tuesday today. 11 states and Donald Trump


could well be the winner of the nomination. It looks likely. I have


always been fascinated by American politics. Probably not so much as


this time. It is incredible. To think that the entire Republican


Party, or the Republican elite, are against him is incredible. We did a


piece in The New Day asking what the world would look like with Donald


Trump in charge and it is frightening. In one of our pieces he


said, we are going to win, we are going to win, and you are going to


say, we don't want to win any more! And I will say, yes! We will make


America great again! But it works. It does. I see absolutely nothing


behind the kind of rhetoric. There is no depth to it at all. When he


works out that actually can't build the wall, what happens then? He will


give up? Crazy. I am being told we will go to this story, ending rugby


tackles. If you don't have tackles it's not rugby, is it? There is an


argument that children of a certain age should perhaps be playing the


contact sport quite as widely as they are. A bunch of doctors have


got together, a huge amount of them, casualty workers, saying they see


some of the most horrendous injuries. Children paralysed,


children with brain damage and concussion. It's not that they are


losing the odd tooth or breaking the odd bone, rugby can kill. Is it


right to put your ten, 11 or 12-year-old on the pitch, or let


them grow and let them decide for themselves, that it's a sport they


want to carry on with? It is an interesting subject. One wonders


what the authorities do with this. At the professional level there have


been horrific injuries. And there are great concerns about unspotted


concussion is among rugby players. It seems only natural that one would


look at sport in schools. But if you ban rugby venue will ban a number of


other sports. Golf? Golf! I would ban call. A dreadful pass time. Be


careful! The New Day. You've got a story on Caty Price. An interesting


story and you put it on the front page. Yes. She was a television


today. She has never been shy in coming forward. Today she was


talking about how when she was pregnant 14 years ago with Harvey if


she had been told that he was going to be born blind and disabled she


would have considered having an abortion. I hasten to add she did


think she would have thought that as a 23-year-old, however clearly she


loves her son very much and she is delighted that she didn't go ahead


without, or didn't happen. Has she much sympathy for that position?


Immediately some people were criticising her for the words but I


think people actually step back now and people think she is very brave


to say so and right to say so. You can't criticise her... She has


always come across as being a very good mother, a very dedicated


mother. Citing she was just being honest and that's often white gets


her into trouble. Yes. It is a level of honesty that some people will


find refreshing, others brave or cruel. I find it refreshing and I


suspect there are many out there who applaud that honesty and concede the


truth to that and humanity of that. I am sure there are some who are


offended. The New Day. I am interested by the price on the


front. 25 Peter Riddell price, the suggestion that it will go up? --


trial price. That is more expensive than some of the other tabloids.


Clearly it has elements of tabloid spirit about it and elements of what


we used to call the broadsheet. Many years ago, you were very much judged


by, if you were working class, you purchased a tabloid and if you are


upper-class, you purchased a broadsheet. It is completely gone


now and there are many of us in the middle and it is normal. We like to


think that we are the newspaper for people who don't class themselves in


any particular demographic, people who just want to not be lectured


that. A balanced opinion and it will be independent? Absolutely. No


political bias one way or the other? I think the days of Rupert Murdoch


are over. People don't need newspapers telling them how to vote


or think and they don't expect it. We are asking a question that you


can see, was she being brave? Readers can make up their own mind.


Sales so far? Very well. We have had a lot of very positive feedback.


This is our first day so we won't know figures yet but yesterday was


completely free. We are literally getting actual letters, print and


post, and our post bag and social media feeds have been going crazy.


Friends and colleagues and the public have seemed to be very


pleased that it exists. Excellent. Thank you for your first appearance


on the paper and the New Day being in the papers. Hopefully we will


have much more of you in the future. Thank you for looking at the


stories today. Stay with us, much more coming up. Now it is




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