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in tomorrow's final. And Olympian Victoria Pendleton has


won her first race as an amateur jockey. That's all in Sportsday


later on. Hello, and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Emily Ashton,


Buzzfeed's Chief Political Correspondent, and Dan Bilefsky


from the New York Times. The FT leads on claims made


by the French economy minster that the migrant camp at Calais


would re-locate to UK soil the I focuses on the row


over statistics between The Remain camp are accused


of using misleading data The Daily Telegraph picks up


on the Scottish National Party's plans to raise council tax


for people living in larger homes. The paper estimates bills


in Scotland could increase The former England


footballer Adam Johnson is pictured on the front


of the Metro following his conviction for sexual


activity with a child. And the Guardian


reports that the chief executive has written a letter


to all of its staff, warning that their jobs could be


threatened if the UK votes The male leads with the dangers of


online dating. He used online dating websites to find women he then went


on to rape. Let's start with the Daily Telegraph. A poignant picture


there, particularly for his family and the man himself. Adam Johnson,


the foot taller, found guilty with -- of sexual activity with a trial.


The judge said, say goodbye to your daughter. That picture says it all.


A really horrible story. It has come to this conclusion. He is on bail


for a couple of weeks and expecting a prison sentence of possibly up to


ten years. This is a man, a foot -- a footballer, a former England


footballer, and Sunderland player, who was earning huge sums week. This


girl thought he a he wrote. He took advantage of that. He thought he was


invincible. That is part of the problem. Darren, part of the


evidence in the trial, from his own lips, was that he thought he could


do anything. He was earning ?60,000 a week. He was a he wrote so many


people across the country. That is the danger of temptation for a lot


of young sportsmen and women, getting so much money at such a


young age, that they do feel that they are invincible. It sounds like


there was a pathological sense of entitlement for this man. He thought


he could do what he wanted to. These guys are heroes and role models, and


this was pretty shocking because she had just turned 15. And he had so


much going on in his life. With the Daily Telegraph, wages to rise if we


quit the EU. This is from the man who is leading the even campaign. It


kind of makes your head spin. This is the gentleman who is supposed to


be in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union, arguing that if


migrants aren't allowed in, wages could go up. It is a mixed message.


This is emblematic of a depending on which British newspaper you read,


you get a completely different narrative of Britain and EU. Does


that mean that people who would normally buy the Telegraph and the


Mirror, for the sake of argument, are not getting both sides of the


debate, and as a result are not being necessarily educated to the


point where they can make an informed decision. Or is that too


simplistic? You by your paper and you know what's Lance it is going to


take. A committee hearing can last hours and you can take so many


different lines from it. The Mirror and the Telegraph are not alone in


going along this line. On sky News in January, we saw... What's that?


He got the name of the campaign, Britain stronger in Europe, wrong


several times. He has a tendency to do that. There is a great sketch in


the Telegraph going through what he got wrong in the hearing. Depending


on which newspaper you read, you know what you are going to get, so


people are reading reports that reinforce their prejudices or


biases, either in favour of or against the EU. This is a referendum


that has cataclysmic consequences for the future of this country, it's


economy and its geopolitics. So you hope all the stats out there are


correct and present and no one is telling porkies! In the I, Emily. It


would claim it is independent. It says that war erupts over EU


statistics. The remaining chief is ridiculous for using incorrect data.


Brexit will leave families worse off, it is said. It is really


confusing for the public. It is. And the detail of this is not going to


sway people. We will have to get through the local elections on May


the 5th before this referendum campaign resonates with people.


These stories will keep running, not least because the world has a lot of


other news today. Joz-macro is an affable character, and the fact he


is supporting Brexit gives it a boost stop -- Boris Johnson. If a


captain of industry is modelling the message, that could have


consequences. But David Cameron cannot carry the load all the time.


He's got to run the country as well. He cannot carry the load, but he has


to be careful with spokes people in the campaign. Especially when his


own ministers are campaigning against him. Both the campaigns need


people who are ordered airy, and people who resonate with the


population in the real world. Like when Michael Caine mentioned he was


quite keen on Brexit. So we need a few celebrity endorsements, you are


saying? In the Financial Times, this is very interesting. This could have


an effect for a lot of people. The French threat to end the Calais deal


and we bankers if the UK quits the European Union. Britain's border is


in Calais, not here, and what a lot of people in the end campaign are


saying that if we leave the TEU, the French will cancel that deal, and we


will have loads of migrants trying to get in. This is very interesting.


One of the powerhouses of the Cabinet is arguing that if there is


Brexit, the Calais camp, the jungle, will come to this country, and


Britain will lose control over its borders. I love this one coming from


a socialist French minister, that the city will move to France.


Britain does have a huge decisive advantage with or without the


European Union, but this is hugely symbolic of Cameron. A lot of people


have doubted him, and someone on the outside is confirming what Cameron


is saying. This has real consequences for this country if


there is a huge outflow of people going back to France. The mayor of


Calais has been warning of this as well, and yet the out campaign have


been saying, why are the French doing this? It is nothing to do with


the TEU. Why would they get involved? This is a massive boost to


Cameron. This is a very high up the Minister. It is a bilateral


relationship. This is what critics of David Cameron at the time, when


he warned that this would happen, said it was a bilateral relationship


and nothing to do with the EU. But France is now threatening to change


that relationship. The Tories are arguing with each other, but here is


one big boys from the outside... A lot of EU leaders have been careful


not to say anything so far that will sway domestic and public opinion.


The Chinese and the Americans have been quite keen on us staying in.


And here you have someone across the Channel saying that if you leave the


EU there will be serious consequences. The idea of migrant


camps being in the south of England, the economy in numbers and how much


being in the U is worth to a family doesn't really make sense to people,


but seeing those Calais cabs and imagining them in Dover... Seeing


all those camps in Greece and along European borders and imagining them


here... And campaigners wanted them to focus on those because of the


residents in people's minds. The In campaign is using to their


advantage. Dan, you are the man. Top of the Financial Times. It looks as


if Donald Trump, even though he is getting less than 35% of the vote,


could win the nomination for the Republicans. Hillary Clinton


beginning to pull away from Bernie Saunders. It looks as if it is over.


It's not there yet, but it looks like it will be Hillary against


Trump. It will be a very violent clash between two opposite


characters. People had written Trump off as some sort of aberration until


now. But Hillary is a very flawed Leticia. She is scripted. Young


women and working class men do not like her. She does not resonate with


the electorate, and Trump is going to pulverise her in terms of


bringing up moniker and bringing up Bill's sexual peccadilloes. It will


be a rough race. But given Trump's style, bullying and aggressive, it


doesn't quite work when you are doing all of that against a woman,


does it? And one Democrat said that Hillary should be using that. The


fact she is a woman means she can take herself out of the sense that


she is part of the political elite, because she is a woman. I get that,


and as a woman I want to support women. But her problem is that she


was married to the president. She isn't an independent candidate like


Donald Trump is, and that is what people want at the moment, auntie


politics. I think Trump may hit her hard. We will be back in an hour's


time with more of the stories behind the headlines. Much more coming up


BBC News. Now time for sports stay.


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