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Coming up next, we look at Mark Kermode's thumbs up or otherwise in


The Film Review. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are the journalist


and political analyst Mina Al-Oraibi and Laura Hughes,


political correspondent The Sunday Telegraph leads with


Boris Johnson attacking what he call's David Cameron's Agents


of Fear in the ongoing EU The Sunday Times has the same story


plus a warning from the Justice Secretary, Michael Gove that


the EU "fuels terror and Fascism". The Independent has an exclusive


on what it says is a cover-up of the treatment


of terror suspects in the UK. "NHS to harvest babies' organs" is


the rather alarming headline The Sunday Express says Britannia


will no longer rule the waves claiming the EU wants to


take charge of the UK coastguard as No surprise as Europe once again is


the dominant theme in the papers. This claim by Michael Gove as a


campaigner for leaving the EU, that the EU fuels terror and fascism, is


pretty striking. This is Michael Gove's first interview with the


newspaper, as it announces that we should be voting to leave the EU. It


says that on the one hand it is chilling terror because it is not


allowing Britain to make decisions about how its spies can act, et


cetera, particularly to do with the European Court of justice. He says


we need to not be under its thumb any more. This comes at the same


time as Boris Johnson is also speaking. He said, the power to take


decisions about counter-terrorist surveillance is being taken away


from the EU. In effect, the UK has kept quite a lot of its powers.


Opting out of some of the policing roles. Yes. Some of those who have


been detained on terrorist charges have used European courts to avoid


being deported. We did have one famous case, where a man was able to


delay being deported to the US. But there is no causality. Michael Gove


is just saying that the far right is stronger across the continent than


at any time since the 60s. That is true, and worrying, but it doesn't


explain how it England leads the EU it will suddenly some house swing


left. We had Liam Fox a couple of days ago saying that the EU hasn't


done a particularly good job in stopping the spread of extremism,


with people like Jean-Claude Juncker saying that it used to be the source


of peace on the continent. But this is quite a challenge to the position


of Theresa May, the Home Secretary. It is interesting as well in the


context of this project fear. These characters have been accusing the


government of scaring people, but so is this. This isn't just about


sovereignty, this is now about security. You will be safer if we


leave the EU. I would say this is also scaremongering, and Michael


Gove has contradicted Theresa May and is undermining his own


government. It raises an interesting question about what happens after


the referendum. Effectively, suggesting that a document put out


by the Home Office is a dodgy dossier, undermining those


supporting stain. Now we have restaurants and effectively


attacking David Cameron and people in Downing Street saying that they


were somehow responsible for John Longworth being suspended because he


had spoken out in favour of Brexit. I think there will be a reshuffle


after the referendum, but I think Michael Gove is also looking at the


possibility that Boris Johnson runs for the leadership, and he has put


all his eggs in that basket now. You think he has transferred his loyalty


from David Cameron, effectively? Yes. In this article says that Boris


Johnson is going to war with David Cameron. Threatening people's


safety, that is the number-1 responsibility of the government, so


to say that what they want to do is undermining safety is crossing a


line that is not often crossed. People who sit in David Cameron's


cabinet next Theresa May and David Cameron... A legacy of bitterness


out of this could be pretty powerful. Yes, are they putting


their eggs in the basket is about future leadership. This is also the


week that the dodgy dossier that Iain Duncan Smith said, and David


Cameron making a speech at Chatham House earlier saying that all


alternatives to the EU would be detrimental. It really has been


realigning of the Conservative Party. I mentioned John Longworth,


and that is on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph. Is this conspiracy


theory or is there something in this? A suggestion that Downing


Street might have led the chairman of the PCC to do this. -- BCC. David


Davis is calling from a full statement about the comments made or


the suspension. It will be interesting to see how they


respond. Are you surprised? IM. The fact that he gave the statement that


in thinking personally that it would be better for Britain to get out of


the EU, there are no personal views when you are the head of the British


Chamber of Commerce. It is said to be part of the conversation, how


people will decide to vote, but there has not been a denial that


conversations were had with Downing Street about this. Certain members


of the board may have certain ties with Downing Street, so they may


have had conversations. Whether that led directly to him being pushed


out,... In the end, the official position was that they are neutral,


and he has broken that. At their annual conference in front of all


these people. A lot of people were dumbfounded and angry about this.


This has slightly gone against what his own members actually. And


because they were divided, that is one of the reasons... Lets stay with


Europe, I feel we will be saying that a lot. That is not an


indication about what you should do in July, just staying with the


story. Scotland hasn't got a wave from the story! EU seeks control of


our coasts. Yes, this is the Sunday express telling us why the EU can be


very dangerous for Britain. It is not clear what the plans are, but


the story says the EU has drawn up plans to seize control of the


British coastguard service as it creates a Europewide border force.


The article explains that this is part of trying to keep Europe safe,


dealing with the migrant crisis and the issues of refugees and so forth.


But the article does say that the government would not be involved in


anything... This should not actually apply to you. Is this a draft, a


white paper? That is not clear. What is clear is that the Immigration


Minister has said that we will support the strengthening of the


borders, but Britain is not part of the Schengen agreement, and we will


not be part of this. So, we have Russian jets buzzing about in the


skies of Britain, and this wonderful image of Britannia on the inside of


the Express. Casually defending our borders. With a rather docile lion.


Looking to Britannia to rise up and project our stores growed up protect


our shores -- to rise up and protect our shores. This is a kind of


headline that would make me buy a paper in the morning. This is a good


grabbing headline. The story is basically that doctors will approach


mothers who have been told that their babies will not be able to


survive once they are born, and to encourage them to carry that child


so that the organs can be donated when the child is born. It is


highlighting a massive issue that we have in this country, our lack of


organ donors. 7000 people think the year on this list, three people


dying today because they can't get organs. It is described as


ghoulish... It is a difficult ethical... It is. Can you imagine


approaching a parent who has just had this news. It will be stillborn


or if not it may be severely disabled and won't live long, and


then saying, if you take it to full term at least the organs can be


used. I would suggest that the NHS may go towards encouraging that. It


is saying they will be given advice on going ahead, so ordinarily they


may be advised to abort the baby, but they are saying to go ahead so


we can use the organs. It is interesting, because they are saying


it could be a situation where the baby was all but dead, but they


could find a way to keep it alive in the mother's uterus, in order to use


the organs. Having said that, they say the numbers are striking. So far


only 11 babies under two months in the last two years have actually


been used for organ transplants. It illustrates what we are saying about


how striking this is that NHS blood and transplant has issued a


statement in the last few minutes, and it says it wants to reassure the


public we have no way of knowing about anybody who is pregnant with a


baby who won't survive. The only way we would find out about that is if


the parents approached us about wanting to donate. There is no way


that any of us would approach parents encouraging them to carry a


baby to full term purely to use the organs. Fellow Mac they have spoken


to one transplant surgeon, who says that they are looking at rolling it


out as a viable source. We are running out of time, but let me give


the last word to the story on the front of the Sunday Times. This is


the new guidance has been offered to schools. They are worried our young


people are using too many exclamation marks. They spend a lot


of time on Facebook, text in, so... They said they were worried that too


many are using it in text messages and social media. What


seven-year-old is sending text messages? There is an exclamation


mark in your voice! Thank you both very much, it was a pleasure to have


you with us. That is just about it, thank you for your company this


evening. We will have more news at the top of the hour. Now, The Film




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