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Hello, and welcome to our Sunday morning edition of The Papers.


With me are Yasmin Alibhai-Brown of the Independent,


Let us have a look at the front pages.


The Sunday Telegraph leads with Boris Johnson attacking


what he calls David Cameron's Agents Of Fear in the EU referendum debate.


Plus, a warning from the Justice Secretary Michael Gove


that the "EU fuels terror and fascism".


The Independent has an exclusive on what it says is a cover-up


of the treatment of terror suspects in the UK.


NHS to harvest babies' organs is the rather alarming headline


Britannia will no longer rule the waves.


And claiming the EU wants to take charge of the UK coastguard as part


So, that is the selection for you. That is beginning.


Yasmin, start us off. The Sunday Telegraph is going for Doris zest


funerary -- Boris Johnson's fury. There is a lot going on within the


Tory party and the nation. John Longworth, who is the Director


General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said he personally was for


Brexit and leaving the EU, and has since been suspended by the board.


Boris Johnson is accusing Downing Street of orchestrating that. He


goes on to say, as his side have said frequently,", dissenting voices


are being crushed by the agents of project Fear, in capitals.


We will come to that in the other papers.


The thing is, this man is actually head of an organisation which is


declaring itself neutral in the actual debate. Therefore, his


comments could be seen as difficult for the Chambers of Commerce to deal


with. He did say he was speaking in a


personal capacity and his comments were moderate. The theme of the


papers today is Tory party at war. This particular story is really


about Boris Johnson having a go at number ten and vice versa, because


Boris Johnson has said this has been orchestrated by them putting


pressure on the board, but Number ten is vehemently deny it. You will


see the Tory act war theme will come through again.


To come back, the Chambers of Commerce has been neutral. In that


situation, I do not think the head of it can have a personal opinion,


because it is so volatile and fiery. He said it was a personal opinion


and I have no reason to disagree. It is a temporary suspension until


after the referendum. It is unfortunate. It is turning


into a nasty campaign. If you weeks to go.


It will put off people. We are not informing them. Hearing anti-EU


people saying, this means we can now control our own pensions. How


ignorant people about what the EU is quite what we need to give them


information. These things work both ways, it can


turn people to another side. A debate which will go on until June


the 23rd. Three and a half months of this. Let


us stick with the Sunday Telegraph and the Sunday trading story.


Tory party at all as I was saying. The theme today. Two ministers have


threatened to quit because the Government wants to push away with


relaxing the Sunday trading. Up to 50 backbench Tory MPs may rebel. You


were talking about rebelling in the ranks. I don't know whether they are


rebelling because they really don't want relaxation of Sunday trading


laws or whether it is a statement. It strikes me the Government looks


extraordinarily weak and they will struggle to get this through.


As an economist, though, looking at the whole trading law in this


country anyway, would it make any difference to shopkeepers and


business owners if they have relaxed hours?


Inevitably. And the people who were there. The people who do the


shopping, we would be very pleased. No doubt a lot of the shops would be


pleased as well, especially the large shops. Whether people who work


there will be so pleased is different. I do think they will find


it hard to push this through. Osborne has already stood back on


his pensions reform because of the implications with his party which


tells you an awful lot. I want to move away from the Tory


story, there is a genuine story, a lot of people feel we have pushed


and pushed until shopping is our new religion. I think it is really


important to rethink this. The idea we must always shocked when we want,


whether people are able to work, what does it do to our lives to be


forever spending money? I am becoming very Christian on this. I


would like to be no shopping. As a Christian, I would like to shop


on Sunday! Ladies, we are disagreeing like


politicians. Michael Gove.


I was going to say Tories at war. This is a security story, another


twist in the EU debate. We have heard this story before.


David Cameron has been saying if we leave the EU there is a terrific


threat to our security. Michael Gove says if we stay, there is a terrific


threat. There is fear. He has accused Europe


of growing fascism. And that, he is referring back to Nazism. Here is


Boris Johnson on the side of Michael Gove saying they don't like the


fear, the fear mongering among the Brexit people. They fear mongering


themselves. It is ridiculous. Do you think the public at large who


will vote in this referendum will be getting confused?


That is what I suspect. Project Fear on both sides, Michael Gove and


Boris Johnson are trying to have no Project Fear. I take your point. The


great British public will think, I'm going to bed for the next three


months! What a lovely thought.


No exclamations in the Sunday Times, what is this story?


I am horrified, everything I write is full of exclamations.


The new idea unless a sentence starts with the word what or how,


what a lovely day, how exciting, then unless those sentences begin


with those words, you cannot use an exclamation.


Who will police this! Goodness only knows!


The language police. It will be very confusing for teachers and for their


young charges. This is absurd. This sentence that


ends in an exclamation but which does not have one of the grammatical


patterns shown above in this article, is not considered to be


creditworthy. I do think too many people are using


exclamations all the time and it can get irritating.


I do that. Style wise, it is like a little shriek.


Do you hear shouting when you see capitals?


I see nothing wrong with it actually.


Moving on to the Sunday mail, and H, NHS babies's organs.


I do not find it shocking. When you look beyond the front page which is


meant to be shocking, it is very, very skewed in One Direction. One


can read it in different ways. Parents are given a choice when they


know their baby is not viable, to either have an abortion, or have


birth and the organs can be harvested. The same newspapers, when


they see a real need for proper research around organs, we are the


first to shout about it. I think this is well done, and people know


what the tweezers. I think it is fine. We cannot get hysterical all


the time about foetuses when actually we have many more deaths we


are not worrying about. You are shaking your head? I find


the story shocking and unbelievable, the idea some lady is told she has a


deformed baby, there will be no pressure, oh, no, but imagine being


in that situation. By the way, would you like to carry to full term, have


a dead baby, but we can use the organs. .


I don't agree. As a mother, we can't judge all mothers's feelings. Some


others might feel, I can do some good. If I was a mother, I would


have done it. Would you? Do think the issue is


bigger. It obviously is. It highlights the shortage of available


organs aesthetically for very small children.


It does but this is too big a cost, my personal opinion, I was really


shocked. Moving to the Observer paper. I have


this, shunned by the family, snubbed, Sylvia Pankhurst is to be


honoured at last, what is happening? Sylvia was the one who was the


Socialist who went around saying the Lords should be cut at the knees. I


think she was going to cut it down which is why they objected. The TUC


and others are saying it is about time she had recognition. Which


strikes me as reasonable. It won't be in the grounds of the House of


Lords but in Clerkenwell Green which is quite a long way away.


I am glad she is getting recognition and even more that she was a


socialist like me. And an anti-racist.


Shock! We have Cromwell, the Cromwell statue must imitate all the


right wingers who walked by. It is our history.


It doesn't irritate me. It is International women's Day


coming up. I am critically pleased about this.


The Pankhurst we don't really talk about. I can't you go without the


big wedding. Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are married.


They have their blessing yesterday. What you make of it?


I am very happy if she is happy. I think this is not a stupid woman,


not a gullible woman. If she has decided this is what she wants, be


happy, Jerry Hall, I won't be a pitch about it. Too many on Twitter


are being really horrible. They are.


Stop it, it is her choice. An outbreak of agreement!


The first one in this session. They are both grown-ups. Not that I would


point to their ages. It is up to them to make their


decision. We heard phrases yesterday like two


worlds colliding, the biggest power couple in the world. Are they?


All people who have found love? An immensely powerful man, fourth time


lucky I hope for him. It is not about that. She clearly


decided she was happy with him. I think you know what? It is really


hard for winning as they grow older to find someone who really loves


them and takes care of them if it hasn't worked out before. If he does


that, fine. I hear from some of the newspapers


Mick Jagger is not happy. Tough. Then we should really


celebrate this wedding. It has ruined my day.


And her first engagement ring at ?2.4 million.


Thank you very much for coming in. Thanks to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown


and Ruth Lea. Just a reminder, we take a look


at tomorrow's front pages every evening at 10:30 and 11:30,


here on BBC News. Hello. There is more than a hint of


winter with widespread frost last night and sharp frost on the way


tonight. Some bright and crisp weather in between. Having said


that, a few


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