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crossing from Turkey to Greece. In the next 30 minutes, we take a look


at how virtual reality could change are mantic relationships, in Click.


-- our romantic relationships. Wellcome to look ahead to the


papers. Withers, Kevin Schofield and a journalist on the channel, France


24. The front pages, starting with the news of Nancy Reagan, which


broke tonight. We will begin with the international version of the New


York Times. An influential First Lady who always put her husband,


President Ronald Reagan, at the centre of her life and became a


political figure in her own right. The Financial Times says she was


fiercely protective of her husband and was a significant influence on


his presidency. The Telegraph says that she was a First Lady of


elegance who left her mark on the world. It says America's political


elite has been paying tribute to her. The Daily Mail refers to the


direct -- the resignation of the Director General of the British


Chambers of Commerce. The metro says...


Says that the Royal Navy will be intercepting people smuggler boats


in the Mediterranean. The I says... And The Mirror reports that the man


accused of stabbing a pregnant woman in Sutton Coldfield is her former


partner. The Guardian says that David Cameron will announce that


British servicemen will be returning what it calls "Refugees" trying to


reach Europe from Turkey. Let's start with the headline in the Daily


Mail. An honest man knifed by Number Ten. This is John Longworth, Kevin,


who has resigned as director general of the British Chambers of Commerce.


He said that he thought Britain could have a brighter future outside


the EU. A couple of days ago, he said he was giving his own personal


opinion. The BCC is to remain neutral throughout the campaign. At


the conference afterwards in a TV interview, he said it was his


personal thought that Britain could do well outside the EU. He was then


suspended by the BCC, which, in itself, was quite a controversial


move with accusations that Number Ten had got involved and put


pressure on him to be suspended, given that Number Ten is in favour


of remaining in the EU, and tonight, he has quit altogether. This one is


going to run and one, I think. It has been denied Downing Street had


anything to do with it and had leaned upon him. That he had got the


all clear to say what he was going to say. The Daily Mail says that


friends insist that John Longworth had cleared his comments in advance


with the president of the BCC, a former adviser to Labour's Ed Balls.


Liam Polworth, the Eurosceptic former Defence Minister is accusing


the government of intimidation, he says, "I want to know what contact


might have been made, what pressure might have been applied, if it


happened, they should come clean about it." This is getting ugly.


This is blood on the carpet. I don't think there has been an outright


denial from Downing Street. What was interesting on The Andrew Marr Show


was when Andrew Marr asked Boris Johnson whether he thought, whether


he was accusing Downing Street of angering and in this, it seems that


Boris Johnson was agreeing, he was not accusing Downing Street of this.


Obviously, Downing Street will need to move quite quickly to stop


rumours or to come clean, one or the other. Let's move on, looking at


stories to do with asylum. The Guardian, UK deploys troops in


refugee crisis. The Royal Navy is to get involved in the NATO mission.


Not a complete surprise. This has been hinted that for quite a long


time by Number Ten, certainly by the PM. There will be an amphibious


landing ship. This operation will start in the coming days. What the


Prime Minister wants to do, that is why he is sending in these troops,


under NATO, is very much to stop what he calls the business model of


the smugglers. What these smugglers are doing is putting people, as we


know, in a Nancy the boats. We have had more drownings yet again today.


-- in unseaworthy boats. The Greek by Minister is saying that there are


tens of thousands of refugees lining up on their border, with the closure


of the Macedonian frontier. Clearly, there was this meeting on Monday


which Mr Cameron will be going to. Immigration, once again, has become


a big problem for the EU to handle. And we know how determined these


people are. They have travelled miles and risk incredible danger.


This is Brussels, in the FT, saying, in a bid to centralise the asylum


system, risking Eurosceptic aunts -- anger. There is real sensitivity


about what is done about centralising this system, in advance


of the British referendum because there is concern that it could sway


people Bothma could views one way or the other. They seem to be making a


decision on this. Downing Street's big fear is that it becomes a


referendum on migration, that there are thousands more coming and making


their way to Europe and ultimately trying to get to Britain. And the


concern is that people will decide how to vote on the referendum based


on their views on migration. There seems to be a bit of movement from


Brussels that this would change the way things work at the moment. There


is a convention at the moment which rules that basically, you can only


claim asylum in the first country in Europe that you arrive at, which


tends to be Italy and Greece. That is clearly not working. That is not


working so this is an attempt to try and change that. In The Daily


Telegraph, charities use public cash to call for an end about, in


particular, environmental groups, many of whom argue that it is thanks


to legislation coming from Europe -- calling for an in vote, claiming


that it is because of Europe that we enjoy better environmental


protection, cleaner air and clean beaches. Ever sensitivity around


accusations of bias, particularly with public facing organisations and


this is quite an important story in terms of charities that are using


public money to effectively campaign for an in vote. This is


controversial for the Eurosceptics. The charities watchdog will issue


new guidance on political neutrality after Friends of the Earth, the


Wildlife Trust and Greenpeace were all making comments backing EU


membership and the article goes on to say, "The concerns are we opening


of an new front in the EU referendum, that will see the in


campaign dubbed "Project fear" amid claims that it is scaremongering


about Brexit. We have got so much time to go. We have the BCC Director


General resigning, we have this guidance, this is really looking


like it is going to be a car crash of a campaign. It is going to end up


with blood on the carpet by the 23rd of June. So many people are saying


on social media and in vox pops when they are interviewed, I just want


somebody somewhere to give me an overview of what is at stake here,


before we get into the arguments, we are already down the road on that.


Let's look at The Telegraph for a second. The story of the death of


Nancy Reagan at the age of 94, a First Lady of elegance who left her


mark on the world. She died today. Many years after her husband died,


having nursed him through Alzheimer's disease. She was a big


campaigner for that. Interesting because, without being disrespectful


to the former First Lady who has died, people will, some people will


remember that she initially did not really, for some people, there were


quite a lot of critics that she was consulting astrologers, and not


expecting to pay for expensive dresses, that she spent a lot of


money as people were losing jobs, on the White House. But then that love


and fierce support of her husband, that very dignified stance as he


went through his illness, has endeared her to the American people.


So this Daily Telegraph article says that the raucous American campaign


featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been put on hold for the


time being. This is in 1991, is it? 1981. It really does remind you of


what a different world it was. It is ironic that this has happened, this


sad event has happened, while the white heat of battle as far as the


Republican nomination is concerned is going on. A lot of members of the


Republican Party hark back to the days of Ronald Reagan, with the


probability that Donald Trump will be the nominee, the party of Reagan


and Lincoln, could you really have a guy like Donald Trump? And the First


Lady, how much the woman behind the man who has the power, in one of the


articles in The Telegraph, I think, said that she was supposed to have


helped with the rapprochement between Moscow and Washington. They


were both pure Hollywood products. And of course, Jackie Kennedy, such


a superbly glamorous former First Lady before her. Let's finish with


The Guardian, the great pay divide, women at least ?3000 worse off,


looking ahead to International women's Day on Tuesday. This figure


is over a career, many years in work -- at least ?300,000 worse off. If


you come back in 20 years' time... I will have it now, thank you very


much! Why would you be paid less for doing the same job? The glass


ceiling does exist. Of course, there has been huge progress. But more is


needed to be done. Even though legislation has existed for 40 years


to tackle this. The new legislation has been very influential, I might


add. It has taken 40 years, and yet still there is this massive gap and


it is still an issue. There is no justification for it. There is no


justification for! -- for it. It is because I am outnumbered! That is it


for The Papers. If you would like to make any comments on Twitter, you


can tweak to me @MartineBBC. We will have another look at the front pages


at 11:30pm. Coming up next, Click.


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