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We'll get Mark Kermode's thumbs up or otherwise.


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Kevin Schofield, editor of Politics Home,


and Benedicte Paviot, a journalist from the news channel France 24.


The Times leads on the news that British patrol boats,


including a Royal Navy ship, are to be deployed to the Greek coast to


The Financial Times reports on the death of Nancy Reagan,


and says the former actress was fiercely protective


of her husband, Ronald Reagan, during their eight years in the


White House, and was a significant influence on his presidency.


The Telegraph says Nancy Reagan was a first lady


of elegance who left her mark on the world.


It reports that America's political elite have been


The Daily Mail says "An honest man was knifed by number 10,"


referring to the resignation tonight of the director-general of


The Metro also has the story of British ships being sent


It quotes David Cameron as saying the Royal Navy will be intercepting


It features an article on the great pay divide, saying women are


?300,000 worse off. The i leads with a warning


from the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, that letting Turkey into the


European Union would pose a security risk because more terrorists would


be able to enter Europe. Let's begin with the Daily Mail, and


the story of the resignation of the director-general of the British


Chambers of Commerce. An honest man knifed by number 10. He had ready


been suspended and after some pressure it would seem he is gone. I


think that word honest is interesting, because it implies that


number 10 is being dishonest. The Daily Mail says Dave Cameron was


under pressure to come clean about government involvement in this. John


Longworth has resigned this evening. The Daily Mail goes on to say


friends say they believe Downing Street had a hand in his removal,


quote. But interestingly, it says number 10 has repeatedly refused to


deny that officials contacted the British Chambers of Commerce only


hours before the business group suspended him. Very serious


accusations being made here, and Downing Street will be very unhappy


with this headline. We are two weeks into this campaign, and blood on the


carpet. Resignation and serious accusations about Downing Street


behaving in an underhanded manner. The suggestion is these were John


Longworth's personal views, but the British Chambers of Commerce which


I'm to remain neutral. Number 10 say we had nothing to do his resignation


-- which were to remain neutral. There is a fair degree of


scepticism. Number 10 have gone hard producing reports with terrible


consequences for the economy, jobs and security. So you can see why


there is a suspicion at the very least the John Longworth has been


forced out by number 10. On Twitter, you have been asked about how it is


seen in France. The polls suggest the French public could not care one


way or another whether we stay or go? The French public cares about


the fact that there is rising unemployment, a presidential


election looming the both of the Socialists and the right-wing


parties are really not clear, and we could possibly have a president who


might want to run again, Ex President Sarkozy. Of course they


care, but interestingly, this possibility of a Brexit is being


followed by every single EU country and is being followed very carefully


in America. We know what President Obama and Li Keqiang and the Indian


Prime Minister thing. People can accuse those readers of interfering


in what is a British domestic electoral vote, and the British


people ultimately will have their say and everyone including


politicians have one vote, but what is clear is that if the British


voters decide to vote for Brexit, not breakfast, possibly that as


well, on the 23rd of June, it will be a political earthquake for the


EU, and it will be economically damaging. It will damage the EU and


the whole... Just more than a notion, the values of what the very


EU stands for, certainly from the French and German perspective


initially of getting those countries together economically but ultimately


for peace. The French politicians whether on the Conservative or


socialist side, the government position in France has been that


actually they want the United Kingdom to stay. If the British


voters decide otherwise, so be it. British values it is argued a


somewhat different. Sovereignty is a matter we need to sort out at home


if you are group believe campaign. Let's look at the Times. The Navy to


stop migrant smugglers. This is a Nato mission in the Mediterranean.


There were patrols to try to rescue people, but they were scaled back


some time ago. They were scaled back because the belief was they were


acting in a way where you would get rescued either way. There was not


much of a danger. This is an announcement that Downing Street are


channelling into tomorrow. David Cameron is going to a summit to


discuss the migration crisis. And this announcement that boats will be


deployed to the Greek coast to try to head off these people smuggler


boats, these rickety boats, carrying lots of people in dangerous


conditions to try to send them back to where they have come from. But


everything at the moment is seen to the prism of the EU referendum. The


last thing Downing Street want is for there to be another massive wave


of migrants and asylum seekers and refugees coming from northern Africa


in the run-up to the EU referendum because they fear it may be, a


referendum about migrants. But people are dying as you say on these


boats. You wonder what kind of patrols these are. A lot of times


they are desperate, and they have paid thousands of pounds to make


their journey. That's right. We had that one in the other date from


Donald Tusk. In the Times, they are talking about having seen a draft


summit document, the summit David Cameron will attend Monday. It says


Britain faces being drawn further into efforts to deal with the


fallout from this migration crisis. And they will be asked to support


Greece where up to 150,000 refugees are expected to be trapped within


weeks. The United Kingdom is not part of the Schengen agreement.


Normally, this would not apply. But it says there will be considerable


pressure that will be exerted on all EU countries including the UK to try


to resolve these thousands of people who continue, I thousands a day, two


land in Greece. Another EU referendum story. Charities is


public's cash to call for in vote. What sort of rules and regulations


are there for or against this use of public money? It seems they are not


clear enough, because the Telegraph says Britain's best-known


environmental charities are being accused of using public donations


and EU donations, subsidies, to campaign for staying in the EU. The


charities watchdog will today, Monday, issued new guidance on


political neutrality after Friends of the Earth, the wildlife trust and


Greenpeace made comments backing EU membership. Clearly there is a lack


of clarity or certain charities are interpreting it in a certain way,


and this issue of public money being donated by individuals to help the


environment presumably a lot of those people are not necessarily for


the UK staying in the EU, they may be for Brexit. The environmental


regulation we follow has come to us through the European Union


institutions. You could make the argument that what they are saying


is basically factual. It is thanks to Europe but now reaches a clean


and water is clean. But we are in a sensitive time, only two months into


the campaign -- two weeks. And the death of Matty Reagan at the age of


94. -- Nancy Reagan. A beautiful photograph on the Independent,


Farewell to a first Lady. A photograph of her with Ronald


Reagan, who she was married to for 52 years. Another similar


black-and-white picture taking in 1981 on the front of the


International New York Times. A woman who helped Michelle Obama


navigate the role of first Lady, and one which she managed to redefine in


the 1980s. She did redefine it, and she was a huge influence and source


of advice and council for her husband, not just when he was


president but when he was governor. When he was in the White House, she


was often the power behind the throne. It is ironic that it has


happened at a time during a year when the Republican Party seems to


be Terry itself apart, the establishment tried just Donald


Trump -- tearing itself. The Financial Times says when she wished


for a meeting between Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev as well. I know it was


a long time ago in the 1980s, but it seems like such a different type of


politics, and of course these two were Hollywood actors. Yes, so they


knew how to in that sense be on a stage, but can you imagine them


reacting to Twitter or the Internet? It is such an extraordinarily


different world. If we look at the current US election campaign. We


could have the first man instead of the first Lady. What would it be? Mr


Thatcher, I don't think he wanted to get involved. He liked to play golf.


And women ?300,000 worse off over a career because of the pay gap. This


is looking ahead to International women's Day on Tuesday. As the


Guardian says, it is a stubborn gender pay gap which amounts to


about 24%, according to the ONS, but the shortfall is actually nearer to


9.4%. But still, they had a dozen pounds worse off for doing the same


job is staggering as we approach international women's day. There


will be a change, though. Bigger companies will be told they have to


publish what the pay gap is. So hopefully that will name and shame


those who don't and stubbornly refuse to introduce pay equality.


But the equality pay act was passed 40 years ago and yet we still have a


situation where over a career, ?300,000, it is not small change. It


affects your superannuation as well. And out view us as banks for the


answer. What a service, BBC papers. We aim to please. -- and our viewer


thinks you for the answer. That's it for The Papers this hour.


Thank you to our guests.


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