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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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season. We will also have news on defeat for Scotland in their opening


match of cricket's Twenty20 World Cup.


Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will bring tomorrow.


Michael Booker is the deputy editor of the express. It was a brief


moment of power. We will start with the Financial Times, Louise. Maria


Sharapova. She has a few problems. Indeed she does. On the front of the


Financial Times, there is a brief list of the big sponsors that she


has lost, or at least who are wondering about their position with


her. Night, Portia, Tahheuer. -- Porsche. She is the first tennis


star who has been found to have taken a banned substance. She owned


something like $20 million in 2015 --... It is the tie-ups with


companies that have made her far wealthier than the earnings for


winning tournaments. These are some long-term contract. Nike, supposedly


a deal worth $7 million over eight years. She has been with them over a


decade. Tahheuer, the Swiss watchmaker, apparently she has had a


contract with them since 2005. Porsche, more recent. It is


interesting how quickly the corporate sponsors have moved to


suspend her. I just saw the film about Lance Armstrong, and even


fever in the World Cup, it is surprising how quickly they have


suspended. -- they have suspended her. She has done very well out of


these, and they have done very well out of her over the years. Otherwise


they would have not paid the money. Exactly. They have suspended and


postponed, mealy-mouthed words from businesses. They always say that.


But you can imagine, if this is investigated, and yesterday when she


did the press conference and people were saying, this is her trying to


seize the narrative of it all, and say, I have made this huge mistake


to stop it is almost in the please forgive me world. It is like


choosing, I didn't realise, it was a big mistake. For a decade! She has


not gone as far as a nit is a health problem. You could see... It's


better they have suspended her than that they haven't. You can see there


is our way back for them and there is a way back for hire. It is a


lucrative business for both of them. That is the next bit. Rush to


suspend Sharapova shows depth of drug problem, that's in the


Telegraph. In Australia, where she was tested positive for this drug,


they says she is a professional, that it is out of character. Great


integrity. The problem is, she's been taking this drug for ten years,


and it is suspected of potentially being able to increase blood flow to


the heart, which gives you extra in June and is. And yet she has


continued to take it. It was only band at the end of last year. We


have known about it for one day and it sets off alarm bells. It was an


angina joke as well. Jazz mac angina drug. Why would you take a drug for


your heart with all kinds of risks that as if you didn't actually need


to do it? That is the big question over all of this. You could put the


headline on this story - they still don't get it. In some of the


sports... That is what they are saying. People depend on these


people for so much money that they do try to push it under the carpet.


That's why, in all of the sports - athletics, tennis - the Russians are


quoted as saying that this is nonsense and there are no problems.


When we still have federations like that having that attitude, this will


keep happening. At the same time, when we have her people, and I


imagine she has a big team getting paid a lot, and they need her to


survive and keep the big paycheques coming, they will try to news manage


this, but reading from Paul Hayward, who has written this piece, they


don't get it and the rest of us understand that. They live in this


weird bubble where they think they can get away with it. The stunning


quote, actually, this is from Steve Simon, head of the women's tennis


Association, so he the head of the association. His exact quote is: I


am very saddened to hear this about Maria. One would think he would be


saddened because of the damage to his board, but that is not what


saddens him. It is that Maria, again I quote: Maria is our leader, and I


have always known how to be a woman of great integrity. If that is the


head of the tennis Association, it kind of says it all. OK. The cartoon


on the front of the Telegraph. It is quite interesting, isn't it?


Don't take this if you're driving or if you have a 49 million pounds


we've all become overnight experts in this banned drug. Reading from


the people who made it, they say they are this -- that they prescribe


it for six weeks at a time. She has taken it for ten years. He works for


the Daily Express, come on! This is the big question. Someone


has been speculating on Twitter that if this were Serena Williams, we may


have a different situation. There are a lot of people saying, I told


you so. With Maria Sharapova, it is the opposite. It is, oh no, she must


have made a big mistake. That is the world we live in. Not very nice, is


it. I like the comment from the Telegraph sports writer that the


Russian tennis Federation says there is nothing... Two of their leading


sports administrators have committed suicide, have been found dead. I


like the metro's front-page - game over. It all depends on the band. If


it is four years, then she is 29, and that probably is it. If it is to


make years, which a lot of people are suggesting because there was a


mea culpa, then she could go to the Court of arbitration in sport and


get it down to one year, in which case Nike and all the others would


come straight back in. How? If you are found guilty of cheating... I


just don't get it. She says she has taken it for ten years - why isn't


it a lifetime ban is like it was only banned at the end of last year.


Even though there were so many suspicions about it.


Another sport is a news story. The front page of the matter again.


Boss covered for Johnson. It is since he was found guilty last week,


there has been a lot of pressure on Sunderland to save what they knew


and when. Today, they have come out with this statement. The chief


executive has designed, is... She saw a note saying that he had


admitted he had kissed the 15-year-old. Everyone else apart


from the chief executive was cleansed of guilt at the football


club. In a subsequent statement, Sunderland have said that Adam


Johnson lied to them all the way along. He said he was going to plead


not guilty. She said because he did accept some of the offences before


the trial. So, it does seem as though she has boxed it all off so


as not to blame anyone else at Sunderland. If you take it that


these value, she is the CEO. The buck stops with her. But use smell a


rat. -- but you smell a rat. It is nicely boxed. She is saying, it is


all my fault. She has been at Sunderland for a few years and is


very well thought of in the club, I am not sure about the fans. She has


taken a bullet for the rest of the team. It seems. To me. It is


suggested that she saw 834 of these sex texts. Which is difficult to


say. She saw them and she still thought it was acceptable for him to


continue. I find that exceedingly odd. 834 - even you and I don't text


each other that much. Come on, that is a lot of texts. It was a


struggling football club that needed an England international. So I


asked, would they do that to their daughters? You are going to be back


in an hour to look at more of the stories on the front pages. Many


things that. Much more coming up. Right now, Sportsday.


Hello and welcome to Sportsday - I'm John Watson.


Coming up tonight: Arsenal score four as they beat Hull in their FA


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