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And in their opening match of Cricket's Twenty20 World Cup. That


is all to come in Sportsday in 15 minutes after The Papers.


Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are the financial commentator


Louise Cooper and Michael Booker, who is deputy editor at the Express.


Tomorrow's front pages: The i newspaper leads on our top story -


those comments by the Bank of England Governor about an EU exit.


Meanwhile, "Queen backs Brexit," is the Sun's headline.


The paper reports on an alleged disagreement


The FT says Europe's top investment banks are now making less than half


as much revenue as their US counterparts.


The paper also reports on the sponsorship crisis facing


The resignation of Sunderland's chief executive following the


Adam Johnson abuse case is the lead story for the Metro.


The Telegraph leads with a call by the head of parliament's


"sleaze watchdog" for changes to the way MPs conduct is regulated.


According to the Guardian, the leaders of the newly formed Momentum


group, backing Jeremy Corbyn, say they're ready to defend him


should he face a challenge for the top job after the elections in May.


And The New Day has a special report looking


into how one in three victims of domestic abuse are now men.


Michael, we will start with the Guardian. Sharapova faces tough


questions. Her visage appears on every newspaper apart from the sun,


which has the queen, God bless her. The Guardian has Sharapova. Looking


very stressed on the front. Need tennis match looking stressed. --


mid-tennis. We are now all experts on meldonium, the drug she has been


taken. She didn't realise it was banned. She says she has unspecified


complaint but has not call us what it is yet. She might tell us further


down the line. What is interesting in this is that they have spoken to


the UK head of Science and Medicine in Anti-dumping. There is a growing


signs of this kind of medicine intake without a medical condition.


The nub of it is if she had a medical condition or not. Lots of


them are taking it without medical problems but it aids their


performance. He says it is this question of ethics that is the


problem. If it is the case that she knew this before hand and there is


no medical problem, then she is a cheat. And the part you have


referred to... And that she had not made a mistake. She failed the drugs


test and then after failing to test, she went back and said,


retrospectively, I want to get something called a therapeutic use


exemption, something granted to athletes who take banned substances


for a medical reason. She failed the test and said, now I have failed it,


I want to say I have some illness which is why I have to take it. That


can happen and that is legal. If you are taking something for your


health, and you don't put it on the form of and it is found this is in


your system, you can go back and do that. Lots of questions. It always


seems to be sports men and women who are caught, seeming to take


medication that also accidentally enhances their performance. I have


had a cough and my leg hurts! LAUGHS.


They don't seem to get caught... It is for angina. It improves your hard


capacity. Hey, why would a sportsman want to take that? I have no idea.


Yesterday, she did try to seize the initiative after finding out that


she had failed this drug test, being as open and honest with the world


press as she possibly could, this has led to sponsors withdrawing,


taking time-out to assess the truth and what is happening at the moment.


They are looking ethical about it as well. You just wonder if they are


hoping it will all be nicely sorted out and it has all been a huge


mistake and then she will somehow in one or two years bounce back. Time


is running out. She is 29. She is someone who has been sliding down


the rankings. I don't think she has played often this season. Louise,


the Daily Express, drug shame over 100 million. The -- this woman has


made $200 million out of sponsorship. Sponsorship is where


you make money. I was looking at Lance Armstrong, the American


cyclist who did a lot of drugs cheating and was stripped of his


seven Tour de France wins. The US Cattina postal Service was the big


sponsor of his cycling team and they are still trying to reclaim tens of


millions, even more, saying, we sponsored you in faith and honesty


that you were not doping and you were doping, which is a different


situation from start up over who has just been found to be taking this


drug -- different situation from Sharapova -- US Postal Service. It


is earnings from the past and future. What I wanted to ask Mr


Booker about is the choice of photos. The Express has taken the


photo of her from the press conference, which makes sense. The


Guardian has got a photo with her beautiful pink nails, but she is


looking stressed on court... You can't see her face. It is very sort


of the Guardian. And then the Times has a looking flirtatious, which is


terribly odd, and then we have one on the Mail which makes her looking


like a sexy vixen. I wonder why they have chosen sites different photos.


All editors have different ideas on which pictures to use -- chosen such


different photos. The one on the front of the Mail, she does look


slightly icy and a little knowing... What! If you can see the


picture... All right. Your paper uses the press conference, it is


contemporaneous and proper journalism, sort of... LAUGHS.


You are flattering him! I am talking rubbish. It is going to turn. We


stay with your paper, Britain needs EU exit plan now, cabinet minister


demands PM act before it is too late. The Culture Secretary backing


leave, speaking to journalists today, talking about how it is time


David Cameron came up with a Brexit strategy because we might not be"


bremaining" according to him. You didn't use remain, not bremain. You


have been getting carried away with all of these bremains is.


Brabsolutely! He has had a go at the PM for not coming out with any plan.


He has said that the new Deal was marginally better than what we had


previously from the EU. It is interesting, we don't know what the


Brexit plan would be. No one has put it to us. People will be voting in


June. It would be helpful if one side or the other... According to


Mark Carney it will mean hell in the short term. The truth of it is no


one knows. Can he say, 100%, Mark Carney, what will happen? No, he


can't see the future. Mark Carney made it clear that they do have


contingency plans. They need to have contingency plans. Liquidity for the


bank. In case of... They don't know it will happen. If no one knows, why


have you got the front page of your paper saying, we need a plan? We


need to make deals with other countries about trade. That will


take 20 years anyway. It does take a long time. Let's not go there. Some


say it will take a long time, some say it won't. Trade deals in history


have taken a long time. It is interesting that the daily express


is the paper that has come out, they get us out of the EU -- Daily


Express. We know what the readers want. The other papers have an


opinion but they have not come out and said this is what you should


think. They hint. They have been sceptical. They have not crossed the


line. The Express, have they expressly done that? Since 2010. The


front of the Sun. Louise, backing a Brexit. Bombshell claim over Europe


vote. Queen backs Brexit. It is covered in... Sources said...


Exactly. No flat denial. I will give it to you in a second. Louise, give


us the story. It was lunch at Windsor Castle, during the


coalition, and it was Nick Clegg and the Queen, and apparently the


Queen, this is an anonymous source, I presume, there is a new term here,


we have a Brexitor... It says a highly reliable source. Clearly it


is a Brexitor. It could be a senior Brexitor source. It is an unnamed,


anonymous source, and people were in no doubt about her views, she said


that the EU was heading in the wrong direction. And that adds up to


Brexit? That is the point, does it mean she thinks we should leave?


Nick Clegg says he doesn't remember it. To be clear, he says, as I told


the journalist, this is nonsense! I have no recollection of this


happening and it is not the sort of thing I would forget. The Queen


says, well, the Sun says they have not expressly denied the heated...


(CROSSTALK). They said, he really cannot remember it at all. A


Buckingham Palace spokesman said the Queen remains politically neutral,


as she has been for 63 years. We would never comment on spurious,


anonymous we sourced quotes. Is that that the Queen did not say anything


negative about Europe? The Queen saying something negative about


Europe is different to saying she backs a Brexit. That is a different


thing and I agree with that. Move over the line a little bit.


Slightly. It sounds more like she is very Eurosceptic rather than...


(CROSSTALK). Incredibly Eurosceptic?! He is winding himself


up into an Express frenzy! The EU is heading in the wrong direction!


Eurosceptic Tory MP, the reason we sing God saying that the Queen


heartily is because we believe she is there to protect us from European


encroachment, which we sing it because it is an anti- EU and that!


LAUGHS. Very good -- God Save The Queen.


Stop it, it isn't funny any more. It made me laugh! Something serious,


the front of the Mirror Thomas Sunderland boss - I knew the star


kissed the child but didn't tell anyone, this is the chief executive


of Sunderland football club who let this guy continue playing even


though he was charged with these serious offences. Serious pressure


on Sunderland to say what they knew and when and now Margaret has


resigned. She has taken all of the blame. She said she knew he had


kissed this girl and she knew about some of the tax as well. 834 texts


-- texts. She was under the impression he was going to plead not


guilty to everything. She said it went no further. She has taken the


entire blame and off she goes. You can see that in one way she has


taken it for the team and she, you know, is lancing the boil and


getting it out there. Whether someone else knew, we will never


know. We have 30 seconds for the final


story. American tourists in Edinburgh, if you have got enough


cash to a half thousand day you can pretend to be the lord and lady of


the manner, or the servant. Bizarrely equal amount of people


want to be a chef and the Butler the one to beat the Lord and Lady of the


manor. So you pay for the privilege? Yes you pay for it. It is


just like being on East Enders. I think you can supplement your very


large income at the Daily Express with that idea. As ever it has been


great having you guys. Many thanks for that. Stay with us on BBC News


but now it is time to


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