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travelling fans, and the surprise result at the world Twenty20 event


where Ireland were playing Oman. Hello and welcome to


our look ahead to what the papers With me are Tony Grew, the political


reporter and commentator, and Caroline Frost, the Entertainment


Editor of the Huffington Post. The Express leads on


Buckingham Palace's disquiet after the Queen was accused of


favouring Britain leaving the EU. The row between


the Sun newspaper and the palace is It says the justice secretary


Michael Gove is implicated The Times reports on a leak


of thousands of sensitive documents that could


damage the so-called Islamic State. The names of several British Jihadis


are believed to be included amongst Sir George Martin and


Sir Paul McCartney are pictured in the Guardian, following the


producer's death at the age of 90. Its main story is the defeat


of the government's plan to relax The Independent also carries


tributes to He's described by Sir Paul as,


"The most generous, intelligent and The i says the number of people


employed in the UK on zero hour contracts has increased and accuses


bosses of exploiting job insecurity. The FT carries a warning from senior


bankers in Europe about the dangers The paper says a further cut


in rates is widely expected. And


the jail terms given to five members of the gang behind the Hatton Garden


diamond heist feature in the Metro. The sentences of up to seven


years are described as "soft". The super sleuths in Fleet Street.


They reckon they've got their man, Michael Gove! The Daily Telegraph


imply that the justice secretary was the leak for this notorious Sun


front-page yesterday. There is a serious point. The government


operates because the Queen can express her views to her trusted


ministers. The fact that we don't know the Queen's view on anything


shows how respectful vat system has been. Clearly a few words have been


said about the Queen's perceived view. It is a mess. Although Michael


Gove... You will have to prove it was Michael Gove, for him to be in a


position where you may have to resign, but it is notable that the


palace has complained to the press regulator. This is significant and


serious breach. If it is proved he was the source of the leak, and if


he is denying it -- and he is denying it, do you think this is a


resigning matter? Absolutely. This is a serious matter. If compromised


the Queen's position, implied the monarchy is taking sides in a debate


that's actually about the British people deciding and the entire


structure is about that. The Prime Minister of our country has an


hour-long meeting with the Queen once a week during term time. Those


are never leaked. No Prime Minister has ever said the Queen said this,


the Queen said that. In private she should be able to express her views.


Caroline, everyone on both sides will be passing the words of


influential people when it comes to this very difficult question of


whether we should stay in or out. The Queen is as influential as they


come and she gave a speech in Berlin a few months ago I think it was


where some suggested that she was in favour of the EU. Its William Davies


speech a few weeks ago where it showed in some people's view that he


was in favour of the EU as well. This will go on for four months!


Then we complain if Prince William and his wife tuck themselves away.


Because the minute they say a word... Prince Charles as we know


has never been very forthcoming and he has been the beneficiary of much


stamping of glasses, but what happens is people looking for


something... This could have been an anecdote, a Chinese whisper. It was


also five years ago. What were you thinking about the referendum five


years ago? But this is it and it has been jumped upon. This can only come


back to bite them. The Sun is now trying to bring the Clegg equation.


I am not saying the Sun are pro Brexit but they aren't mentioning


Michael Gove in the same way that other newspapers are. They've taken


a picture of her Majesty in her most combat if -- unimpressed stage. If


we pull out to show the full front-page, you've got allegedly the


Queen, angry at Europe, and then this story at the bottom. It is


interesting you say... I don't think Rupert Murdoch has come out on


either side so far. This front page from the Sun suggests he might be


leaning that way. Obviously you are jumping the gun on a man who hasn't


made his impressions felt. However, incidentally Michael Gove was a


guest at Rupert Murdoch's wedding this weekend. As if we needed an


extra element in the conspiracy! But the Sun are building on the story of


the Queen's suppose that feelings. They aren't exactly backing off and


they are standing by it. They aren't obviously going to be backpedalling


all of a sudden. I think the problem for the Sun and the watchdog is that


it is the link that their sources made of an event back in 2011 and a


referendum taking place in four months time. And nothing explicit


has been said. When the queen visited Germany she said it is bad


if you are in position out. I can't think of a more bland phrase. When


Prince William went to the Foreign Office he said we have always been


an outward looking nation and that's been interpreted as a dramatic


intervention in the referendum. But what else would you say if you are


visiting the Foreign Office? It is a desperate attempt to bring the royal


family into this argument. The front page of the Times. Stephen Hawking.


Leeds 150 scientist against the Brexit. They are all coming out. We


have the military top brass little while ago and now we've moved on to


the scientists. We do wonder what's next. Builders for Brexit. We will


see more of this. You're counting down. More than 100 days. Is anyone


going to be swayed by that? Stephen Hawking, royal society scientist...


They only have to reach one section of society. If a bunch of


scientists, science students, people in technology, certain areas of


business, if that captures one group of people than they've done their


job, then they move onto the military, the builders other


sectors. If we've got 100 days of people queueing up to not be for


Brexit, then they are going to have to fight... Everytime this happen


the pro Brexit people are going to have to find something equally


proportionate to come out with. So it is kind of doing a bit of a


spoken campaign. What the argument Stephen Hawking has been made? As a


scientist, why are? -- why? Explained the front-page! It is to


do with the grants and cooperation with scientists across the EU. That


lovely thing of shared knowledge being better for everyone? This is


all very nice, Stephen Hawking and a certain section of society, but


that's what makes the Sun's page yesterday in Patfull. If there's one


person on the country who is influential it is the Queen. --


impactful. Millions of readers being told by a paper that the Queen wants


to leave. Which is why the palace has been so vehement in its denial.


This is from the same company, so this is much tamer. This is Mr


Murdoch keeping us all on the edge of our seats. Let's hope he doesn't


get splinters sitting on that fence. The Times. Thousands of secret ISIS


recruit leaked. Apparently the security services are examining


files, 22,000 fighters and the details. The documents reveal that


ISIS has set up a human resources centre that requires a 23 sections


survey, giving names, birth dates, nationalities, blood types.


Respective members were asked to choose between being a suicide


bomber, a soldier and other role, and detail any other jihadist


experience. It is interesting HR departments in terrorist


organisations have the same questions as any other organisation!


But what is interesting is they've elected all of this data and the


surgery services have gotten hold of it. That's a big blow for them as it


means we have an idea of whether fighters are coming from. If it is


real then it's a significant breakthrough. A huge window on to


the way that this group operates. It highlights how sophisticated they


are. It isn't just a bunch of people firing aimlessly into the sky. They


know what bear doing. Absolutely. It seeks to model itself on the style


of Western governments that it aims to overthrow. What does Alami, as


much as I am comforted by seeing this breach, I'm not sure I am


comforted by seeing it publicised on our side like this. I know it is a


morale booster, but I am happy the less I know because I like to think


that people smarter than me with wide reaching the less I know


because I like to think that people smarter than me with wide reaching


resources are sitting as applicable, rather than necessarily need looking


at this list and thinking, that's interesting! The headlines, the


files leaked, is this leaked to the security services all leaked to the


press? I will be frank, it is unclear. From the way the story is


written it is unclear. It is also worth pointing out that only a small


portion of cash is thought to have come through so far. This suspicion


is that there is more to come. Tory rebels kill off PM plan for Sunday


trading. You spent the whole day in the lobby at the Commons reporting


on this. I know you are happy man about it. I want you to share your


enthusiasm. I am never a happy when I am watching MPs at work! I did go


to the toilet and have a meal. I didn't spend the entire time there,


but I did see the bulk of the debate. If you know what's going on,


if you know who the players are, the Commons is endlessly fascinating. So


I am watching the try minister's bagman coming, tap and MP on the


shoulder and take him out for a meal. At one point the Prime


Minister went and sat by the main rebel and was showing him something


on her phone. Basically trying to get these people, their own MPs, not


to rebel. And of course they did rebel in numbers. The first defeat


for this government. Also, it is hard to understand why the Prime


Minister expanded such a huge amount of political capital on what is a


relatively minor change to the way in which Sunday trading is


administered, whether that is done by local counties or central


government. So it has been a day of high drama but a puzzling day as


well. The finger is being pointed at the Scottish nationals by David


Cameron couldn't keep his own MPs in line. Some decided they would rebel


against this. Absolutely. Sometimes, I know they say 18 is at its weakest


after it has scored a goal, I'm not suggesting David Cameron's


negotiations on Europe were successful but he has been at that


end of the pitch. -- is a. There's been a bit going on behind the back


doors at Westminster and this is the result. I've witnessed no dribbling


in corridors! I want to make that clear. Metaphor finished. We will


end with the Daily Mail. One of many papers that has Sir George Martin on


the front page. He has been described as the fifth Beetle. As


soon as this news was broken and there were two incredible personal


tributes from Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. As you quoted earlier, he


said he was not only the most musical but also the most


intelligent and nicest man he had ever come across. Paul McCartney


presumably has met a lot of talented people. What he got lucky very


young. He turned up as a young 20-year-old at Abbey Road when


George Martin entered his life. George Martin was in his late 30s


when he took on The Beatles wrote that he was able to mental them and


he was one of the few people they listen to. I will use this moment


just to say that 15 years ago I watched the TV series, George


Martin, a 3-part series. It is on YouTube and I am hoping the BBC will


repeat it. I learnt more about music in that 3-part series hosted by


George Martin that I have ever learnt before. Very interesting. But


it wasn't just The Beatles Row. Elton John, Elvis Costello.


I was going to say that, there are few people falling you can say that


their work speaks of himself, and that is George Martin's legacy. You


will not need to explain to future generations why he was a genius, you


can do is put on his music, and it will be self-explanatory. 700


singles, extraordinary. It is, and he has sadly left us. It has been


great having you in, looking at some of the stories behind the headlines.


Many thanks. If you are Chelsea fan, look away now. Sportsday is coming




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