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second leg will be an uphill struggle in berry-macro we will also


-- and uphill struggle. We will also have more on the rugby and tennis.


That at 10:45pm. Welcome to our look at the papers.


Let us begin with the front pages. Osborne's council tax bombshell is


where we will begin. It is on the The I. It says millions will be hit


after the Chancellor changes rules. We don't have a lot of detail. We


don't, but the thing we have to note is that this government has two


decide whether or not to raise the covers by revaluing our homes or


not. Will it be a rebranding of properties? I can't see a


revaluation happening. Note government would be crazy to do


that. There may be extra bands added on top, particularly in London where


homes are valued so highly. There is this idea that Osborne might remove


the cap that exist on councils for raising council tax. That would


allow him to put the blame for the rises onto the councils themselves.


But nobody wants to see their services reduced, but nobody likes


having to pay more for them. At the moment there is a double squeeze.


Libraries shouting, schools that need to be built, the cost of


elderly care. This money has to come from somewhere and it looks like


taxing people through their front door is going to be the way forward.


Looking at it politically it is interesting. This was a real


flagship policy for the government to hold down council tax. They were


saying they were helping of working families by holding council tax


down. But they can't hold it down for ever. Ultimately, it is a real


terms cut. Indeed, and when you look carefully at it, when you look at


the issue of devolution, we hopefully have a mayor in


Manchester. They will have a lot of money under their control and the


ability to raise those finances at a local level will be the way forward.


Let us look at the Guardian. Labour plan to borrow billions for


investment. Maybe that is not quite the headline that the shadow


chancellor was intending. He is promising iron discipline. Tell us


what he is going to do. I like this story. It is one that has been


bouncing around for months and months. They are talking about the


new fiscal credibility wall. The basic substance of it is that they


will borrow to invest, but they will balance the day-to-day budget. That


is pretty much something John McDonald has been saying since


October last year. There was a point when he said he was going to go with


George Osborne's fiscal charter, to balance the entire budget. He backed


away from it, causing confusion. He did then say he would balance the


day-to-day budget. There is not too much more going forward, but what


there is is a bit more bite to the office of budget responsibility in


terms of policing his fiscal. Whether that will come through,


whether it is enough to convince people that there is credibility now


is another question. Labour had a fiscal edibility problem under Ed


Miliband. Labour's problem goes further than that. They are still


trying to deal with this one bit, but they need to deal with robbers


of credibility before people think about the fiscal policies. But as


the Chancellor this is what he will concentrate on and it is an issue of


trust. This is not for the country, it is for everyone in the party.


People are lining up to take away his throne. Angela Eagle was


sidelined and is now business secretary. Rachel Reid is tapping


her fingernails in the back, and Dan Jarvis gave a wonderful talk today.


People are lining up with knives to put in John 's back. There is talk


of what economic policy Labour should have. John McDonald has been


doing the beetle of the country, speaking to Labour Party members.


People are saying he is gearing up for a potential future leadership


bid himself. Perhaps this is in saying he has a control on the


party's economic policies. Labour have not been on the front pages so


much of late. It has been the European Union and the


Conservatives. In The Times, President Obama blames David Cameron


for the mess left in Libya. This is the suggestion that David Cameron


was distracted and should have done more in Libya. This is an amazing


story. When you think about how relations are conducted between


leaders of the UK and the US, for the president to come out, and not


in and off the cuff way, but in an on record interview for an magazine,


to make these comments same David Cameron was distracted and the UK


was joined to be a free ride by not meeting is 2% defence budget, it is


quite a big thing for him to do and you can get the feeling this is a


president now who is liberated. The focus is on Trump and Hillary


Clinton and he is just letting loose. I do understand the White


House is making it clear that no, the special relationship is still


intact, it is fine. It is not that special boat, after this. David


Cameron was flanked by Nicolas Sarkozy talking about Libya, we are


your friends will always be here for you and as soon as we expect


democracy to fly, it flew away. There was that photo opportunity in


Benghazi when they came as liberators and gave a speech two


Libyans. But Lord Rifkind has said it is a bit of a cheek. We committed


more of our military resources than the US did. And now we are seeing


the fruits of this, are we not? We left the plug in Libya, but


unfortunately it is an open door. At the time when the French and British


intervened, there were senators, congressmen or in America who were


pushing a banner to say we need to take the lead in this situation.


This is where the world's police man should step in and make a mark, but


he did not want to get involved at that time. He did not want to get in


-- he did not want to put skin in the game. Perhaps they did get


distracted afterwards. The NewDay. Surprised by that


picture. I'm not sure. Breast cancer, beaten


in 11 days. Are there details as to how? It is the combination of twin


drugs. Herceptin, it carries a heavy load. And a new one that I cannot


pronounce. What we do know, however is how many


mothers, sisters, wives are challenged by breast cancer and how


many families are torn apart by this. It is the whole idea now that


we can have tailored drugs for each woman, for each family, no doubt,


that she comes from, is embedded in, and attack this cancer in 11 days by


using drugs we have in a different combination.


Herceptin works on the surface of Ken Adam Scouse drugs and the other


works beside the cell. I could not say hawker, hunter,


earlier. It is a great break through. Cancer


does attack young families, young lives. Grandmother, aunts, we have


all been know. It is great to know if we are faced with it, there is a


way forward. Finally, are the Camerons thinking


of staying on at Number Ten? We know he is going? I think so. If that


story was really what it was purporting to be it would be on the


front page, rather than a question on the front page.


So, what is the suggestion, he is leaving the option open to stay on


as the MP, if that is the case, you could be the Prime Minister? You


could be, Boris Johnson, Theresa May, in facts the entire party may


have something to say about that. I think he may be house hunting. It


is a play on words. We have a while to wait. That's it


for the front pages. Sophia and Joe are back at 23. 30, to have another


look at the headlines. Now it is time for


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