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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Anne Ashworth, Assistant Editor of the Times,


and the writer, broadcaster and Evening Standard columnist,


A warm welcome to both of you, thank you for being with us.


The Independent on Sunday leads with an excusive -


saying Barack Obama will use a visit to the UK next month to support


David Cameron's campaign to remain in the EU.


The Mail on Sunday have disclosures from a new book


by the former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister -


David Law - who describes the "simmering tensions"


between the Prime minister and the tory EU Brexit campaigners,


The Sunday times say Palace officials have


stepped in to prevent the Queen from being used as a political


football during the referendum campaign.


Turkey's bid to join the EU could have a major effect


The Observer says the Chancellor is under pressure


to ditch promised tax cuts for the well-off in


trains on HS2 rail scheme are at risk of derailment


That was a quick preview, let us look at them in a little bit more


depth. Wide-eyed to kick-off for us, and independent story about


President Obama's visit, President Obama was quoted this week as being


less than comp entry about David Cameron over Libya? I wonder if this


is a kind of making up for it because he was quoted in the


Atlantic magazine being very hard flattering about Mr Cameron in


particular in relation to the management of the transition of


Libya to a safe state. It seems as though he will be coming to Europe


next month, and he is going to plead for Britain to stay within the EU.


It is, the EU and the vote is the only show in town on the front pages


to night but this is a very different look at it. That Obama


obviously, once to buddy up again with his brow Mr Cameron. But will


his Broe wants to buddy up with him? Well I think that in world politics


you have got to be bigger than that, I am sure that probably he is not


quite a lame duck president yet. He is still Mr Obama, they will be


quite a lot of excitement to see him arrive here and I'm sure that


Cameron will try and make the best of the visit. Do you think it will


be a slightly awkward meeting? Or will they let bygones be bygones? A


week is a long time in politics. What is interesting is the fact that


the Magnum president wants us to stay in Europe is not news, they


have always want us to. The goal said that we would be the American


road and horse. What is interesting is that his campaigning skills would


be useful -- De Gaulle said. How he could persuade people to stay in,


how would his campaigning skills be used, Cameron and Obama would be a


joint appearance. Did they not have, one, maybe a barbecue? Maybe they


would have afternoon tea. German sausages. Anyway, we are still on a


European thing because the papers are very much focused on the


referendum. And the mail and the Mail on Sunday have got a lot of


stuff about Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, two of the leading leave


campaigners. When I saw this front page I thought wow, so much there,


that Michael Gove's job might be under threat, that Boris wants to be


the next Prime Minister. And that, it is a Council various


conversations and we don't know quite at what time. Including there


seems to have been a conversation at the very highest level -- to have


been a conversation had the very highest level by replacing Romanian


fruit pickers with old age pensioners, who would be paid


minimum wage. It is a whole conflation. This is all about a book


by David Laws, a former Liberal Democrat minister. The problem is we


do not have the extracts from the book, it is difficult to judge but


it seems that he has had access to Nick Clegg and Nick Clegg has shown


him all of his papers and so on. So the book promises, based on what


they have said, it promises to be full of Revelation. There is a line


from Cameron, calling goes a Maoist. He seems to be a curiouser kind of


Maoist. -- calling Michael Gove. There is also an interesting


conversation between Clegg and the Queen, about this proposal for the


first-born even if they are girls can succeed to the throne, and he


asked the Queen are you happy with this? And she said by then I will be


dead. So it seems to be, in recent years political books have not


provided us with a lot of material. These quotes and impressions from


over a number of years. A number of years and conversations that have


been brought together, we don't know how many of these conversations have


happened recently. In the last few weeks for example. I would have


thought that these conversations would have taken place during the


coalition and of course the Liberals getting back into power after a long


time kept very detailed notes and things like that. I suspect, the


selling point of the book will be the comment about Europe and so on.


Because the Liberals are against going out. Let us move on to the


Sunday express, still on Europe, it is all about Turkey, and their bid


to join the European Union, being described as a game changer in the


way that it might make Britons think about whether or not to stay in


Europe. In the referendum. Is that right, would that be a game changer?


I am slightly baffled by this because we know that Turkey is


nowhere near joining the EU, it is an aspiration rather than a plan.


And I am not quite sure exactly why this would be such an influence.


They are using the migrant crisis allegedly to try and persuade the EU


to sort of take them further along the road towards accession to the


EU? Given that the news coming out of Turkey is becoming quite


dictatorial, shutting newspapers, things like that, I think the image


of Turkey if you like is not a great one. If there is even a long-term or


a medium-term threat that Turkey would join the EU, I think in the


argy-bargy of the debate, that is not going to swing votes but it


might be a factor in a very close race. Do we actually know on what


basis people are going to make their decision on the vote? I would love


to know what is going on in the minds of ordinary people and what


they make of this great mountain statistics and use being thrown at


them. Identity people in elections make up their minds in the last


minute. -- I don't think. People who are concerned with politics are


debating all of the time, most people are not worrying about the


EU, they would only make up their minds. I think there are quite a few


of don't knows, and what will affect them is not the economic numbers but


immigration. The fear that we are being flooded and the fear that we


are losing control of our laws, those two factors will play a big


part. Let us move on to the Observer, because they have got a


budget story. George Osborne's tax plans, we will hand billions to


Britain's wealthiest. This is the the point at which you start to pay


higher rate tax. We have had fiscal drag, a lot of people playing higher


rate tax who by no means are hugely wealthy, better off than most but


not the super-rich. It is the aspiration that we should only start


to pay higher rate tax at earnings of around 50,000. It is quite


controversial because you might say that those people don't need tax


concessions and that low-down people need to be paying a lot less tax.


But it seems to me, that it would be a good way, of appealing to a great


many voters. In the budget, to say that you are no longer in higher


rate tax, look what I have done for you now make me Prime Minister which


is what Osborne wants to believe. Osborne has so far not played his


cards very well, she has had to backtrack, lost out in the Sunday


trading laws. And this one can't be an omnishambles. It can't be and one


doesn't know what happens with EU referendum, if you get the budget


wrong and the wrong side of the EU referendum. Leadership between him


and Boris? At the moment I would make Boris slightly ahead. We have


just got a minute or two ahead, a quick look at the Sunday Telegraph,


they have got an HS 2-storey. Trains will go too fast apparently for the


tracks. I thought that was the idea that they went too fast? Yes but it


doesn't seem it was taken into account. I'm slightly dubious


because I think it was the first thing on people's minds, as to


whether the tracks could take those speeds. But doesn't this story


reflect the fact that many of the Telegraph readers are posted HS two,


it reflects where the baby is coming from because there is quite a lot of


opposition from Tory ranks. It is going to cost a rout 50 billion. --


about. There is a big constituency who don't believe we should have HS


two. The two papers that you are very sceptical about. Thank you very


much for being with us, we will see you again later. Next, we are going


to have a look at the weather with Nick Miller.


Hello, after stormy weather had become accustomed to something


completely different in the week ahead as high


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