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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Anne Ashworth, Assistant Editor of the Times, and


the writer, broadcaster and Evening Standard columnist, Mihir Bose.


The Independent on Sunday claims Barack Obama will


use a visit to the UK next month to support David Cameron's campaign to


The Sunday Times says Palace officials have stepped


in to prevent the Queen from being used as a political football


The Mail on Sunday have disclosures from a new book by the former


Lib Dem cabinet minister, David Laws, who describes the "simmering


tensions" between the Prime Minister and the tory EU Brexit campaigners,


The Sunday Express claims that Turkey's bid to join


the EU could have a major effect on the forthcoming EU vote.


The Observer says the Chancellor is under pressure to


ditch promised tax cuts for the well-off in Wednesday's budget.


And The Sunday Telegraph reports that trains on HS2 rail scheme are


at risk of derailment and catastrophic track failure.


Let's begin. The Independent on Sunday has a story about Barack


Obama coming here and this comes on the back, just a few days ago, on


reports that he is very critical of David Cameron over the whole affair


in Libya. It is extraordinary. Barack Obama will launch a charm


offensive to make sure we stay in the European Union. He will be at a


trade and technology show in Hamburg but he is going to come and see his


dear old friend David Cameron of whom he is not in the least bit


critical despite those are marked in -- those remarks in the Atlantic


magazine. He seems let down over what happened in Libya and we know


that is something that Barack Obama feels very sore about. Perhaps they


are not such good friends. But they are parking that one and now it is


all about bridge and staying in the European Union. It is the only show


in town -- Britain. We even have Clarkson coming out saying we should


stay. Everyone is obsessed. And we have a long way to go until June


23. I think the Obama thing is interesting in that he has been


shown as a campaigner but I think this is all connected with his


legacy. It would not look good on his watch its Britain left the


European Union and there were all sorts of other changes. The


Americans have always wanted Britain in the European Union. What sort of


world is he leaving behind and so forth. A world where Britain is not


an European Union and Libya has gone to the dogs. Might it be a slightly


awkward meeting between Barack Obama and David Cameron given those


critical remarks? They will have a lovely party. And of course the


president's wife will come along in the two first ladies will be there


together. In the kitchen wearing very nice frocks. Is the special


relationship still very special? I think so. There will always be


hiccups along the way but it is a very special relationship and now


Barack Obama needs to look to his legacy. It is more special here than


it is in America. Let's talk about the Sunday Times. They have a story


on Buckingham Palace and that whole row rumbling on. They don't want the


Queen involved in any of this. They feel that she has been dragged into


this argument, it is not where she should be and they want to say, no


more. She's not a spokesperson for either side. This is after the story


in the Sun. Saying she was in support of a Brexit. She does not


want to be involved in this. What did you make of that story in the


Sun? What I would love to know is who told what to wear. That is the


story I would like to have read -- where. Exactly how they got the


story and how they stood it up and the role they played. They were very


confident, when the Sun's editor was interviewed, he suggested it had


come from more than one source. Two people who were probably at the


lunch. It is possible that Rupert Murdoch had dinner with Michael Gove


and over dinner he let something slip. You probably know more about


this than I do. I can't comment. In the Daily Mail on Sunday for


tomorrow, it is all about who said what meetings shouldn't have been


reported on. Someone took a note about conversations between the Lib


Dems and David Cameron when they were in government. Since you have


moved on, this is about a new book by the former cabinet minister David


Laws. Good old-fashioned Sunday journalism. The Lib Dems have not


been in that for a long time and what we don't know is the actual


extracts that have been published, we have only seen the news stories.


On the basis of this story, David Cameron is very critical of Michael


Gove. He called him a Maoist. He didn't explain that. He makes it


very clear that Boris Johnson is after his job in his opinion. If


these allegations are true, it is very damning. There are also


allegations about the Queen from Nick Clegg when he was having lunch


with her, about having a different succession then has been set out and


he asked if it bothered her and she said she would be dead by then. It


seems suspicious. Just leave her alone. The Daily Express still on


the referendum, we just can't get away from it. They have a different


angle with Turkey, saying if Turkey joins the European Union, which


isn't imminent, we have to stress, that would put off voters and many


of them would say no. It is the sheer size of the population. It is


a very populous country and it seems to me that when polled, many have


said they are out if Turkey is in. It is the migration issue. Also


Turkey would bring an enormous Muslim population in and given what


is happening in Turkey now, Turkey seems to be moving away. The only


secular democratic Muslim state in the world for a long time seems to


be going towards dictatorship with a newspaper is being banned and so


forth. We should stress that Turkey is not going to join the European


Union potentially for years. Five -10 years. I think this could be a


fear for people who want to leave. That Turkey will one day want to


come in and that one day we will be able to do anything about it. But


what sort of timescale are we talking about? 10-15 years? One


doesn't know. I want to know why it is we feel we can do nothing about


the European Union. As if they are these faceless bureaucrats who we


cannot hold to account. Because we don't even know their names. We


don't know where they live or how they have got there. There is very


little knowledge about the European Union. I would struggle to name my


MEP, I don't know about you. Very disappointing. Obviously we could


very easily. Moving on... The Observer has the budget, not the


referendum. George Osborne and his tax plans. It is interesting, this


idea he has. He wants to take more people out of the higher tax


bracket, into which many people have been dragged were not


extraordinarily well-off. For many people earning 43,000 -?44,000 which


is the level at which you start to pay higher taxes, it seems like a


very good wage indeed, but there has got to be some giveaway to middle


Britain in the budget and I think that he might try to bring this one


in despite criticism. He is fighting for his... Everyone sees him is


fighting this leadership campaign against Boris Johnson already, even


though David Cameron is obviously only worried about Johnson. He is


fighting to succeed him in the argument will be, we have heard a


lot about the growing disparity between the rich and the poor and if


he gets this wrong, he will be presented at least happy he has got


a few things wrong. He had to withdraw on the Sunday laws,


extending the hours. That will come to hours -- that will come before we


have to decide on the European Union and that may affect his chances of


getting into number 10. He has been... Richard Gere has been on him


to do summing to eradicate the homeless from the streets and I


would say he would have to balance this properly. Finishing with the


Telegraph, a story on HS2 and one on Heathrow. Transport stories. The


Heathrow story is the more interesting one. I don't know why


they haven't let on that. They have an interview which says the cabinet


will block Heathrow expansion which seems to have gone against what was


generally agreed upon by David Cameron that no announcement will be


made until after the mayoral election. Something to think that it


will take place at all, and this does raise a question of what will


happen to airport capacity. Where will we get more runways? Will it be


Gatwick? The box has been passed. -- buck. What about HS2? It is the idea


that such will be the velocity of these trains towards Birmingham,


that it will cause the rails to corrode. I don't know much about


it. They go too fast? Yes and it apparently has not been taken into


account. But it is a high-speed railway? Yes. The report has


suggested that not enough work has been done to modernize the railway.


Not enough study has been made of the impact of improving the rails


will be on what is still a very old infrastructure. It is all in the


future, as is the referendum, has is the budget. Anyway let's not get


overly philosophical. Thank you Anne Ashworth and


Mihir Bose.


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