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career in the fox hunters. We will also have the football and rugby.


We thought we would be talking about Paris tonight and the arrest in


Belgium, but no, in Duncan Smith has put paid to that. With this is a


columnist from the daily Mirror and Tim Stanley, columnist for the daily


Telegraph. Welcome to you both. An exciting evening. Front pages. The


Telegraph leads on in Devon Smith's resignation, saying it risks from


the government into disarray. The Times says he chose to resign


despite a U-turn by George Osborne. The FT says in Devon Smith has


inflicted serious damage on the Chancellor. The Independent has an


image of the arrests in Brussels. The minister is a warning from the


Welsh first Minister that an English vote to leave the European Union


would prompt a constitutional crisis if the Welsh chose to remain.


Carson, the headline on the Daily Mirror next to a picture of Salah


Abdeslam. That begin with The Papers that God in Devon Smith on their


front page in time. Cabinet minister quits over budget cut. David Smith


quits after disability benefit changes. Interesting that they


didn't name him because he is a big name. This happened so late in the


day. Most newspapers are primping and getting ready for bed at 67


o'clock. To suddenly have this kind of stuff that comes through, you


have got five minutes to do an entire new leader, A column, a


front-page story of 500 words and get a headline bashed out quick and


get it to the printers. They have done well to get it on their front


page. The significance of this and the background to it. We knew their


were cuts that had been announced in the budget on Wednesday and the ones


that concerned people, it seemed, were the ones that would affect


some, not all, but some, people in receipt of certain disability


benefits. This is a disaster for David Cameron and George Osborne. It


capped a week of clock ups. It started with a budget that lacked


clarity but contained a throw away proposal that was stolen from the


DWP to reform benefits which people interpreted as cutting them. The


next day, Nicky Morgan, said on BBC question Time that it was only a


suggestion as though Parliament was a giant focus group. The next day, a


person closed in Devon Smith, said she did not know what she was


talking about and later that evening, but is this evening, number


ten told newspapers that the entire disability benefit reform package


was being kicked into the long grass. Then in Devon Smith resigned.


What he said in his letter is that he is angry about two things. One is


the ideas he had with welfare reform being stolen from him and put into


projects which are all about cutting and, too, he does not like the


impression that his welfare reform programme is part of an austerity


programme that, to use his words, people perceive as political rather


than in the national interest. Duncan Smith is quitting. There will


be personal background to this, but he has done so in such a way that


casts doubt upon the entire economic programme of George Osborne and will


validate in the minds of many voters, the criticisms that Labour


has made of the austerity agenda. Why not go on budget day? Why wait


until today at the point at which the government is say we are not


bothering? If you have a moral objection to cuts or reforms or


however you reform edge permit, to welfare programmes and when you are


not cutting things like state pensions, then quietly that six


years until you decide it is unbearable. One of the most


important things today is that there has been a court judgment on an F


I/O request made to the DWP asking them to reveal some internal


documents about how they assessed Universal Credit, the main reform


that in Devon Smith or intimidate. He was told to release these papers


three times. The third time is today and he cannot keep appealing it and


refusing today. These documents, which are widely expected to show a


catalogue of mistakes, are going to have to come out. You have also had


the Treasury knifing Duncan Smith today over at this budget. The DWP


said they were bounced into producing these figures for the


budget. The Treasury and the DWP for making it part of the budget and not


think that sums right and now they are rolling back and think they


wanted. They have made his position untenable. You have also got to


remember, this is someone who is at the centre of the Brexit debate.


There is a split party here. Out of the Conservatives want in and have


one vote. In Duncan Smith is against the premise to and George Osborne in


this matter. Because of the disability reforms which are


planned, but has provided a further reason for the party to split and


there are Tory MPs saying they will not support the government honoured.


It is a way of capitalising on a massive differences they have got


and dividing everything thoroughly down the middle. The Telegraph have


said IDS quits over fury over welfare cuts. In his statement, he


said he is proud of his department and the changes to welfare that they


have ushered in. Of course, huge controversy, a couple of people


critical about the hardships that has brought the people who


previously would have received benefits. Other people are saying it


has got more people into work because work now pays. How much less


likely it would he have been to have walked at this point if it were not


for his views on our future in Europe? I agree with that. Because


of the Brexit campaign, in Duncan Smith has somewhere to go when he


quits. If he had quit and the campaign wasn't on he would have


gone back to the backbenches. Now he can become a leading player in the


league campaign and can devote his time to it. The complaint if you


weeks ago that the civil service were not allowed access to documents


which was a civil service policy. Documents related to Brexit. The


defence of in Devon Smith and his record, or to try to explain how he


would have said, he has regarded it as a moral thing, as being about


taking people out of the trap of welfare and helping them into work.


Whether you judge that is accurate or not, he argues that by taking his


policies, by stealing them, and putting them into the budget, the


Chancellor was reinterpreting in the public imagination, something that


was supposed to help people into something that was saving money when


the government cut taxes for the rich. There is also a personal


dimension. I have a source who has worked with both men and says that


the tension between them was extraordinary and, in fact, as he


put it, curse words were thrown around in chapters which, in Tory


speak, is almost like killing. There is a personal background to this. I


think IDS is trying to cast this as a materialistic, libertarian


Chancellor stealing his compassionate conservatism agenda


and miss using it to make austerity. There is a lot of that in the


budget. The stuff on academic -- academies is something that the


Education Secretary should announce. Instead it was used in the budget.


There were things like policies which would usually go to ministers


that they have worked out, they would get credit for, go on the news


to talk up and to sell and, instead, Osborne gets the glory. How much


will that be a problem for George Osborne because he was talking about


other cuts, I'd take that risk? This will turn into something worse than


his terrible budget in the early days of the coalition because what


this will show is that Osborne will find it difficult now. He has been


seen for a while as the natural successor to David Cameron when he


steps down and this will be difficult because if he is the


person who is accused behind the scenes of stealing everyone else was


macro policies, the party will not support him in pushing through to


the leader ship. In Duncan Smith is not a potential leader again, he had


his chance and he bled. He is outside the tent, he is very, very


loose cannon and the chances of knifing Osborne, he has already


knifed him today fairly thoroughly and he has blamed the Chancellor for


all his problems for six years, now he will like left right and centre


as part of the Brexit debate for the 15 months and the next couple of


years. The Institute of fiscal studies have said further cuts would


be necessary, so there will be more cuts to debate. All of this


validates, I cannot believe I am saying this, John McDonald's


criticism of the government which is that it insisted austerity was


necessary in order to bring the deficit down and that hasn't


happened. Given that it hasn't happened, either can make the


argument, why don't we invest in infrastructure and now they can


point to a letter by a former cabinet minister that says austerity


could be interpreted as being political, rather than a necessity.


This is a real winner for the Labour Party and we will see if they have


got the confidence to use it. We will move on and give another story


a begin tonight. We will come back to this at half past 11. World's


most wanted man arrested, police finally sees the key Paris attack


suspect after four months on the run. This is the 26-year-old Salah


Abdeslam who, they think, might have been in the flat that they raided on


Tuesday thinking the apartment was empty in another part of Belgium and


now come here they were in this district very close to the centre of


Brussels. Near his brother's address, which you would think they


would check. This is a part of Europe where it feels like Europe is


not necessarily represented. There is a gun trade there, there are


large communities of Muslims, some of whom appear to have been


radicalised. I just think, one thing I hope comes out of this is a --


aside from punishment and retribution, which will be


necessary, we could to better understand why he did this. They


have got him alive. That is rare when dealing with these kinds of


terrorists. As well as finding out what he knows and confirming things


to Islamic State, we need to know exactly who he is working with, I


really hope this will experience can contribute to public understanding


of exactly why it is that young men from an immigrant background, he was


from Morocco, he was not exactly destitute, he slipped in and out of


petty crime, he didn't have much point in his life, why it was that


he turned, and his brother turned, into terrorists. I hope that comes


out of this. Five people detained today, including three members of


one family who seem to have been helping him. Hugely important for


Belgium because it is a strained relationship with France,


suggestions the Belgian authorities had been lax in their pursuit of


terrorist suspects. They got him by accident. If they went after him he


would probably be dead. Belgian authorities were found to have left


the guns across the border for the Charnley had the attacks at the


beginning of last year. By the attacks at the end of last year they


were still letting comes across the border. The Belgian police are not


exactly the hottest and added to which they have been living for this


man for four months and it turns out he was in the suburb he was living


in beforehand and people have been saying that everyone in that area


knew he was there and the police had not bothered to go down there and


make someone tell them where he was. There is another assessment of this


that some people thought he might have gone to Syria, other people


saying no, if you want to stay hidden, you do not move around too


much. You do not create waves. You keep quiet and electronic data as


well. That makes sense. You will be noticed crossing borders. That is


where they are looking for people. Why on earth did they not check


where he had been? We know how it works. Go of grid. He seems to have


done that quite well. I would be surprised if, when we look into it,


we do not find that he was popping down the newsagents every morning


and they should have picked him up a lot sooner. The suggestion is that


he will be extradited, the French want him back to put on trial there.


How easy will that be? Well Belgium not want to make an example of him?


He has not committed any crimes, as far as we know, in Belgium. The main


crime he is wanted for his involvement with murders in France.


The French will have first chance in terms of the European wristwatch. It


is amazing they have a terrorist this important alive. It shows why,


going in and killing someone like Osama Bin Laden is not necessarily


the best thing to do. The marker of them. It is better to have them and


need to look bad. An important date for the family and friends of those


who were killed. 130 people died in those attacks. That is it for The


Papers this hour. Tim and Susie will be back for another look at the


front pages at half past 11. Coming up next it is time for sports


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