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The Muslim shopkeeper killed after wishing his customers happy Easter,


police arrest another Muslim man and say they are treating the killing as


religiously prejudiced. Let's joy be and can find, two paper


reviews, but we are not doing it to confer new. -- confuse you.


With me are Ben Riley-Smith, political correspondent


for the Daily Telegraph, and Martin Lipton,


We begin with the Times, its front page carries the story


of how City traders are planning to exploit the European Union


referendum for financial gain by commissioning private polls


The Daily Mail leads on a Glasgow shopkeeper's murder,


asking if the fatal stabbing of the "peace-loving man"


The last ever Independent front page takes us to Brussels,


which has dominated headlines this week.


The Express looks at a group of 250 business leaders who are siding


with the Vote Leave campaign in the Brexit vote.


The Financial Times also carries that story,


adding another leaving voice to the Brexit camp.


New controversial health guidance figures


And the Mirror claims the Pope tried to stop the Rolling Stones playing


in Havana on Good Friday. We will show you them in a minute.


The Telegraph, Brussels fugitive had visited Britain, there is a picture


of the man on the run, the man in white. I am sure your viewers


remember the picture on the front pages earlier, the two men with


gloves so we now believe our bombers, and the third man in white


who it appears as got away. He is believed to be Mohammed Abrini, and


he came to Britain in July, he has reportedly taken photos of a


football stadium. A lot of viewers will be asking, will we see a repeat


of those scenes over here? It is worrying that this man in white


should have been to Britain. He is thought to be on the run, and there


are so many strands do this, getting quite complicated with connections


to the Paris attacks of November as well. Indeed, and obviously we have


a situation where there seems to be precursors to the explosions in


Brussels, and that was all about Paris. The thing is, we are all


lived through terror of various forms, particularly, of course, the


7/7 bombings, and one suspects that it would be less likely that they


would target London, but I understand that Mohamed Abrini was


in the West Midlands, based in Birmingham. Tonight I understand


there was another bombing of a football match in Iraq, and we know


there was the bombing at the Stade de France in November, we have


increased security over the euros in the summer, and once in a time


terrorists would not have thought about attacking sport, but now it


seems to be a weapon in their armoury. If we move on to the


Financial Times, Brexit camp wins exit backers, the ex ages be


achieved joining the Leave supporters, some fairly high-profile


people in this list. -- the ex HSBC chief. Yes, many names, over 200


signatories from all over the business world and the economic


world as well. This is almost a little bit of an effort by the


Brexit is to say that it is not one-dimensional from business, that


the normal view is that business as a whole may be more keen to stay in


because of the potential benefits, and the Brexit campaign is saying,


hang on, there is a range of opinions on the subject, and you do


not have to be, you know, if you are from a business background, you do


not have to support staying in. What are they saying about this potential


for turbulence, uncertainty, that we would be trying to extricate


ourselves from these tentacles that we are part of? That is why it is


such a fundamental issue, because economic and certainty is a massive


swing for those on the side, maybe as many as a third of voters. --


economic uncertainty. As it was in the Scottish referendum. Up those on


the side Brexit say there would be a of uncertainty, but it would be


incredibly freeing, and he says that there would be a huge boost to


business and the private sector and the financial sector, but if you


really believe there is economic uncertainty, you are more likely to


vote in, so it is a key battle. The Times as another EU story, City to


cash in, hedge fund is planning to make big profits, how would they do


that? To do with commissioning polls that you cannot publish until voting


is finished? For obvious reasons, they cannot reveal exit polls


through the voting period, imagine if at 5pm they were saying that


Brexit would win, you would see a search of pro-EU voters. Hedge fund


is reportedly trying to commission their own polls, costing up to 500


grand, and on the back of that either buy lots of sterling, if they


think it is going to be an in vote, or do the opposite for out. It is


using polling to get an advantage. And they do not care if they cannot


publish it, because it is all about money. City trading is all about


gambling, and if you have an advantage over the house, you will


take it. That is why casinos banned people who know what they are doing!


What is 100 grand when you can make millions on these markets? A drop in


the ocean, isn't it? Let's look at the Mirror, world exclusive, Pope's


bid to silence the Rolling Stones, I love this, but can ask staff rockers


not to play at Van Eyck answered on holy day. -- Vatican asks rockers


not to play Havana concert on holy day. Ease the same age! It is a


great Easter story, quite fun. -- he is the same age. It is an


interesting week in Cuba, having the Rolling Stones in the heart of


Havana is the perfect way to cap this story. They have not taken any


notice. They have spent their entire career ignoring people telling them


what to do! Nobody tells Mick Jagger what to do. He was so amiable in the


interview on the tarmac, for a wild man of rock. Ease a great grand dad!


Give him a chance, he is doing well just to get at there. -- he is a


great grand dad! He is 72, it is a good age! A good age(!) Are dairy


intake to cut obesity, something else we are not meant to eat. --


halve dairy intake. That is what they are saying today! The problem


with this is, if we did take note, we would not be getting all the


calcium we need. We would not get the calcium we need, and there are


concerns about young people, and it is a tiny amount, 600 calories of


dairy for men, a large cappuccino would push you over the limit for a


woman, according to these guidelines. Three slices of sandwich


cheese. Who wants to?! You can have three cups of white coffee... I have


three cups of white coffee before lunch, it is ridiculous! It is the


next type of food to be demonised. We have had sugar. No sugar, carbs,


dairy. Is red wine good or bad? Butter? Oh, you know, just eat and


drink in moderation, exercise, it is pretty simple! You two are looking


very trim. I have lost a bit of weight! I did it by doing a lot of


running and eating a game less, amazing(!) There is no magic to it.


Journalism is a nightmare profession for the diet. It is possible, if an


idiot like me can look after himself, anybody can. It seems to


be, given the backlash, was this a piece of advice... There is also a


suggestion that this is based on bad science. Oh, we need Ben Goldenacre!


I think it is a guy who did not get the job. There is a serious problem,


particularly for women with osteoporosis, it is a tricky


balance. It is difficult, because people are worried about what is


good for them and how they should be eating, but this sort of


scaremongering advice, to me, is quite damaging, I feel. It should be


more sensible about the reality, just do not be stupid, do the right


thing. ETA less Komla Dumor - it is dull but it works. Eat less, move


more. If only she followed her own advice! Uber are staging helicopter


trips to a music festival. He knows all about it. This is a fascinating


story, Uber has totally shaken up the black cab market in London, they


are furious about it, it has done it across the world. It has teamed up


with an app called Blade, which has massive backers, the bloke behind


Google, and the idea is they will do the same with private jets, and they


are trying it with Coachella, flying from LA to Palm Springs. Just hail a


helicopter? Is that how you got here tonight? Can I go shopping in


Wandsworth with a helicopter? It is not environmentally friendly, is it?


If that is our people are getting around Sao Paulo, the roads are so


bad. There is a chance it could be economically sensible, because these


private jets are presumably flying empty with spare seats, and the


think Uber does so well is matches up supply and demand. In a funny


way, you could get these jets fall. They have been criticised for


working practices, contracts. Can you imagine what a Uber pilot might


be like? And the black cab drivers to spend all that time learning the


Knowledge. You are not going to wait on a street corner for a helicopter,


are you? Let us finish with a tribute to the Independence, their


last printed front-page. And they have not gone overboard with mawkish


retrospectives. The thing we have known them for over the years has


been the big picture front, they can you stand up and take notice, and it


is just a normal newspaper. I think it is quite sad. I remember the


launch of papers, we had Today, and also the Correspondent, and all


three have now disappeared, two of them some time ago. But it does feel


sad, 30 years on, a newspaper which changed the landscape of the press,


actually, has bitten the dust for economic reasons, it is a shame.


They have given us a special edition magazine looking back on some of


their archive and the writing that they offered over the years. The


number of famous names that have gone through the Independent. Robert


Fisk and the others, I think it is lovely that they have done these


magazines with some of the front pages, because graphically they had


some stunning front pages, used images really well, the Hutton


Report, totally white with the word why to watch. Closer to the


beginning of my career, breeding new talent, it was the first time I was


published. -- with the word whitewash. As the name suggested,


they were more left of centre politically, I would weighing some


of the papers like the Telegraph and the Daily Mail during the election.


-- outweighing. It is very sad, but a lovely addition for people to buy.


It is a real shame. The addition it is very sad, but we will


hopefully keep reviewing it from its online presence. Ben may well be at


the beginning of his career, but Martin and I are in no way near the


end of hours! We will hopefully be back to look at the papers later. At


11 o'clock more on the terror raids in Brussels, two suspects were shot


by police. Coming up next, Reporters.


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