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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Ben Riley-Smith, political correspondent for the


Daily Telegraph and Martin Lipton, Deputy Head of Sport for the Sun.


We begin with the Times - its front page carries the story


of how City traders are planning to exploit the European Union


referendum for financial gain by commissioning private exit polls.


The Daily Mail leads on the killing of a Muslim


shopkeeper in Glasgow - calling it the murder of a man of peace.


The last ever Independent front page leads on an investigation


The Express highlights the 250 business leaders who are


A story also carried by the FT, which says the former head of HSBC


is among those supporting the Leave campaign.


A warning from Public Health England that people should dramatically cut


their dairy intake is featured in the Telegraph.


While the Mirror claims the Pope tried to stop the Rolling Stones


playing their historic gig in Havana on Good Friday.


Without a lot of success that has to be said. He had visited Britain and


there is a picture in this story as well. Of a man who was on the run in


the attack in Brussels. This is a man that people would have seen in


the footage that was released. Of course they've seen that with the


man with a single glove on his left hand and led off the explosive. And


this man is being dealt the man on the right. He said that he came to


Britain where he reportedly took pictures of a football stadium. That


is a horror image. The man was seen here last summer and that is


worrying new. -- News. And there was also an attack in Iraq in a football


match. It will be a concern that people going over for the


tournament, make consider their position as well. If you are looking


to attack in the UK, you know that has happened in the past, would you


go for London or a softer target President Barack -- softer target?


And this is the fear that we all have to live with in our lives but


if you allow that to dominate your thoughts and prevent yourself from


living a normal life, then they have won and that is the issue. Do you go


into work or going to city centres? Get the bounce that equation. The


Daily Express, business leaders want out of the EU. Quite a lot of big


names. Including the executive of HSBC. Even the Bangladesh caterers


Association said that they are planning a pro Brexit


demonstration. He says there are too many immigrants coming from the EU.


The reality is that they are wary of the line being pushed that business


fears the consequences of the except and therefore they need to


counteract that they are. As we've seen in the Scottish Referendum,


economic fears are in the end the thing that decides the undecided.


The light switches. If those who support the exit can alleviate those


concerns, that would potentially be a Pivotal Point in the whole


campaign. It is worth thinking about the other side because the left and


Jeremy Corbyn had his criticism of the EU is that it will open up and


they will make a lot of cash. He was against joining it in the 70s. The


problem with all these warnings is that some people on the left could


begin to see a stitch up and also if you are the establishment campaign,


there is a mood around the establishment feeling. Also around


the world. And they are looking to try to expand from the idea from


being a Eurosceptic and broaden the coalition. There is a lot of


addiction from workers that came from Europe in the end. The Times


next, city to cash in on the EU vote. This is a loophole in polling


law that allows hedge fund is to find out ahead what is going on.


Where ever there is uncertainty there is the cash. There is a rule


that makes perfect sense that if you are a polling company you cannot


publish polls during the voting period because people might see that


we are about to go towards the Brexit lets rush and vote the other


way. However, there is no ban on private companies, or in this


instance, massive hedge fund is, doing their own polling and betting


into cash markets by piling into the dollar or sterling. It only costs


100000 and 500,000 for one of these poll. They say that one big US firm


is sniffing around this. Is a perfectly legal -- it is a perfectly


legal loophole. May be trying to close it. Will know it is perfectly


legal. -- well. Generic boys and girls, these men and women, they are


traders and gamblers and if they can beat the house, they will. Sorry, I


could not resist. The drink ravaged face of the fallen English icon, of


Paul Gascoigne. His life recently has been very sad. What is a picture


of putting him in this state? 30 huge amount of interest in him and I


know him fairly well and have dealt with him over many years and I feel


a great deal of sympathy for his family and I think this is a


shocking image. But it is the difference of the public interest


and the interest of the public, but here's a man who always wanted the


limelight. But he is not well, is he? Know he is not well. But


sometimes you have to face with the consequences of your actions and you


have to face up to it. But I don't think that will change his actions.


He was always accused of wanting attention but he did not want


attention, he just craved affection. And too many people took advantage


of that. The mirror, while exclusive, the pope's bid to silence


the Rolling Stones. They are going on soon so did not work. No


satisfaction. Did you think of that in the last hour? It is a sign that


things have changed so much that they're able to play, given that


they were subversive and a threat to Communist society. It has been an


amazing historic week with the Cold War being dead for some time now,


but that final opening up of Cuba with those amazing scenes of


President Barack Obama in the stadium and then God versus the


stones over Cuba. I would have loved to have heard the phone call from


the Vatican. Weir not going to -- not going to happen. Half the dairy


intake to cut obesity. So many people on Twitter have been telling


me how successful they have been by doing exercise and cutting down


their intake. The public health has criticised this advice? It has been


described as bad science from nutrition experts by saying that


women should have a smaller intake of dairy should not drink a large


last day made with whole milk because it would exceed their 160


calorie allowance. But they should eat three slices of sandwich cheese


and have a bowl of cereal with skimmed milk. This is nonsense. They


are just saying that you need to be doing things in moderation. It is


this approach, work and off by running a bit more. Walk to the


shops. Just walk! Just don't get in the car for the school run. Walk to


school if you can, it is not difficult. I think it is the


absolutism of this. Who's going to measure out if this is what they are


having on top of measuring hammer grams of sugar they have and the


amount of fat they have. Every day the health advice changes and one


thing that is good few changes the next time. They are just bluffing


and they don't have a clue. Well we all like a guideline. It becomes


white noise after a while. Let us look finally and for the final time


at the printed version of the independent. This is the last time


we will see it in the rented form. They haven't gone overboard on this


because they will be on mine. -- online. I think anybody picking up


that this was their last entered addition, we're saying that this is


the point. It is not the end of the independent and it continues to be


digital and online they are continuing. They are saying that


this is not the end but the beginning of a different future. And


a reminder of all the different names who've written and edited for


the paper. It's a shame because it was groundbreaking and new where was


first released. We have that period of papers being launched and


suddenly they have all gone and we have left with a diminished market


and that is a shame. Will still a journalist here -- we will still


have journalists here. Such restraint! I saw you take it away.


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