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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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I was just commenting that Anthony south of the weather


I was just commenting that Anthony Joshua has won the boxing. Welcome


to our look at what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.


With me are the political commentator Jo


Phillips and Nigel Nelson, political editor of the Sunday People.


The Sunday Telegraph leads with the story that dominates tomorrow's


the details of the prime minister's financial affairs, after David


The Sunday Times also has the story, including a claim that the PM could


avoid paying on inheritance tax on a gift from his mother,


Cameron's decision to be transparent is hailed as "historic"


But it says the PM now faces a fresh row about his wealth.


The financial disclosures also make the front of the Observer


which concedes is "unprecedented" by a sitting Prime Minister.


And the Express also pours over the details but says it also wants to


The Sunday Times is one of those with this on the front page. PM


reveals hidden wealth. Cameron could now avoid inheritance tax on


?200,000 gift from mother. So inevitably everybody is spending


their Saturday afternoon is looking out the fine print. What did you


find? We didn't get this bit, for a start, which is quite interesting


and again he didn't put enough out there. So it's a bad headline for


something that is actually quite good. As far as the tax return goes


it tells us exactly what he paid, ?76,000 last year in total. He


should have done it four years ago, which is when he promised to do it.


The problem he has had all week is not disclosing what he should have


disclosed. What it was easy. Just be honest and upfront about it. Once


again it there was a little bit here that we didn't know about before.


Nigel is absolutely right. It is a classic on how not to handle a


crisis. The story itself is not damaging. And David Cameron is a PR


man! Wants. It is absolutely ridiculous. He has done nothing


illegal. You could argue whether you think there's anything wrong in him


having access to money, but he has always said he is never going to


apologise for having a privileged background. This is actually a story


about how he could avoid inheritance tax, although as we were corrected


last time how the state of his mother could avoid inheritance tax


if she lives for another two years. In which case the money she has


given him is a lifetime gift. That's what lots of people do. But


newspapers can make it looked like you've done something a bit askew,


because it comes on the back of these days of comment. That's right,


he hasn't done anything wrong. The tax issue doesn't apply yet and


won't apply for another two years. On less than that if anything


happens. But the whole thing is he should have got it out there. Just


put it there and say, look, there's this bit and the spit. It is a


private matter. It is not a private matter when you are a public figure


and you are in charge of the country. And he promised he would do


it. And you have a go at other people for avoiding taxes, putting


money offshore. When all those things happen you have to be


absolutely transparent. Why hasn't gone so wrong, if it is so obvious


to everybody? I think because he didn't like the idea of actually


doing it. I do believe he got very angry about some of the things that


were said about his father. So there is a personal element here, which


then obviously impairs your judgement. Let's look at the Mail on


Sunday. They seem to be getting ahead of themselves. Cameron tax


bill Dodge. The way they are talking it is as if he has already dodged


the tax. Hopefully there won't be any tax to pay. Even the Times says


Dodge. Again, all this stuff is illusion. I can't believe any of


these journalists, many of whom we know, they are probably not


operating the same system. Especially because property prices


have gone bonkers. Lots of people are actually giving money to their


adult children now to avoid inheritance tax being paid when they


die. It is quite a sensible way to actually pay for somebody in care


and things like that. It is avoidance not invasion? Exactly.


This isn't avoidance. It is a system. That's right. Minimising


your tax bill, that's all he is doing. But is it really all about


the money? No, says page five of the Mail on Sunday. I believe this man


is quite close to David Cameron and was one of his former speechwriters.


He has written a very interesting piece. He is perhaps not a natural


Tory. He has got a very good link with him and he says here, you know,


all the things he liked about Cameron were more important to


voters than his background and up until now he said people were


prepared to judge Cameron on his policies, rather than a posh accent.


What he's really arguing is that this is about a Brexit. He has taken


his eye off the ball because the only thing he is thinking about is


Brexit and that's colouring everything. What difference will


this financial affairs staff make the people's view of whether we


should stay in or out of the EU? Because it isn't connected at all,


really, in some ways. It makes him look a little untrustworthy and he


is trying to sell online which is, we will be better off in Europe,


trust me. So that I think does make a difference. At the moment an awful


lot of what happens with the referendum really does hang on


personal integrity. If what we've seen in the last four days isn't how


you handle an issue like this, let us take a letter from the Archbishop


of Canterbury, who rather elegantly has delegated his way through a


pretty difficult personal revelation. Church leaders rally


around Welby and he has discovered that his dad isn't that many thought


he was. That's right. I think the Archbishop has been absolutely


magnificent about this and what he should do is go to number 10 and


give David Cameron some lessons on how to handle it. He you are


confronted with some surprising news, that the farther you thought


was the father actually isn't. So what Justin Welby does is he takes a


DNA test... Having been alerted by journalists. Yes. He finds that the


DNA test is positive and then he goes out and says, OK, that's the


way it is. I am a bit worried about what the Marmite think about all


this. But he makes a statement which is a very moving statement and says,


look, I am surprised, but... Very candid about the difficulties that


his parents faced. And his mum has been a recovering alcoholic for


ages, decades, and his father died and he has said openly that family


life was a bit messy. But dignity... And she is completely


candid about who she slept with a few days before she got married. I


think it is extraordinary. That's it. The Sunday Times, again, they


are doing well tonight. Anti- doping agency betrayed whistleblower. He


was prescribed drugs by this man, Dr Mark Bonar. But this man, who admits


he has cheated, says he has been betrayed. He went to the UK and it


being agency after he was banned for two years from competitive cycling


because he refused a drug test, not because he was found having taken


anything but subsequently he admitted doing that. He went to the


agency and said, this is what this doctor has been doing. Here are the


prescriptions. And the agency said, we can't do anything about this, but


they didn't pass the case to the General Medical Council, which is


frankly all they had to do. They argue it wasn't within their


jurisdiction, which is one of the big problems. On a story I've


written for tomorrow, David Cameron has now considered making doping in


sport a criminal offence. It is a good way of dealing with it because


it's a catch all device. They obviously missing people if there's


argument about whether or not they've got the jurisdiction to do


it. Stay with the Times. GCHQ wizards kept Harry Potter secret. I


find this astonishing. What happened was that the founder of this


publishing company, who printed the Harry Potter books, got a call in


2005 and it was from the spooks are GCHQ who said, we think we've


discovered a copy of one of the Harry Potter books on internet. And


obviously they used huge security to try to stop it getting out. It


turned out that it was actually a fake, but great fun. It makes me a


bit sort of uncomfortable that GCHQ is here to make sure that we are all


safe and monitor signals from terrorists and if they are actually


looking at things like this is that quite doing their job? Don't be such


a spoilsport! It was a quiet night in Cheltenham. But they saw


something on internet. That's really what happened. They saw something.


It's a bit like police helicopters hovering over celebrities and


getting pictures of them. I wonder what the words were that sent the


flag up. They read it out to the editor and they said it was a fake.


But I love the GCHQ comment, saying, we don't comment in defence


against the dark arts. Finally, the Grand National was ranted. Rule the


World won it. He is owned by Michael O'Leary, the owner of Ryanair. And


people said that at least his racehorse arrives on time! And it


was actually at Aintree, not Aintree international. But this is a most


fantastic photograph. The jockey, who is 19, his first time in the


Grand National, he is absolutely smothered in mind and it is a really


beautiful photograph. We can only imagine what that feels like. For


once in his life Michael O'Leary seems to have luck on his side. My


horse fell at the first fence. What was it called? Hadrian's something a


rather. I wonder if there was trumpet fanfare as Rule the World


arrived on time. Do you think they charge the jockey extra for a


saddle? That story is a gift! Thank you very much to both of you. Nice


pics of stories. That's it from The Papers tonight. I hope you enjoyed


it. The Film Review is coming up next.


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