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his mother Diana was pictured seated alone more than 20 years ago.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers


With me are Laura Hughes, political correspondent at the Daily


Telegraph, and Mihir Bose, who's a columnist for the Evening Standard.


The Mail headlines with new allegations about Culture Secretary


It claims he sent a photo of highly sensitive cabinet papers to a woman


A crisis is looming in primary school places in England,


with a shortfall of 10,000 places expected in four years' time.


The Sunday Express dedicates a full page to the photograph of the Duke


and Dutchess of Cambridge visiting the Taj Mahal and replicating


The Sunday Telegraph quotes a senior Government minister saying


Britain could face an economic shock similar to the banking crisis


And The Sunday Times writes that the former cricketer Sir Ian Botham has


backed Britain leaving the European Union and said Britain should "stand


Let's begin. Starting this evening with the Observer. The story that is


all about a letter that parents will get through the post in the next 36


hours or more. That is a whether or not their children have got into


their chosen school. This headline: That the letter parents would be


looking forward to, hoping their little Johnny or Sarah got into the


primary school of their choice, probably near home, and the stories


about what will happen in the next few years. There will be a shortage


of 10,000 places because the government's policy is for a cat


is, not allowing schools to build new ones and so on. -- policy is for


a cat is. The Local Government Association is unhappy about it.


This is a recurring problem in our schools, which is going on for a


long time, where we don't seem to get our school policy right. And it


is a great imposition on parent can't get the primary school of


their choice. Which school send their child to? They have to look


into private education, which is still only 7% who go to that. It is


a great strain on resources. That is an important point. Yes. I think


there will be protests against what is happening. It is obviously coming


at a time where the government has said they will make all schools into


academies. Certain Tory MPs are also opposed to the idea and worries that


for parents to read that someone from Leeds says there isn't enough


room and there aren't adequate resources to teach the children who


are there, so they have to turn other bits of their schools into


learning facilities. How many children are going to be in this


classroom is? How are students going to cope and what will be the


standard of education? You mentioned leaves, there are number of other


places as, including a couple of Burroughs in London. -- Leeds. OK,


moving on. A couple of Brexit stories. In the Telegraph the


headline is, Britain faces economic rupture if we leave the European


Union. This is because of the long-awaited treasury report. Yes.


Eagerly anticipated treasury report. This is the government setting out


their position, what the Treasury thinks the impact will be if Britain


leads the youth. As you might expect they fear it might not be very good.


Today's Telegraph warns it would be economic self harm to vote to sever


ties with Brussels in June. He also says that it would be blue collared


workers, people who work in manufacturing and those sorts of


industries, who would be most hit by this. He is the new Work and


Pensions Secretary, the new face of the split in the Tory government at


the moment. This isn't a surprise. Each week we are getting something


from a minister still loyal to Cameron coming out and saying


exactly what the government would like. And this week the work and


pensions secretary in this particular article. Also worth


mentioning, Mihir, a number of other ministers saying we are getting this


sort of information all the time. Chris Grayling making an important


point, that David Cameron had said, leading up to the negotiations, he


said, if we have to leave Britain could still survive outside the EU.


Now the government seems to be saying they can't survive outside


the EU, they will face a crash. So in some ways the debate between


ministers is sharpening and it is interesting that this debate between


ministers is much sharper and much more interesting than any debate


taking place between Labour and the Conservatives. Same story, different


newspaper, the Times with an unusual headline. Botham swings back for


Brexit. Yes, it is Sir Ian Botham, today backing the Brexit. It's a bit


of a type onto the Boris Johnson speech. It is more of a headline. As


wonderful as he was, we know his great cricketing deeds, but the idea


that we should take politics cues from him. It is contradictory


because he said he was a cricketer, but cricket is a gain of 11 people


who play together. The EU is supposed to be a team, so I don't


know what the contradiction is. -- is a game. But it is ridiculous to


bring people like this into the argument. Is the basis that if you


can hit the ball for six we should take lessons from that and decide


what the policy for the next generation should be raced on his


opinion? There are many nonsports fans who won't even know who he is.


Yes, as a contest earlier I didn't know who he was! I understand why


they did it. People are bored of one minister saying, oh, no, he is


scaremongering, he is lying. It is a bit of fun. For those who know who


he is a fun story, but for my generation I don't think it means


that much. They probably thought he was Boris Johnson's brother or


something. The Mail. It is really going very big on John -- John


Whittingdale. MP's porn star lover showed Cabinet papers. This is of


course about the cabinet minister John Whittingdale who had a


relationship with a woman and that was when he was head of a very


influential group looking at the media. And then discovered through


contact with a journalist that she was an escort and then finished the


relationship. Here we are going into even more details and The Daily Mail


is quite big on that. Yes. What is interesting, this is the Mail on


Sunday, use paper of the year, this fascinating is we know how the


earlier story about John Whittingdale came out. It is


what... If you recall, when the story came out about John


Whittingdale having had an affair with a sex worker, Hacked Off said


newspapers deliberately didn't print a story because they wanted to


influence or hurt a gun to the head of John Whittingdale newspaper


regulation. But it seems as a result of that they will actually encourage


this sort of story, which is just the sort of story... Intrusion into


privity which Hacked Off said newspapers indulge in too much. The


fact that the Mail has devoted six pages to it, they must have been


working on this story for a long time and waited until the other


story came out before printing. And of course we don't know if the


allegations are true. And he says as soon as he found out he finished the


relationship anyway. There's a huge amount of pressure now on John


Whittingdale and all sorts of allegations. But the Mail have been


working hard. It does seem strange that they have all this information


in the space of a few days. It makes you think that they knew a lot more


than what they said. There is pressure on him, but he is entitled


to a private life. And he wasn't married. He wasn't. And Hacked Off


is the group that Hugh Grant has been involved with and the whole aim


is to stop the press unnecessarily intruding into the private lives of


celebrities. John Whittingdale is a public figure, but I am not sure


what the public interest is in this story. There are pictures of this


meeting, but I don't think it is... Let's see where that one goes. Onto


the Independent. A story that has come out over the last few days.


This is a survey. The majority of people want all tax returns to be


published. Everybody? 49% say we should be like the Scandinavian


countries. I must say that is a very depressing opinion poll, if it is


accurate. I certainly don't want to know what your tax return is and I


don't know why you should want to know mine. To have this sort of


information, I don't know what people in Sweden and Norway do with


this information, but we seem to have made people who pay less tax,


using the laws of the land, as somehow moral lepers, as if they


have behaved morally badly. The law should be changed if we want people


to pay more tax. Not ask people to say, yes, we should stand the moral


high ground and pay as much tax as possible. And 13% of people admitted


they use the cash to pay a bill or some other transaction to avoid


VAT. That's the thing. At a practical level, when you say to


people, do you want to give your children as much money as you can


when you go? Most people would probably say yes. So if it went to a


vote, and it was decided we should have new laws, stricter laws, and


we've got a very complicated tax code, I think quite a lot of people


don't understand it. This whole thing has got very confused because


those papers, some people were doing illegal things, money laundering,


that kind of thing, but a lot of this kind of stuff and white


politicians in this country have done have not been illegal. It is


just ethically wrong. David Cameron wasn't doing anything illegal, but


44% of the survey believe his approach to his public finances is


morally repugnant. It comes back to this question of moral behaviour. If


you behave according to the law, that's what you are required to do.


That's the definition of morals and tax. The Sunday express. The


full-page photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in front of the


Taj Mahal and of course they have put the picture of Diana on what has


become Diana's venture. Absolutely. Diana probably to find that it. I am


not sure if before Diana sat on the bench more than 20 years ago,


basically telling the world that her marriage was coming to an end, I


don't think the band was that important. Briefly, did that pass


you by? Or do you think it is a good front story? It is a good story. I


love the fact that working palace says it has nothing to do with


Diana, all tourists do it, of course it does! But they have come out and


said" you memories", which was interesting. They due to both of


you. Coming up next, The Film Review.


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