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more important to try and enjoy the process now.


Hello and welcome to our Sunday morning edition of the Papers.


With me are journalist and broadcaster Benedicte Paviot,


and Dave Wooding, Political Editor of the Sun on Sunday.


The Mail headlines with new allegations


about Culture Secretary John Whittingdale's private life.


It claims he sent a photo of highly sensitive Cabinet papers to a woman


A crisis is looming in primary school places in England,


with a shortfall of 10,000 places expected in four years' time.


The Sunday Express dedicates a full page to the photograph of the Duke


and Dutchess of Cambridge visiting the Taj Mahal and replicating


The Sunday Telegraph quotes a senior Government minister saying Britain


could face an economic shock similar to the banking crisis if it


And The Sunday Times writes that the former cricketer


Sir Ian Botham has backed Britain leaving the European Union and said


Britain should 'stand proud' as he did as a cricketer.


First of all, the Telegraph. Economic rupture if we leave the EU,


says a Government minister. It would be similar to the banking crash.


What do you make the? It sounds painful, doesn't it? Rupture. This


is Project Fear taking off. The Government are laying down stark


scenarios of what will happen if Britain votes on the 23rd of June to


leave the European Union. The latest is from Stephen Crabb, newly


promoted to the work and pensions brief. After Iain Duncan Smith left.


He has said that the shock waves caused by RX it would be akin to the


banking crisis of 2008. He talks about self harm by voters. -- caused


by our exit. He is talking about the economic and social consequences of


wanting to leave will stop already, the people who want to leave the


European Union know what he is going to say, just like the 16 page


brochure that is going round all the houses at a cost of ?9 million. They


are saying that all people want is objective information. It doesn't


exist. I don't think anybody is going to get it.


We can think that there is not going to be some kind of ink pact in some


kind of shock if we come. Yes, and there's no way that that couldn't


have an impact. It will have an impact. An economic one, and all


kinds of things that we don't begin to know. That is one of the


criticism that is levelled at the Brexit camp - they are not making


clear enough what Britain down the track could look like if it was out


of the EU. What is interesting, as you say, this word self harm. He


talks about, businesses will flee, factories will close, jobs will be


lost with disastrous consequences for families. As you pointed out,


David, this landmark report expected from the Treasury tomorrow. The


Telegraph also points out that pro-Brexit Cabinet ministers think


this is scaremongering. I will be reporting later on this week on


President Obama's visit. We believe he is going to suggest that it is


better for the UK to remain, and how that will play out, that Britain


would be stronger in the EU. Will that backfire? Lets just move on to


the Sunday Times because of what you just raised. Ian Botham swings back


for Brexit. Bummer saying one thing, Botham saying another - -- Balmer --


President Obama saying one thing and Ian Botham saying another. People,


to take one side or the other. In the Sunday Times, we have had the


fear in the Sunday Telegraph, and in The Times we have Ian Botham


swinging bat for Brexit. A great analogy. Inside, it has a graphic of


him swinging a bat and a blue ball with the European Union flag and


stars on it. He is saying it is a racket and that Britain is being


swallowed up by it. It is full of waste and corruption. He has really


had a go at the European Union. Again, both camps will be bringing


people to win support. Argue surprised that they lead with it? He


has opinions on politics, and that is great, but is it a lead story?


Although the official campaign launched on Friday, we feel we have


been in this campaign for ages. I am fascinated. I know the opinion polls


got it wrong at the last election, but I would be fascinated we could


put some figures on how many people Ian Botham can swing. I'm not sure.


And I certainly wouldn't put him in the same camp as President Obama. If


anything, we know that the Chinese president, when he was here, the


Indian Prime Minister, they've all been coming out. The French


Government as well. Matt Horne is giving an interview on the BBC as


well. I wonder how many votes he will swing? I'm not sure. What is


sure, and what the Sunday Times is pointing out, is that this is


certainly a blow, this endorsement from Ian Botham, for number ten.


They were looking for support from arson Wenger as well. -- Arsene. We


in Liverpool wants to remain in Europe, having beaten the riskier


Dortmund -- Borussia Dortmund. A 10,000 gap in primary school


places. It is not just a funding crisis, there are more of us. And we


need more primary school places. It is being blamed partly on funding


and partly on policies that have made it difficult for schools to


expand. It doesn't say it in the Observer piece, but I guess partly


immigration from Europe. And the fact that they are becoming


academies and it is constraining them, isn't it? The suggestion is


that by 2024 we will need 350,000 more school places on top of the


300,000 more that we already need. The Conservatives, Nick Gibb, the


schools minister, is saying that free schools that have been brought


online by the Government will cover a lot of that. The Shadow Education


Secretary is saying, kids are not getting their first Playschool. One


in five will not get their first place. Over 90% get one of their


first three choices will stop if my child got the third choice, I don't


think I'd be happy. -- over 90% get one of their first three choices.


Something I've become aware of the last two years, it's simply not that


way in France. It is a phenomenon. We know that parents sometimes lie


about their address and then schools have investigators going round to


check where they live. It is not just in one place in the country.


They are talking about this detail revealing short play -- shortfall in


places in Bolton, Manchester, Leeds, Bolton, Leicester, Birmingham,


Walsall, Richmond-upon-Thames, Sutton and Slough. So there will be


a lot of worried parents there this morning.


I thought it would be a great vote winner for any party to say, we


promise that within a few years anybody will be able to walk their


job to school without getting in a car, on a bus, because we will have


schools that you can go to that are near you and are good. And that's


what the free school system was supposed to provide. They changed


the rules on where a school could be set up. It could be set up in an old


pub or a disused cafe and so forth. It remains to see how well this


goes, but it has been going for six years and we are already being told


that there is a 10,000 gap in the number of places. There is another


aspect. Let's look at the Sunday Times. Stress lessons for parents.


Yes, tell me about it! This is the other side of it, that parents,


particularly in private schools, are putting such a lot of pressure on


their kids to do well, partly, I suspect, because those who are


paying for private schools are paying through the nose. And they


expect results. And that expectation is being passed on to their


children. They are already giving pupils of all ages lessons in how to


stay calm. This has now been taken on to the parents, because they are


coming into school and, particularly the pushy parents. They put more


pressure on kids these days to get a good grade before they take them on


at university. The attainment level has really raised quite a bit. It is


interesting, because the Sunday Times get our attention by saying,


stress lessons for pushy parents. One the inside page, page eight, we


are told to breathe, breathe deeply, whether you are a student or a


parent, to cut the stress. It is said these are not pushy parents but


once you are made angry by the higher exam grades demanded by


universities, as you were saying, David. Stress during the child's


early life because you are not sure you can get him or her into a good


local school and can't walk them to school, then you're worried all the


way greater university. Then you get to university and you worry about


paying for it, and then getting the job. Natasha Dean, the Government's


health champion, mental health champion, and she says that there is


not enough focus these days on art, music drama and sport. Kids are


being put into academic hot houses. They are concentrating the three


letter are -- on the three Rs. Also, there are so many tests now. I talk


to teenagers who say, I used to read books off the curriculum, and then


as you progress you don't have the time. So, you don't have time to


smell the roses, play sport, make music. I would put in an additional


thing - I bet you they've got lots of screen time for all sorts of


other things, so let's not feel too sorry. The consequences, to come


back to the mental health issue, are really quite worrying and your right


to draw attention to them, David. The paper talks about growing


concerns about a surge in cases of self harm, depression, anxiety and


eating disorders. These are really... It might seem trivial


about pushy parents are not pushy parent and stressed out students,


but these are serious things, self harm, depression, eating disorders.


I have a couple of favourite stories, and one of them is, from


the Observer, incredible find - palatial Roman villa found in barn


conversion. He was changing electrical cables and phoned one of


the best preserved Roman villas in Britain ever. Which is amazing. It


was 1705A.D, 25 rooms, he's found the whole ground floor. An


incredible thing to find us. He was fixing the shower and was getting


some electricity laid on in advance, and while they were digging up some


of the ground, a little flash of colour and then they found this


brilliantly preserved Roman mosaic floor. The pictures are there to be


seen on the page. Luckily, they realised when they were doing it.


They might have kept on digging, but they didn't. They realised


straightaway. Look-mac realised what was going on and told them to stop


and contacted Historic England. My question was, what happens? Will


that be turned into a tourist centre? Who owns the land? Nokia 's


cottage down. Who knows? There's no doubt that one of the pictures of


the weekend as the Royal picture. It Excise is the ghost of 24 years ago


with Diana. A really charming picture, the Sunday Telegraph has it


on the front page. This is a story that people are warned to, whatever


their views about the Royal family. There is something, Prince William


and Prince Harry, being the sons of the late Princess Diana. When you


think back, I reported on it for the BBC and I was working the morning


that she died. On the Saturday, we had her funeral, and the Queen


Mother said, that's my funeral. There is such, I think happiness in


that sense that Prince William is forging his own life, and it is


terribly moving to see him sitting on the bench in the very spot at


which his mother sat, with his wife, and clearly a loving relationship.


We are told by the Sunday Telegraph that body language experts have gone


through this, and they say that they oppose, with knees touching,


emphasises that their marriage is full of love. I think we knew that.


Not only are the legs touching, but I was studying the pictures a moment


ago and I noticed that Prince William's right foot is actually on


the same spot where his mother's two feet were 24 years ago. Part of it


is that they came to celebrate their love, but at the same time to excise


the ghost of all those years ago. Another favourite story of mine


comes from Dave Wooding, body language expert. We will maybe get a


football if we have time. In the sun, Jeremy Corbyn in mac attack.


Labour ban McDonald's. Congratulations, this is quite a


good story, Dave. At every party conference, they have a big


exhibition and lots of companies pay money to put up stands. Labour's


National executive committee have banned by Donald from having a stand


there this year. It means Labour will lose ?30,000 will stop I've


spoken to one MP who says it's ridiculous, we need the money. There


is a big funding problem for Labour at the moment, the big-money donors


have pulled out. At the same time they think it is a bit snobbish


because they are traditional voters probably eaten McDonald's. But you


also find out, David Wooding, on the back pages of the sun, that


McDonald's has already been cleared, I like the word cleared, is this a


security check? Cleared to mount an interactive experience, whatever


that is, in support of British farm Rogers at the Tory and SNP


conferences. Tell us more. I'm told it's one of these computer gadgets


you put on and you step into a happy meal box and walk around. At the


same time, McDonald's, this is what the MPs have been saying, they


employ 100,000 people, British people. They use British farming


produce, potatoes and meat. They are a British business and it is


anti-business to say you can't come. Ed Miliband's battle with a bacon


sandwich, after that you would think... We have one minute left.


Another Dave Wooding. This is why I said you were a Leicester City fan.


Partly to annoy you, because Yuri Liverpool fan. A rise, so cloudy.


Ranieri for a knighthood. There are some MPs who said that if they win,


and it is a 5000-1 shot, he should be given a knighthood. Another


foreigner in British football. By the way, the McDonald's does the


same thing, sourcing from French farmers. I think since they had such


bad publicity, they have cleverly adapted their menus and try to


source things from several countries will stop we will watch McDonald's


and Ranieri. Thanks to Dave Wooding


and Benedicte Paviot. Just a reminder we take a look


at tomorrow's front pages every


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