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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello. Welcome to our look ahead at what the papers will be bringing us


tomorrow. With me are political editors from the Sunday express,


Caroline Wheeler, and from the Sunday express, ten ship in. Take a


look at tomorrow's from pages first. The Observer reports that US


presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton sheers that Obama is proposal to the


-- op Ozil to Britain leaving the EU. The Sunday Times reports this


year the super rich have suffered the worst decline since the


financial crisis. The Independent on Sunday carries a photograph of one


of the events to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death.


Its main story is about a hospital in Lancashire asking the military to


help. And cold callers could face fines of up to half ?1 million in


the Sunday express. Let's begin with the Observer. Kelly Clinton only the


latest US politician to way into the debate about Brexit. Those of us who


remember covering the 2008 campaign will be delighted that Hillary


Clinton agrees with Obama on something. The people in the Brexit


campaign who did not like listening to what Obama had to say where


saying this guy is a lame duck and we do not have too care what he


thinks because he is out on his air soon but this is the woman who will


be possibly replacing him and she is saying the same thing. It has been a


big week for this issue and here we see that our closest ally,


admittedly both on the Democratic side, there are some Republicans who


do not take that view but broadly speaking that is a good headline for


the government. Our political corresponded Carol Walker saying


tonight that the decision is a moment we should listen to our


closest friends and allies. Does anyone know what impact this


intervention and this road this weekend is going to be tomorrow, 80,


is going to have on voters? There have been some polls done since


Barack Obama 's intervention and it seems to have gone down fairly well


as in people seeing his intervention as significant. It has blown some


arguments out of the water, significantly on the economy. The


idea we are not going to just sign up to a new trade deal with America


they would rather do a deal with a block and we would be at the back of


the queue. There are other interesting things said in some of


the Sundays from other Brexit tears that they are worried they are


losing some traction. We were seeing people moving the other way. It


looks like the argument was running out for Leave and it seems that


might be changing again. I think Hillary's intervention is


significant because of this lame duck intervention. The Obama side


might be getting overconfident now. There will be people saying if this


starts to work with us, often it takes a week or so for this sort of


thing to be recognised in the polls but some are saying the Goodwin 60/


40. They are winning on immigration, losing on the economy and it is a


score draw on trade but that is no longer a score draw because of Obama


's intervention. And Borders rage at ridiculous weird Obama, the headline


is not quite act up by what Boris Johnson is saying the ridiculous and


weird is in relation to his arguments, not the man. I suspect


there has been a lot of playing the man in the last couple of days.


Those people will recognise that Boris, bless him, writes his own


material but does not always have the internal break that is required.


Interesting is the quote on page two which quotes someone in the Leave


campaign saying we did not know Boris would be so provocative and he


must stop going off piste. All the attention is focused on Michael Gove


and Boris Johnson so everything they do is amplified. When he gets the


tone wrong it affects all of them. We were talking about the


intervention of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the Democrats


themselves are less convinced about this idea of more free trade gales,


they are likely to be unpopular at home with the discussion of jobs


being exported to China as a result. I wonder if some of the argument is


not actually running in this direction? It is interesting. Obama


talked a little more about this today as he did his town hall event.


Some of the statements do seem a little bit contradictory. When we


think about it in the context of written we are only interested in


one thing, can we do a deal with America in the context of the key


tip situation at the moment. We do not seem particularly well disposed


to this? Exactly. Boris hit act at Obama saying it is absurd, as


getting at the back of the cute given that the UK has never been


able to do a free trade with the US and the EU has been seen to be the


problem but it is more going on. As it points out in the piece here,


Boris Johnson did Royal Barack Obama before he got here suggesting they


might get rid of the rust of Churchill, basically something Obama


hit back at immediately in a press conference. There was a bit of


confrontation going on there anyway. Boris Johnson cannot control himself


when it comes to these sort of arguments, he wants to hit back.


Barack Obama was put up to this by David Cameron, they are denying


specific quotes were handed over at I suspect Cameron and a couple of


AIDS and Obama and a couple of AIDS had a small-scale meeting on Friday


where they showed him the Boris article and the president does not


do anger, he is no drama Obama but he was miffed enough that he went


further than what other White House people were expecting him to. I was


sitting in the press conference and there was something contrived about


this story about the bust on the second floor. I am the one first


broke the story of the bust in 2009, after I broke this story did was a


second bus that was already in the. The first one was sent back. To the


British Embassy. He was replaced by Martin Luther King. What are you


going to do about that, boss? And on tomorrow's front page of the Sunday


Times, tell us about this. The first major doctors strike is to go ahead


on Wednesday. The government and BME have dug themselves into two rather


deep holes. The Labour Party, some people from the Lib Dems, a former


Tory health minister who only left the government a few months ago have


all joined forces and said what you need to do, Jeremy Hunt, you can


have your contract but let's roll it out slowly, let's have a pilot


scheme, you are concerned about people dying on the weekend so let's


look at that and answer the charge you have laid out that still allows


you to fulfil your manifesto pledge. If you do all that there will be no


doctors strike. They have got the BME on-board, the Royal College of


surgeons on board who are saying patients come first and it is a


disaster for both sides. They have thrown down the gauntlet at Jeremy


Hunt saying you can get what you want and the doctors are prepared to


go along with this. It lets him off the hook. His career is hanging by a


thread. When you think of the number of cabinet ministers confronted over


the years, people like Alan Milburn. Nye Bevan right at the start when he


talked about stuffing the doctors mouths with gunk. It just took one


catastrophic thing to happen, someone to die, having been left on


a trolley for hours on end. The bullish aggressive people in


government think if people start dying public support for the doctors


will drop off a cliff but if you speak to hunt Cabinet colleagues


they think this is a disastrous situation he needs to sort out and


it chewed never have got this far. Everyone is looking for a ladder to


climb and he is looking for a ladder and we will see if he climbs down.


Now tell us about the story on your front page, Catherine. We do have


the answer as to why all these amazing stars are dying. It is one


of the questions of the week again after rinse and the Tory would. The


planets are in a particular alignment not seen for the last 30


years. Carrie Grant, Orson Welles all died. It is going to get worse


this year but then it is not going to happen again until 2045. Thank


goodness for that. Celebs, get through 2016 and then you will be


all right. We might talk about that again. Thank you very much. More


vapours for us in about one hour. Daesh


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