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And they say we are always late. Not tonight!


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Ben Chu, economics editor at the Independent,


and Charlie Wells, European features reporter at the Wall Street Journal.


Welcome to you both. Tomorrow's front pages, let's make a start.


The Financial Times leads with remarks made by President Obama


that if Britain left the EU it would send the UK to the 'back


The i quotes the President during his trip to London saying


Britain is on it's own if it leaves the European Union.


The Guardian writes Mr Obama defended his intervention


in UK affairs because the country 'needs to know'.




The Express says the American has been condemned


by pro-Brexit campaigners for trying to 'blackmail' Britain


The Mail headlines that Tony Blair's firm was paid ?5.3


a year to help a dictator in Kazakhstan.


The Mirror has an exclusive with a woman who says


she was the next planned victim of teenager James Fairweather,


who was convicted today of double murder in Guildford.


Quite a lot on oh Barr on the front pages tonight. -- on Obama. The


Times's headline is Brexit will leave Britain at the back of the


queue. Rebuke the Johnson over Kenyan jibe. I will show you what


they started the evening with and then quickly changed. It has been an


extraordinary day, where politicians in this country feel able to be


quite rude about the sitting American president. Yes, Hail To the


chief if you are on the remain campaign and get out of the town,


who do you think you are if you are on the Leave campaign. He has come


over and rained on the Leave campaign's central premise. They


said if we leave the EU it is fine from a trade point of view, we will


do another deal with America and the rest of the world and it will be


fine. He says that is just a fantasy. If you leave the EU, don't


imagine we would do a quick deal, you are at the back of the queue. He


really scotched that idea it would be quick and easy to carry on


trading. We might not get a trade deal quickly, but there probably


would be one, he's just saying it would be very quick. The idea


Britain and the US wouldn't carry on trading is probably far-fetched as


well, isn't it? In a sense but I think he is giving a very rational


view. They want to negotiate with a large economies that will benefit


the United States. The other issue here is president. If the US create


a bilateral trade agreement with one country, other countries around the


world will start thinking, why don't I do one-on-one deal with the United


States? That might work better for me. The US don't want out. Let me


gesture you on camera three... Thank you. This is what the Times looks


like a short while ago. It said Obama trades blows on EU. I cannot


decide what is the tougher headline. It was people like the justice


minister and Boris Johnson being quite insulting towards the


president. Well that even resonate with him? I think Barack Obama is


used in attacks. He has been used to dealing with a very hostile


environment in Washington, DC over seven years, both with Democrats and


Republicans attacking him. I think this will probably feel like a light


British spring rain. How much more candid do you think Barack Obama was


compared to how we might have been? Some commentators in the States has


said he went a bit off script, which is probably what David Cameron was


pleased to hear. I am sure he was the lighted. I don't think he was


holding back much, but at the same time, personally I think it is a


perfectly reasonable thing to say. He is saying what he thinks his


country would do if Britain was out of the EU. It is a policy statement.


He has very carefully hedged around what he saw and that it was for the


British people to decide but that was his view. I think Dominic Grabb


has said he is a lame duck president. That... Not very


respectful. But it is to some extent something that was always on about


presidents as they were nearing the end of their term. The thing Boris


Johnson did about being half Kenyan, tribal grievances... That is worse


and that is why people are saying it is dog whistle-stop. As Charlie


knows very well, in the US there is this long-standing smear that he is


not really American. That he has foreign roots and so on. Boris


Johnson seems to be piggybacking off that to discredit the strong message


she has come over with. Out of the two, Boris Johnson is the one to get


hot under the collar about. The Daily Express had it as well, the


threat scaremongering over EU exit. We know the Daily Express has thrown


its weight behind the Leave campaign. I think threat is a strong


word here. Having seen the press conference I would refer to it more


as a warning. There has been a lot of Twitter activity on this. A lot


of people and angry about President Obama imposing his opinion on this.


What is important to remember is he was responding to arguments being


made from the Leave campaign. A response is not necessarily a


threat. Maybe something he didn't respond to with this argument that


the United States wouldn't cede sovereignty to anybody else. So why


would the United States be arguing Britain should remain in an


organisation, in a club, the EU, which has meant in some peoples


views we have ceded sovereignty to Brussels? Boris Johnson said that


was hypocritical, and in a lot of ways it is. How can you tell them


and do something you wouldn't do? But I think something important to


note is the United States and the United Kingdom are in very different


geographical locations and geopolitical contacts. And so maybe


they would need to form different relationships with different


institutions. Although there is Nato to consider, and the United Nations?


Yes. And the US has ceded sovereignty because it is part of


Nato and has this mutual defence arrangement and is part of the UN.


So it is not entirely true, as Boris Johnson said, that the United States


never cede sovereignty. But the other point is, this issue of


sovereignty, you cede some sovereignty to get some power and


authority in the world, it is a trade-off. It is not let's give it


up and get nothing back. That is a point that should be registered in


all these debates. Magnification is a word he used. Yes, you can achieve


more. That was one of the central point is President Obama was making.


We want a strong UK because we want their influence in the EU to get


things done. We're weeks and weeks away from the vote so one wonders


what difference Barack Obama has said today makes. It will be a slow


build-up to that late June vote. Perhaps Angela Merkel has more


influence on UK voters than Barack Obama. It will be small incremental


steps that influence people. A quick look at the FT which says it would


send the UK back to the trade queue. A picture of David Cameron and


Barack Obama meeting. We spoke about the special relationship and how


special it is. Winston Churchill has a lot to answer for. It is


interesting, the word Q. Is it an American word? Charlie said it is


not, he said they would they back of the line. This has led to some


suggestions words were put in the President's mouth by Downing Cameron


and given away by the choice of language. But he knew who he was


talking to, his audience? That is right. You would say queue wouldn't


you? I would. Omission scandal sparks mass recall. We all know


about the trials and tribulations of Volkswagen at it is not just


confined to them? This story has been around for with Volkswagen and


a drip is getting worse. There was always a suspicion, was it just


Volkswagen or were other car-makers involved? The rumours were everyone


was at it and it does seem it is a much, much bigger scandal than


originally thought half a year ago. Mitsubishi is involved in a probe. I


do like the word probe. Normal people don't use it. They are being


investigated by the Department of Justice in America. The upshot is


there is an enormous recall, 630,000 vehicles which these car-makers are


prepared to take back because there may be something dodgy about these


cars, in terms of their missions. There has been a separate recall


announcement today from Diack riser. This is nothing to do with the


omission scandal but the fact they seem to roll away as soon as you get


out of the car, which is not ideal. -- emissions. No, not ideal.


Recalling 1.1 million cars and mid-size SUVs. Saying they give


shifters may confuse drivers. That was done better if you read it. But


a huge problem. And the issue of trust, the damage to the brand? The


global auto industry is facing huge challenge, especially with. The way


young people are thinking about transportation is fundamentally


changing. These bad PR revelations are adding to it. Why are government


regulated test so bad? Why were they before not picking up on these


emissions? There were claims that some of the emissions problems have


been overlooked in Europe, weren't there? It seemed very murky who knew


what and when. I think the line is they knew what the tests were and


they knew what bits of software or whatever to get under the bar that


was being set that maybe wasn't being policed as there is clear that


could have been and there was a nod and wink between regulators and the


car-makers and that is why you got this huge scandal building up over


many years until it exploded. It all has to come out. This is not one


that will end, it will go on. And take a long time to put right.


Moving onto page eight of the Mail. Mass migration is damaging Britain.


This is a leaked report which reveals, says the paper, civil


servants concern at EU in flux. What is it saying in particular?


Essentially it is saying well-educated people from Eastern


Europe are coming to the United Kingdom and are benefiting from


employment, benefiting from employment goods and that the


average Brits are losing out on this. A lot of these European


migrants are very well-educated but working in low skilled jobs. But you


get in work benefits currently, which is what David Cameron has


tried to address? That's right. It is a strange document because it


tells us exactly what we already knew. It talks about the numbers at


EU migrants who have come in over the past year, which is in every


office for National statistics jobs report. It tells what the plans to


tackle that are in terms of government strategy. We know that


because David Cameron has told us on numerous occasions, wants to curb


the accessed in work benefits. As far as I can see there is nothing in


this which isn't in the public domain already. And there is a quote


from a DUP source saying these are the facts in the public domain. It


is dressing up an internal report as a big revelation, when there isn't


anything we didn't know. I think the context is interesting, because the


Leaves campaign, and I think the Daily Mail could be considered to be


in that camp, wants to get the story away from this awkward trade stuff


of Obama and back onto their strong suit, which is people don't like the


amount of immigration coming from the EU. These kind of stories is


where they want to move the debate too, because this is where the


public concerns are. It is another report, even if it tells us


something we already know or suspected, that helps the Brexit


campaign? It underlines and says it is not just politicians and yet but


civil servants? Absolutely. And touching on this emotion there are


disenfranchised, low income people perhaps not from London but all


parts of the UK who are still struggling to find jobs. What is


being done to help those people? It is an incredibly complicated


picture. Let's finish with a rather complicated story over three


columns. British troops in Libya will be Isis targets. Why is this a


pertinent story? It is pertinent because they are going back into


Libya. This idea that Libya is a complete mess. Something President


Obama was talking about not long ago and blaming David Cameron along with


others for taking their eye off the ball. Saying they hadn't done their


bit. Yes. There is a drive to stabilise this key country in North


Africa. The proposal is there will be British logistics and training


people on the ground. That is all? Yes. But what is in this Times


report is some distinguished former military guys like Lord West, the


first Sea Lord and General Jackson are saying, hang on, let's be very


careful about this. If we put troops on the ground, even if they are not


combat troops, they could be easily targeted by IS, we know are


operating in the country. It is trepidation from top brass about


what we are quietly going into here. And some quotes from Libyans,


politicians in particular, who you wonder if they want these troops


there? Yes, and a very chaotic situation in Libya. A number of


competing militias trying to establish power. Something else that


is interesting is Iraq is mentioned in the third line of the story.


Hopefully we can assume a lot of the government figures here are may be


learning from the lessons that they made in Iraq. And another point on


the relevance of this story is numbers the government have been


talking about, Libya being a direct threat to the UK. After Paris and


Brussels there is this idea that it needs to be stabilised. And a lot of


people leave Africa from Libyans shores and make their way across the


most incredibly dangerous journeys, large stretches of the


Mediterranean? Absolutely. It is a complete mess. There is no central


government. Thereafter actions fighting. And as you say, a


destabilising force, not just the North Africa but for Europe as well.


I am sure that is exactly why they are trying to address it very late


in the day. What is the American involvement question we heard in


March that criticism of the foreign policy Ben mentioned by Barack Obama


rev David Cameron which the White House... Not pushed under the carpet


but changed the complexion of? Distanced themselves from. David


Cameron, President Obama and Angela Merkel will be meeting in Germany


this week to talk about these plans. I think we will learn a bit more


about what these leaders have in store. That is all we have time for.


Thank you both very much for coming in. Don't forget, all the papers are


online where you can read a detailed review of the papers.


You can see us there too - with each night's edition


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