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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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pond. Oates had already qualified for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. And


that is all from sports day. Coming up, the papers.


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Liam Halligan, who's an Economics Commentator


at the Telegraph and the Political Commentator, Ayesha Hazarika.


The front pages are dominated by one story -


A single image takes the whole of the Metro's front page.


The Mirror also dedicates a full page to the american pop singer


The 'i' calls him a musical colossus.


of his famous lyrics - 'but life is just a party,


The Daily Mail leads with the Queen's 90th


The Times says President Obama will appeal to voters in the UK


to stay within the EU, as he visits London for the last


Let's begin and really only one place to begin, with the death of


Prince. Let's start with the Sun. A purple hue on the front page of the


Sun, it makes a grey front page. Prince dies on Queen's birthday. I


am such a massive fan, I am devastated. Prince was the first gig


I ever saw up in Glasgow back on the day had he was the last gig I ever


went to as well two years ago, I was lucky enough to go to a very


intimate gig he did at a concealed at the hippodrome in Leicester


Square, and it was a tiny gig and it was mind blowing. The guy was such a


showman and he was there with his all girl band and he still had all


the move said he was just a phenomenal performer. He was


beautiful, he was talented, he was exquisite, he was very different as


well. But it is a huge force. He was still working and churning out the


albums, still very active in his career. This comes as a massive


shock. It is definitely a massive shock. He was 57 but a five foot to


political giant. On several Grammys, an Oscar. I am of a slightly older


vintage so I was around when purple rain was ubiquitous, I always took


more interest with respect, in the influences that came together to


form Prince, Santana, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix of course. James Brown.


Earth wind and Fire. He combined all of that. He was an extremely good


guitarist, it was not all just for sure. I'd also a grey dancer. I just


hope kids today realises is a big moment. If we turn to the I, and


other picture dominating the front page, as you have just said, Liam,


100 million records sold, several Grammys. The life of a musical


colossus. That is interesting because he was this fantastic


showman that you talk about, but he was as you said, he played guitar,


he played drums, he played instruments, he produced his music.


He wrote it. He wrote the bangles manic Monday. Shakoor can, feel for


you. The Sinead O'Connor anthem, I think appear to you. He did it all.


And some of his albums, some of his tracks, he played all of the


instruments. He was just talented across all of the entire sweep of


musical production, performance, putting on a show, and I think he


pushed the barriers as well as a young black man in the music


industry, the kind of push the boundaries in terms of sexuality,


racial equality, he was a genuinely shape shifting, envelope pushing


iconic artist. As a result he is on the front page of the daily Mirror,


Prince dead at 57. A very striking image of him there. Repeating what


we have been saying, that his death has shocked the world. Also at the


top corner, victory. It says praise for Miller as the Tories part


nationalise British Steel. I am not sure The Mirror can take full


responsibility for this, but what is all this about? This is a hugely


important study, not just to the future of the British Steel industry


but also our industrial heritage. In the 15,000 people who work for Tater


steal at Port Talbot and Scunthorpe. The government has indicated, and it


is still an indication, that they are prepared to put in ?1 billion to


buy 25% to sweeten the deal for an incoming investor, there will also


be a deal done about pension liabilities which are vital


important. Not just for existing workers but former workers. The


company is losing ?1 million per day and something needs to happen. I


think the politics of this are quite vivid, the Tories reaching for


renationalisation, even though ideological and a lot of people find


that difficult to stomach. I do wonder how viable is this industry


while China is making steel at the price it is? It is very difficult,


and this is an industry which has suffered decline for a long time. I


remember going up when Ravenscraig closed, it was an industry that has


a lot of difficulties. I am glad the government has made this move, but


one worries about how viable this industry will be for the future, in


these areas. And it will, for the workers and families, they will be


pleased about it, but we do need a more long-term industrial strategy


which is going to look at how we can try and sustain some of these


industries or if we can sustain, how do we sort of move to different


industries as well? Because once these industries go it is very hard


for other jobs to come back and replace them and it is not just the


immediate job losses, it is what happens to the next generation as


well. There is a very deep social cost to pay for these industries


going under. Energy costs are very high in the UK for all sorts of


reasons, and also innovation. There are highly specialised steelmakers


in Britain, in Sheffield, and I think some of the other chef --


other steelmakers must take a leaf out of that book. We're building


railways and power stations, we still need steel. Let's turn to the


Times, a picture of Prince but the different headline. Don't turn away


from EU, Obama tells Britain. This is President Barack Obama has


arrived in Britain. Will this make a difference? It will make a political


difference in that many of those calling for exit will be really


upset. This is President Barack Obama's last planned visit, of


course the US election is in November and he may make another one


but we don't know. I wanted to mention a Tory MP, Portsmouth MP who


is the Armed Forces Minister, she has written a really audacious and


redoubtable letter to the seven former US Treasury Secretary 's. The


equivalent of our Chancellor of the Exchequer 's, really average people


like Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, big political beasts. They have said


that the UK should ignore British exit and stay in the EU. She said


why don't you, to use that American phrase, but out. She has some really


interesting things to say in the letter. If you are ever prepared to


allow your grey nation to give up its money and Borders and have the


creation of your laws and judgments to another power I will happily


re-examine your view. I don't think it is unreasonable for President


Barack Obama you have a view, or Angela Merkel, it is really big.


Britain and America have an important, deep strategic


relationship. This is a big decision not just for us but it will have a


geopolitical ramifications and the sort of comeback to any worse, look,


the truth is it is all right for you saying you Americans but out of our


stuff, but we are happy commentating on Trump and the American elections,


10p, so these are big things. It would be grey if Prince Philip comes


in on Trump. Filled versus Trump. Maybe Trump would be his match!


President Barack Obama has had a hard time from Congress, but he is


still a political icon for many people in this country. His


intervention will still pack a big punch. We've hardly got any time,


you mentioned Prince Philip but it is the Queen who make the front page


of the Daily Express. She has dominated front pages for the last


three days. She has and a lot of people will look at her and think,


at 90, her commitment, she became the Queen of such a young age when


her husband died, when her father died, and she really has dedicated


her entire adult life to public service. I understand lots of people


have issues with how long should the Royal family go on for, but I think


when she turned 98 is right to acknowledge the public service she


has done. It has taken a Prince to knock off the front pages but not


the one she thought. That is for papers denied. Before you go these


front pages have come in while we have been on air. The Telegraph has


an exclusive with President Barack Obama, seeing that the US sacrifice


in the Second World War made America has a stake in the referendum


debate. But forget all the front pages online on the BBC News website


where you can read a detailed view -- review of the papers. It is all/


papers. And you can see I was with each night's edition of the papers


published shortly after we finish. Thank you both. Thanks for being


with us. Good to talk to you. Goodbye.


Good evening. It has been a largely quiet and Friday with decent spells


of sunshine. The weather behaved itself impeccably for the Queen 's


90th birthday at Windsor Castle, clouding over a little towards the


end of the day.


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