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The Manxman now holds the lead over Nizzolo in the event,


Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing


us tomorrow. With me are the deputy editor of the express. The Metro


leads with the comedienne Victoria Wood, who has died at 62. The


express said she had kept her battle with cancer choir. Goodbye to the


woman who made women laugh was the headline of the New Day. The


Guardian features President Obama's trip to the UK. He is expected to


make the case for the UK to stay in the EU. The FT FrontPage, EU


regulators have charged Google with abusing the dominant position of its


android operating system. The i focuses on the West macro's effort


to fight Isis in Libya. And the Times says millions of patients will


be seen by pharmacists and medical assistance instead of overworked


GPs. Let's begin, and Victoria Wood makes so many of the front pages


today. The Express, Victoria Wood dies suddenly at 62. She had a short


battle with cancer. There was audible shock in the newsroom when


we heard the news. On the front page of the New Day, the woman who made


us laugh. One of her main talent was that she could see the humour in the


seemingly mundane, everybody's ordinary lives, and make it


humorous. The vast majority of people saw the humour in it and that


is why the country loved her so much. What was so special about her?


I am not sure I like the headline in New Day, the woman who made women


laugh. It says here, not bleakly, not meekly, beat me on the bottom


with a Woman's Weekly. She was a performer, comedienne, writer,


composer, hugely talented, from very humble background. In her childhood,


she was on Desert Island Discs, and she described quite a difficult


childhood, she went to grammar school, was not privately educated,


she didn't come from privilege and she fought her way up. I think that


talent just shone through, she was an astonishing woman. The subjects


of a lot of things she did, like Pat and Margaret and Dinnerladies, it


was people doing ordinary things. Sometimes things didn't work out but


there was humour in those situations. That is why she was


incredibly popular. The good thing is, people have been going on you


Tube all day and listening to that song, she has the legacy of that


great amount of work that we can look back on. We have had the


shocking death of some big names this year, but some of those people


who were of an age where you would expect... 70s, 80s, but she was very


young, 62, so it was a big shock. I hadn't quick look at her biography


on Amazon and it has already sold out. Sad news makes the front pages


of several pages but the Telegraph has a different picture, to


celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, which is tomorrow. Louise, a very


eye-catching picture of the Queen with two of her grandchildren and


five great-grandchildren. What I quite like about it is that although


it is the Royal family and they are completely different to any other


family, actually it is what any granny once. When I think of my mum,


she loves being surrounded her grandchildren, and when I think of


my Nan, it made her the happiest... I don't know whether it is passing


on your genes to the next generation, I don't know what it is,


but they are extraordinary. I didn't know you were a monarchist. I am


not, I am a Republican, but there will be all of those grannies out


there who are so proud of their grandchildren. It is like a fairly


ordinary grandmother, like say. You might say some of the clothes the


children are wearing a not typical. Prince George has his own particular


wardrobe, Helix like Prussian prince from the 1800. -- he looks like. All


of the Americans will be dressing their kids like that. The Telegraph


is promising reports and pictures on pages four to nine tomorrow. The


Express has a free TTL, I see. The Telegraph, one in three


terrorists. This is part of the Telegraph's campaign to highlight


weakness in border security. One in three jihadi terrorists convicted of


rotting attacks was able to slip into the UK after training abroad,


this was analysis of... They are highlighting


the fact that unlike in America Britain doesn't routinely screen


suspicious travellers. We have these hugely exploited migrant routes


where hundreds of thousands of migrants want to get away from Syria


and Libya, but at the same time security sources are saying these


brutes have been exploited by Isis, whatever we call them, so they are


highlighting them and they want the governor to beef up security. Louise


was saying before we come on it very much chimes with the Brexit argument


that if we get out of the EU on June 20 third -- the 23rd, we will be


able to beef up our security. Louise, you think this is playing


into the EU referendum debate? I think this is a subtle way of saying


to Telegraph readers that we can stop this if we leave the EU. It is


not like if you rock up to an Afghan training camp they put a stamp in


your passport. There are 60 million people in the country and it is hard


to see where they all go for their holidays. Apart from entering the


United States, who have a very strong border control... Sorry, I


just touched your knee there. These people don't want to be detected so


they make it difficult themselves. The border security agencies are


massively overstretched and we see stories every day about people being


arrested, so they are doing a lot of work but if we have stricter border


security we can maybe... We are kind of outsourcing our border security


to the EU and it has clearly failed in some circumstances. Moving on to


the i, the West macro to fight Isis in Syria. Really? There is a meeting


of the G five on Monday in Hanover, America, Germany and France will be


there. It is about how to tackle jihadis, and we have all of these


problems in these migrant routes which can be exploited. Further down


the line, if it is found that people have managed to exploit these


routes, come up through Libya and then there is a terror attack in


Europe, we will look at these leaders and say, why wasn't anything


done about Libya? This is part of the reason why they are trying to


get their heads together on Monday on what they can do, because Isis


seems to have control of a lot of the coastline in Libya and we need


to stamp on this before it gets worse. Louise, I just want to get


onto the Times. Crack down on offshore owners of UK property, this


is after the Panama Papers. There is an anti-corruption Summit in London


next month. This is Erik pickles' job, he became the anti-corruption


czar. Owners of offshore companies that hold an astonishing ?170


billion of UK property via these offshore companies, they are going


to have a crackdown. They want to find out who owns the companies,


essentially by holding it through an offshore company... If you buy it


through an offshore company, who knows who has bought at? We have


found out that some pretty dirty people have bought property in


London and the proper -- the problem is that the property industry have


kept quiet about it because they have made a lot of money by selling


to highly dodgy people in offshore companies. They have kept very


quiet, delighted that this is continuing, but not only should


London not be a centre for people to pile their dirty cash but also one


wonders how long it has taken the government to do this. There have


been plenty of warning signs and people living in London paying their


taxes and contributing to the economy can't afford to buy a home.


They should have cracked down on it a long time ago. In the details it


says there is discussion about whether this should apply to


existing offshore companies or new ones. They should have done this


years ago. Brussels is going to charge Google with abusing dominance


of android. -- Android. Something like 80% of smartphones have Android


operating systems. If you put a pre-installed Google search on the


phone, they have been saying on Google, we will give you better


terms. Essentially there is a claim that Google have used their


dominance in search, with Android, to put themselves in a better


commercial position. Michael, it is interesting, the FT picks up that


there are fears in America that EU is targeting US tech companies. We


have all these tech companies, we have had tax avoidance and it makes


people very upset over here, and you wonder whether they are doing it


simply to make it look like they are doing something about it. The fine


could be 10% of Google's core revenue, which is 10% of ?75


billion. It is a lot of money but they can afford that. I was looking


at some reported accounts, because that is the kind of thing I do...


Your hobby. It may have been Google or another big American tax giants,


40% of their revenue goes into Ireland. Ireland is not that big a


company. -- country. Lots of sauce, no dressing, they are going to take


us into the first naked restaurant. It is late, does that appeal? Not


particularly. After a big meal you wouldn't have to loosen your belt. I


wouldn't like to do the cleaning job afterwards. I am delighted it is the


front page and not page 17, because that is where you will find it in


the i tomorrow. I will leave everybody with that enduring image.


Before you go, these front pages have also come in, all leading with


the Queen's 90th birthday and Victoria Wood's death. The Mirror


describes Victoria Wood as a gentle genius of comedy and the Daily Mail


has the portrait of the Queen with her grandchildren and


great-grandchildren, calling her the Queen of style. All of the front


pages are online on the BBC News website where you can read a


detailed review of The Papers. And you can see us there is well with


each night's edition of The Papers being posted up there shortly after


we have finished. Thank you, Louise and Michael. From all of us, good


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